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Nissan Versa P0705: Meaning, Causes and Diagnosis


P0705 Nissan Versa

P0705 is a very common transmission-related error code that can appear on the Nissan Versa. In layman’s terms, it means your Versa can’t know which gear you’ve selected, which can have some real consequences on your driving.

It is most likely caused by a faulty Transmission Range Sensor (TRS), but there are other causes which we will cover in the diagnostics section later.

P0705 Definition: TRS – Circuit Malfunction

Here you have the meaning of P0705, divided into its two main parts:


The transmission range sensor (TRS) is responsible for telling your Versa’s transmission control module (PCM) or transmission control module (TCM) what gear the vehicle is in. For this article, we will use the term PCM as the preferred term

Perhaps the most common solution for P0705 is a new TRS. Typically, you’ll find the TRS bolted to the transmission, making it easy to locate and replace. Unfortunately, on some transmissions, it may be located inside, making replacing it at home almost impossible.

Circuit malfunction

A circuit malfunction means that the TRS is not sending the proper signal to the PCM. There may be no signal, or the voltage value may not be within the range of any gear. In either case, P0705 will be stored in the PCM memory, and the check engine light will come on.

Nissan Versa: P0705 Symptoms

The symptoms associated with P0705 on the Nissan Versa will vary depending on how the PCM reacts to not receiving a signal from the TRS (which can change depending on the model year and transmission equipped).

These are the most common symptoms:

  • Won’t start (the neutral safety switch doesn’t know what gear the transmission is in). Check if it starts in neutral.
  • Strange shift patterns (usually early shifts)
  • Decreased MPG
  • The delay between selecting a gear and engaging the transmission
  • There are no reversing lights

Nissan Versa: P0705 Causes + Diagnosis

P0705 Diagnosis

If your Versa has an internal TRS, there’s not much you can do to fix the problem at home. On the other hand, if it is external, here are some general steps you can follow.

You will have to find the shift linkage on the transmission.

Inspect TRS

Inspect the TRS to see if there are any obvious problems. First, take a look at where the wiring harness plugs in. Make sure it is still plugged in properly. Make sure there are no bent or displaced pins on the sensor.

If it’s plugged in securely and the pins look good, it’s time to move on to the wiring harness. Make sure it is not burned, cracked, shorted or damaged. This is a common problem if your Nissan Versa has P0705.

If it starts in gear but not in neutral, the TRS could be out of alignment. There should be a neutral alignment mark.

TRS Replacement

Aside from a wiring or alignment issue, there isn’t much else that could cause P0705 other than replacing the TRS.

Assuming the TRS is on the outside of your Versa’s transmission, replacing it is usually pretty simple. Some are more lenient than others when it comes to aligning them; Follow the instructions and alignment marks, and you should have no problems.


A bad TRS is usually the cause of P0705. The location of that TRS (inside or on the transmission) is going to determine if you can do anything about it at home. Good luck repairing your Versa!


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