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Nissan Murano P0650: Meaning, causes and diagnosis


P0650 Nissan Murano

P0650 is a somewhat rare OBD2 fault code. It is generic, meaning it has the same definition for any vehicle, including the Toytoa Murano

Your Murano’s PCM sets the P0650 code when it detects a problem with the malfunction indicator light (MIL), also commonly called the check engine light.

The biggest problem with this code is that it will often surprise you since by definition it cannot warn you of its presence

The most common causes of P0650 are a blown check engine light bulb or a wiring problem running from the light bulb to the PCM.

P0650 Definition: (MIL) – Control Circuit

The two parts of the definition of P0650 are explained here:


P0650 Definition Nissan Murano
Standard check engine light

MIL stands for malfunction indicator light (commonly known as check engine light). It will come on whenever there is a fault code stored in your Murano’s PCM memory.

Ironically, since this code has to do with the check engine light, it may not even come on, or it may be on all the time.

control circuit

The circuit that controls the check engine light has not completed its readiness check when the ignition is turned on. There are several reasons that can cause this. Next, in the causes + diagnosis section, we will see in what order they should be addressed.

P0650 Symptoms: Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano P0650 Symptoms

Regarding the operation of your vehicle, if P0650 is the only code you have, there should not be any noticeable driving symptoms.

  • No check engine light– You will likely find out about this code when you have your Murano inspected, since the check engine light never came on to warn you of the code.
  • Check engine light stays on– This is the other common symptom. It could be due to the code, but even if there were no codes stored, it would still be on.

Nissan Murano P0650 Diagnosis + Causes

Murano P0650 Diagnosis

Below we explain how to diagnose P0650 on the Nissan Murano.

1. Does the light bulb turn on?

Whenever you put the key in the ignition and turn it to the run position, the check engine light should stay on for a few seconds and then go off. If it doesn’t, either the bulb is blown, there is a wiring problem, or the PCM is not commanding the MIL circuit to turn on.

If your Murano’s MIL is on and won’t go off, skip to step 5.

2. Check what you can BEFORE removing the instrument panel

With a good scan tool, you can use it to command the MIL to turn on. If it doesn’t, check that the circuit comes out hot from the PCM.

Some makes and models have MIL fuses. If there is one, check to see if it is burned. If it is, replace it. If it turns off again, you have a wiring problem between it and your Murano’s PCM.

Are none of the other lights on the instrument panel working? They should all come on momentarily when the key is turned to the run position (except the turn signals).

If some of them do not work, it indicates that there is probably a problem with the wiring of the instrument panel itself. If some of them seem wrong, there is likely a problem with the instrument cluster that is causing P0650.

3. Check and replace the bulb

At this point, assuming the MIL light doesn’t come on, but everything else on the dashboard is working fine, it’s time to check the bulb for a bad condition.

Get a new bulb and put it in. That’s most likely the solution for P0650 on your Nissan Murano right now. If it isn’t, it’s time to check the wiring harness.

4. Check the wiring (the bulb does not light up)

With the harness disconnected from the instrument panel, check to see if the circuit is hot where it plugs into the instrument panel. If it is, but the bulb was out (and you replaced it), there is a problem with the instrument panel.

If it is not hot in the instrument cluster harness, you have a wiring problem somewhere between the PCM and the harness.

5. Check the wiring (MIL stuck)

If the bulb is on and P0650 is the only code your Murano has, clear the code and see if the MIL goes off and stays off. It may have been something specific. If it comes back then you should start looking at the wiring.

If the harness is hot in the instrument cluster with the MIL circuit off, then you know there is a short somewhere between the MIL and the PCM.

With the instrument cluster disconnected, check to see if the MIL pin is hot (with the MIL disconnected). If it is, you already know that the problem is the harness under the dashboard. If it is not hot, it is likely an instrument cluster problem.

6. PCM

In rare cases, the PCM may be the cause of the fault with P0650. You should check to see if the MIL harness pin on the PCM is hot when activated. If it remains cold, that would indicate that the PCM may need to be replaced or reflashed.


P0650 on the Nissan Murano It is usually caused by an instrument cluster, wiring harness, PCM, or most likely a defective bulb.


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