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Opel Zafira Common Faults (Chevrolet, Vauxhall)

The Opel Zafira is a popular full-size multi-purpose vehicle that is more about size and support than engine good looks. Although it is a great car it also has certain problems, read until the end and discover the common faults of the Opel Zafira .

It first appeared on UK roads in 1999 under the Vauxhall Motors brand and has been commonly seen on the streets of many cities and motorways around the world. Chevrolet Zafira is another name by which it is also known.

How good is the Zafira car?

The Zafira is a good car that is perfect for a young family that does not want to spend a lot of money on a car. It has won several awards on the European stage, including Best Family Car of 2012 at the German Car of the Year Awards. So even though it does have a few issues, if everything is checked correctly, it’s still a good buy.

Common failures of the Opel Zafira

There have been three main generations of the Zafira, with an engine range including 1.6L, 1.8L, 2.0L and 2.2L petrol versions and 2.0L and 2.2L diesel versions, offering A good option for fuel economy and highway power.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a pre-owned Zafira that’s worth both your time and money, there are plenty of flaws you need to be aware of. Below are common Opel Zafira problems:

1- Spongy brakes

The brake pedal feels spongy and unresponsive when applied. Between 1999 and 2005, Zafira cars came onto the market with faulty brake calipers. The spongy sensation that occurs on certain occasions is caused by the entry of hydrogen gas into the system. The only solution is going to be to replace the driver and passenger side front calipers and then flush the brake system.

2- Problem with the fuel pressure regulator

This is more common on the 2.2L gasoline engine. If you notice that your Zafira has a severe lack of power, it is most likely a problem with the fuel pressure regulator . To fix this inconvenience it is necessary to install a new pressure regulator.

3- Defective wipers

The windshield wipers do not start, work intermittently, or do not stop even when the engine is not running. This is one of the common Opel Zafira faults that has an easy solution. Look for a replacement wiper motor for your Zafira car because the one you have is faulty .

4- Suspension problems

When driving on uneven surfaces, a knocking sound may be heard from the front of the vehicle. It usually occurs in vehicles manufactured between November 2009 and March 2010.

This is due to a failure in the suspension arms . To solve this inconvenience, it is necessary to install new suspension arms.

5- Clutch problems

If you have noticed that when you step on the accelerator there is a slight delay before the car jumps forward, you have a clutch problem. Sometimes it is usually one of the common failures of the Chevrolet Zafira. It is very expensive to fix, and you will need a new clutch.

6- More smoke in the exhaust pipe

There is an excessive amount of smoke coming from the exhaust . You should look under the hood for the cam belt. If it appears shiny, the smoke is due to a worn cam belt. You will have to replace the Timing Belt to fix this issue.

7- Water temperature light on

The water temperature warning light is on even after refuelling. Usually this could be a faulty heat exchanger , which is causing a refrigerant leak in the system.

Installing a new part is a bit difficult, but there are plenty of guides available on the internet. However, the problem could also be a misplaced overflow tube preventing the gearbox from getting enough oil. Check this before installing a new heat exchanger.

8- MAF sensor failure

The Zafira is known to have problems with the MAF sensor (mass air sensor). If you have noticed that your Zafira has lost performance and is running very poorly, it is most likely that the air mass sensor is to blame. You will need to replace the sensor to resolve the issue.

9- Central locking failure

If you have trouble opening the doors with the key fob, especially the rear doors, then you have a problem with the central locking power . These vehicles have been known to suffer from rear door wiring issues. It is necessary to replace the wiring so that all this problem is solved.

10- Failures in interior lights

Again the electrical system. As with central locking, the wiring in the Zafira’s cabin is prone to problems and failures. Another of the frequently reported common Opel Zafira faults is with the interior lights which can fail and are known for flickering with poor connection issues. Depending on the level of the problem you may have to do some expensive rewiring work.

11- Defective thermal fuse

The Zafira has been in the news due to issues with the car bursting into flames on the highway due to a faulty thermal fuse affecting vehicles made between 2009 and 2014. If you’re thinking of buying a car from this period, check the service history to ensure that the faulty part has been replaced.

12- Dual mass flywheel problem

If you notice a pulsing movement when you put your foot on the clutch, you could have a faulty dual-mass flywheel. Replacement flywheels can be expensive, but you can save money on a used flywheel that is in good condition.

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