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Opel Insignia (Vauxhall) Common Failures: Problem, Solutions!

Do you want a mid-size luxury car that will get the job done with a ton of space? This car has what it takes to get you, the kids, and a whole bunch of stuff from A to B in considerable luxury and style. However, it is not without problems, so here we will talk about the common failures of the Opel Insignia.

Available in saloon, compact car, wagon and crossover variants, this is a good road vehicle that combines utility and power. This vehicle was produced by Opel and by Vauxhall.

Common failures of the Opel Insignia

Do you want to buy a second-hand Vauxhall Insignia? These cars are undoubtedly a good investment and do not cost much. However, even with their Teutonic origins, they are prone to various widespread failures. Keep your eyes open for common Opel Insignia faults.

1- The rear brakes get stuck

One of the common issues with the Insignia is the rear brakes, which can seize up over years on the road . Slow progress and an unpleasant noise are the two main tell-tale signs and should get you started asking questions on your driving test. Check your service history as this issue should have been fixed at some point, but if you hear a grinding noise then you could be dealing with this issue.

2- Loss of power

The engine rapidly loses power and the check engine light comes on . The EGR radiator vacuum plug is loose, damaged, or missing. Purchase a replacement as soon as possible, as it will cause unnecessary wear and tear on your car’s internal components.

3- Leaks in the power steering

Before taking a test drive, open the hood and look for any signs of leaks in this area . Do detective work looking for fluid in the power steering. Again, this is a serious problem, as problems with the steering fluid could increase the risk of fire on the road. It might be best to stop the potential sale at this point.

4- Failure in the power steering

That’s not all that’s problematic with power steering. Other problems include the system deciding to turn off the electrical part of the power steering , leaving you with unwieldy regular steering.

If you notice that the steering is especially hard, you can take the car to the service center to have it fixed for free, since it is a manufacturer’s fault.

5- Problems in the diesel particulate filter (DPF)

Diesel Insignias use a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which has a cleaning system that requires the car to run at higher speeds to burn off the dirt. If this hasn’t happened, you’ll likely see a large amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust, indicating that the car might be clogged.

Ask the owner a few questions about driving habits. Excessive city driving could be a sign that you might be in the market for an expensive new DPF.

6- Failures in the electrical system

If your Insignia was built in the 2009-2010 period, keep an eye on the service guide to see if the car had an airbag failure , as this caused a recall, and cars from the 2010-2011 period They had a similar recall due to sensor problems in the power window motors. The suspect vehicle identification numbers range from B1017475-B1051478 for the airbag and B1055991 and B1060051 for the windows.

7- Failure in the trunk struts

This can be especially annoying, especially when you’re trying to charge the car for a getaway or in a supermarket. Do you want the trunk to stay open? Well, a common Opel Insignia failure could put a stop to your plans, as gas often leaks from the support struts and causes them to stop holding the door open. A quick test after the test drive should confirm the existence of this problem.

8- Faults in the dual-mass flywheel

The number one fault on this vehicle is the dual mass flywheel. How does this manifest itself on the road? Well, any signs of clutch problems, like a juddering feel or hesitant power delivery when you put your foot down are great indications.

Any suspicion of this problem should be enough for you to turn and walk away. Do not risk it, since the replacement of this part supposes a considerable outlay.

9- ABS warning light flashes

If you’re driving your Insignia and you’ve noticed the ABS warning light coming on and off, or staying on all the time, this means you most likely have a faulty ABS sensor.

Run a diagnostic check to figure out exactly which sensor is failing, and once identified, you should have it replaced to fix the problem.

10- Engine rattling problem

On the 1.8L petrol Insignia it is known that a rattling sound can be heard coming from the engine when driving the car. This problem is caused by a faulty airbox mount . To solve this failure, you must replace the support.

To complete

Many of the latest Insignias have some nice features, including the OpelEye camera that works in highway lane discipline and an adaptive front lighting system complemented by daytime running lights. A good buy that has many useful features and will keep you safe on the roads.

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