Opinions about Airoh Twist Review 2021

Main Advantage:

Among the flattering aspects of this motocross helmet is the ability to remove the interior upholstery at any time, which will allow you to wash these pads or ventilate them, to avoid the accumulation of bacteria, mites and bad odors.


Main disadvantage:

If yours are motocross helmets with a unicolor aesthetic and in vibrant tones, you will have to opt for another model, since Airoh Twist combines black and white lines.

Main Features Explained


Raw material

Motocross helmets are an important part of the equipment necessary for the practice of this sport, since their main function is to protect the driver’s skull in case of suffering an impact on the track. Therefore, when choosing a model, you should not skimp when it comes to the purchase price, because this could influence the quality of the materials.

Ideally, the product’s casing should have been built in a robust material capable of offering an adequate level of resistance to any situation, while the interior should be breathable and comfortable so that you don’t feel suffocated when using it.

Airoh Twist is a helmet that, according to user opinions, meets these characteristics. In addition, it is quite light, so it will not generate a feeling of fatigue at the neck and shoulders. This is possible thanks to the fact that its structure was built with a type of resin known as HRT, which is a thermoplastic with great strength and a pleasant soft touch.

For its part, the interior incorporates memory foam pads that adapt to your anatomy, for a better fit of the helmet. It also absorbs and distributes the energy of impacts, while its mesh lining provides greater ventilation.



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Airoh Twist is a highly positioned product, considered by critics and followers of the brand as one of the best motocross helmets. Its aesthetic proposal is quite striking, highlighting in its casing a series of black and white lines that are complemented by some specific details in an intense red tone, both in the chin guard and in the rear ventilation slots.

On the other hand, you will find good finishes in the internal seams and in the joints of the outer pieces, which show a high level of quality when it comes to the manufacture of the helmet.

Among other relevant aspects of this offroad type design, we have to mention the incorporation of a very convenient visor. In this way, the safety of the athlete is significantly improved when driving. Remember that motocross tracks lack pavement, so it is more likely that dirt, dust or dirt particles get into the person’s eyes, obstructing their visibility and causing an accident.

In addition, the design of this helmet has been provided with a practical double ring closure mechanism for greater safety and a filter is attached to the chin guard to retain the passage of dust into the interior cabin.



When thinking about purchasing a motocross helmet there are many aspects to evaluate, among which the cleaning method stands out. Remember that this sports implement will be in direct contact with our head, so the concentration of bad smells inside, due to sweating, could be quite annoying. Similarly, it is important that the exterior is easy to clean, since, being on the practice track, it will be inevitable that dust particles will adhere to the surface.

In the specific case of Airoh Twist motocross helmets , we will have a series of removable damping pads on the inside. Thus, you can extract them without any inconvenience to wash them when you consider it appropriate. You will only have to incorporate them into the washing machine, using a gentle cycle and applying a bleach-free detergent to avoid damaging the fibers. Then place the pieces outdoors and where they are not in direct contact with the sun’s rays. Once they are completely dry, you can fit them back onto the helmet.

When it comes to the case, you will need to rub a soft cloth over it and then remove the moisture with a dry cloth. You can also apply a professional product that provides shine and protection.


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