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Notable 2020 Honda Pilot and TSB Recalls


Reminders for the 2020 pilot

When problems go beyond a simple malfunction to go against standards or affect safety, the automaker must issue a recall and fix the problem immediately. The 2020 Honda Pilot already has the following recalls on file, although more may emerge over time.

Welding imperfections on the frame.

Missing or incomplete frame welds led to the first recall for the 2020 Honda Pilot. During manufacturing, the upper members on both sides were not completely welded to the unibody on some vehicles, creating weak points in the construction. Because this poses a serious risk in an accident, the defect causes it to violate several federal motor vehicle safety regulations.

The problem cannot be easily resolved, so dealers only offer to buy back the SUV or provide a replacement. However, not all vehicles have been affected, so technicians can simply inspect the welds to confirm they are complete and return them to you. You can then continue driving your vehicle knowing that it is structurally sound.

Defective certification label

Certification labels let you know how much you can load in your vehicle to prevent damage to the suspension and other systems. Since overloading can even lead to a collision resulting in minor or life-threatening injuries, it is important to pay close attention to capacity limits.

Unfortunately, on this model, the labels were printed with an ink that rubs off easily when cleaned with solvent. At this point, the blank label lacks the gross vehicle weight rating and gross axle weight rating, so you have no idea what your SUV can handle.

Fortunately, replacing the label can easily solve this problem, as the new ones have ink that does not come off when cleaned. You can then reference the tag as needed to avoid overloading your Pilot.

Rearview camera screen malfunction

The multi-angle rearview camera is standard on all 2020 Pilot trim levels. This year, some of them have a programming error that causes the screen to crack at crucial moments. A malfunctioning screen causes it to not meet federal standards and could lead to a collision.

A simple software update can fix the problem in an instant and without the need to modify the hardware. If you’re good at DIY, you can update the software yourself by following the instructions sent to you. Otherwise, all it takes is a trip to the dealership for a quick update and you’re on your way.

Dashboard display failure

The Pilot’s dashboard keeps you well-informed on a lot of the critical information you need about your units. At a glance, you can see your current speed and what gear you’re in, as well as other relevant data, such as your engine’s oil pressure.

Current software may briefly blank the panel, leaving it in darkness until the next power cycle. This can be a distraction and increase your risk of having an accident.

If this starts to happen, you should definitely update the software to the latest version. Your dealer can update it for free to keep you well-informed on all your trips.

While these four recalls are the only ones recorded for the 2020 Honda Pilot, new ones could be filed at any time. You should always be alert to new recalls as they occur to keep your vehicles in top condition throughout the years.

Technical Service Bulletins

Technical service bulletins, or TSBs, work a little differently than recalls. Since they do not pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of the occupants, the problems identified are handled with a little more indifference. Many are not even processed unless the owners have a vehicle-related problem. They can give you a good idea of ​​what problems to expect when owning a Honda Pilot, so it’s worth taking a look at them from time to time.


When in good working order, the running board lights illuminate your entry and exit from the vehicle at night. They look great, too. But it all goes out the door, as they don’t light up when the door is opened, which is common on the 2020 Pilot. So much so that Honda issued a TSB indicating that this model has a set of faulty running board lights. To fix it, technicians should check the fuses and connections, then replace the running board lights if everything else looks good.


As owners of 2020 Pilots aired complaints about their automatic idle shut-off system not working as expected, Honda set out to find out why. They have sent a TSB to all Honda dealers, informing them of their investigation and how they can help.

In their instructions, they ask the dealership to inform them of such complaints before making any repairs, so they can send an expert to check. With this, they can find the cause of the problem and find the best way to fix it. Once they find a suitable repair method, they will publish another TSB so that the technicians are fully aware.

On riders equipped with the V6 engine that uses variable cylinder management, the lower seals may break or come out of the groove. When this happens, the front rocker arm control valve begins to leak and could cause the engine to run out of oil. Honda notified TSB technicians of this issue and advised them on the best way to resolve it. They just need to watch the video to learn the procedure and then fix the joint problem using the techniques presented.


A variety of electrical problems have arisen on this model, resulting in a wide range of TSB alerts for technicians. The first set of alerts is for popping and crackling noises coming from the speakers. Although they are still investigating the cause, technicians are in charge of reviewing the MOST bus network in search of failures.

A TSB supplement came out shortly after, warning technicians to avoid adjusting the MOST connector pins, as it proved ineffective in fixing the problem. Instead, they can use the video and messages provided to investigate the cause, although a secure solution has not yet been released. Ultimately, they may need to reroute the harness to eliminate electrical interference and fix the problem.

Another TSB refers to an auxiliary CD drive error that occurs after an over-the-air system update. This indicates that the CD drive hardware is not faulty and may need to be reset. Your technician will reset the hardware to restore its function and fix this problem for you.

Apple CarPlay can potentially cause problems if it remains on after you turn off the ignition or if it doesn’t work at all. You may also receive an error message when trying to change the audio source. For now, technicians can only remove the fuse or disconnect the battery to trigger a soft reset. The system should return to normal operation, although the repair may not be permanent.

Another software issue may be causing an incorrect time to appear on the audio display screen. The software sets the time back by only one hour, which can cause confusion because it happens randomly. Fixing this problem is as simple as updating the software with the latest update.


The 2020 Honda Pilot has three rows of seats, offering tons of space for all of its passengers. When installing the second row of seats, the manufacturers may have placed an unthreaded bolt hole instead of a threaded hole. Then, when the normal bolts go through, they have nothing to bite into, leaving the seat unsecured.

Although not all vehicles have this problem, they all need an inspection to be safe. If the problem is found, technicians can easily repair it by replacing the existing bolts with self-tapping bolts. The self-tapping mechanism will create threads in the walls of the smooth bolt-hole to secure the seat in place. Then you can drive with confidence that all your passengers are safe in their seats, no matter where they sit in your vehicle.

As Honda discovers issues with the 2020 rider, they will continue to issue TSBs for their technicians to review. You can always access these notices to stay up to date with any problems your vehicle may have. It’s also a good idea to look at them before making a purchase to see if there are any major problems on the horizon. You can then make an informed decision about whether or not this model of car, truck or van is suitable for your needs.


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