Necessity or aesthetics. The most important reasons to drive with gloves Review 2021

Much more than an aesthetic complement, gloves have been an indispensable element since the beginning of the automotive industry, protecting hands when driving. For this reason, although many users currently see this accessory as fashion, in reality the importance of its use is more than aesthetic.


Many times, we would see our grandparents sporting their fine brown leather gloves when we were out for a drive in their car on Sunday morning, but while for him there was quite a logical reason why he should wear them while driving, for many of us it meant nothing more than an elegant if somewhat old-fashioned garment.

However, now that we are a little older and drive our own vehicles, we clearly understand that it was not an aesthetic taste of our grandparents, but that for a wide number of reasons, the use of gloves to drive is something we must take into account when taking the wheel of our car.

It all starts with asking ourselves a simple question: why is the small compartment in our car that we usually use to store vehicle documents among many other things called a “glove compartment”?

When we analyze it quickly, we realize the answer is clearly in its name. This compartment receives this “mysterious” because it was a specially dedicated place to store the gloves for driving, since since the appearance of the first automobiles at the beginning of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, the prototypes of these vehicles incorporated a steam boiler very similar to those used by some locomotive machines but in a much smaller size, which expelled large amounts of heat and vapors that turned out to be very harmful. Therefore, to avoid any burns when driving the vehicle or even starting it, a pair of protective gloves should be worn on the hands.

Being so important for driving, gloves were usually stored somewhere very close to the driver, so that they were within reach at all times. However, it is clear that these prototypes of vehicles no longer exist and the use of gloves has changed significantly today, the “glove box” continues to exist in each and every one of the vehicles that are manufactured, retaining the same name that it obtained many years ago.

Although in the modern era many users not curious see this accessory merely as an aesthetic element, it is important to remember the most important reasons why today driving gloves are still very important when driving, even when we no longer have a steam boiler in the engine of our cars.

Some benefits of driving gloves

Regardless of whether we drive a motorcycle or a car, having the best gloves for a motorcycle  or car is something that we should worry about if we plan to take the wheel, especially if we plan to travel a long journey within the city in our day to day life or if We plan to travel to various places on the weekend. What are the reasons for doing this?


Better grip

Being the main aspect, and perhaps the most important in terms of driving, the use of gloves to drive definitely gives us a better grip at the wheel, which allows us to obtain a noticeably more comfortable and pleasant experience when driving a vehicle. , so this product becomes an essential accessory.

With them on, the feeling of grip is much greater, preventing the hands from slipping because of the sweat that our hands could produce when we drive for a long distance or on a very hot day, which can cause risk situations that are not recommended for nobody. In addition, if the road has many curves, you will appreciate wearing them, because they improve grip, helping us to maneuver more safely on any type of road.


More protection

Directly associated with the care of our limbs, the second most important advantage that comes with the use of this type of accessories when going by car or motorcycle is the protection that it will give to our hands.

If we are frequent drivers of some type of vehicle, we will already know very well that both in summer and winter, driving becomes a bit hostile, since extreme weather causes certain discomforts such as sweat or freezing respectively, so that the gloves will become one of our best allies.

How many times has it not happened that we get out of our vehicle leaving it for a few hours in the sun and when we take the wheel again the burning sensation is instantly noticeable or when we ride our motorcycle in winter our hands become numb and hurt to the point that we lose touch. The solution for this is to acquire the appropriate glove model according to the season, since they vary in design and manufacturing materials.

Less wear

Finally, one aspect that involves the vehicle as such is that, like all objects we use daily, the wear of the materials and the surface is noticeable over time, giving our things an unpleasant appearance. The same happens with the steering wheel of our vehicle, as well as with other plastic parts, so, to preserve the quality and appearance of the materials for longer, it is advisable to use an element that isolates our hand from the surface.

We already know very well that the steering wheel is one of the parts of our vehicles that are most susceptible to wear and tear, looking really terrible when it has already reached an extreme point. This is because it is an element that is exposed to the direct sun that enters through the glass and in direct contact with the fat on our hands, which remarkably ages almost any material, being the gloves a perfect element to avoid this.



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