most useful car accessories for long trips

If you plan to use the car for long-distance trips, it is necessary to have some accessories that make the journey more enjoyable and safe. For this reason, it is worth knowing some of the most popular options among users, such as video players, USB chargers, parasols and even portable refrigerators to store snacks and other food.

Portable video player

Among the most popular accessories for traveling by car are portable video players, which make the trip less boring and can be adjusted to the back of the seat to view content in different formats. In this sense, the most modern models allow you to establish a connection with your mobile phone so that you can answer calls and use them as hands-free. In addition, they usually have HDMI or USB ports to connect portable memory and other devices. If you plan to install one of these devices in the back, there are products that can be used with headphones and video game controllers for more entertainment.

Portable thermoelectric cooler

During the summer, heat waves can reach up to 40 ° C, so it is necessary to keep cool inside the car, especially if you usually drink cold drinks to maintain hydration or bring prepared food from home. To achieve this, it is good to have a car fridge, a device that generally has small dimensions so that you can carry it everywhere comfortably and is highly functional on excursions, walks, trips, camping, among other activities.

It is good to know that the best car refrigerators of 2020 allow you to regulate the temperature depending on the food they transport, which provides greater versatility, in addition, its operation can be unlimited if you keep it connected to the current through the car plug, USB port and even powerbank. Regarding the capacity, they usually offer from 20 to 30 liters depending on their design, in the same way, you can find them with a handle, screens, special compartments, among other benefits.

Car charger

Car chargers are probably the most useful accessories for traveling on the road, since sometimes we forget to charge the mobile before leaving home, in addition, the battery can drain quickly if we use the GPS during the trip or the Bluetooth to play music. In this case, before making the purchase you must consider the amperes of the charger, since this variable determines the amount of energy it can supply. It is best to choose a 1 or 2 amp model, as this is the amount of power needed to charge most current cell phones. Similarly, there are models with two or more outputs that are used to charge several devices simultaneously, which is very useful if you are traveling with several companions.

Bluetooth transmitter

This is another very useful device that you can connect to the car cigarette lighter, because a transmitter allows you to establish a connection with any device using the Bluetooth network. In general, it is used to synchronize with your mobile phone and take calls with the hands-free function, listen to music, voice notes and play all kinds of audios from your smart device. 

As if that were not enough, most models allow you to listen to the transmission of an FM radio signal and usually also incorporate one or two USB ports that can be used both to charge your mobile phone and to play music from a USB memory.

5. Windshield sunshade

If you use the car daily or during trips, you know that stops are very common, be it to eat, do some activity or simply to walk, but it is normal for the heat to intensify inside the car during that rest period. The most common solution among users is the use of a windshield sunshade, which reflects UV rays from 50 to 98%, so when you return the car will be cooler and you will not have to wait for the internal temperature to drop. In this sense, it is recommended that the model of your choice covers the entire surface of the windshield glass or at least 90%, since this is what will guarantee its effectiveness. Also, you must consider its practicality to be folded and unfolded, as well as the reflective capacity of its manufacturing material,

Anti-reflective visor

The sun visor is an unconventional but very practical accessory, especially when the light is positioned on the horizon and the reflection tends to dazzle. Likewise, if you have traveled at night, you know how annoying car lights can be when they come straight ahead, having to strain your eyes to avoid losing focus, which could cause accidents. This gear sits on top of the visor and gives you a few extra inches down and to the right to cover the glare and give you a clearer view of the trail.

Car humidifier

The humidifier is a device that previously worked alone at home, but in its portable presentation it can be connected to the car cigarette lighter to keep the space humid, in the same way, when you turn on the air conditioning it will provide a cooler environment in the shortest possible time. . Devices of this type usually have a compact, cup-shaped design to fit in the car cup holder without taking up too much space. Regarding their capacity, they can contain between 50 and 180 ml of water, enough for the air in your car to stay humid for up to 5 hours.

Rear seat organizers

These are highly functional accessories if you have children and you plan to travel with them, since they are placed on the back of the driver’s or passenger’s seat and will make the ride more enjoyable for the little ones. The most prominent models have 6 or more independent compartments, indicated to place a tablet or iPad in the central part, 1 or 2 glasses on the sides, napkins, documents or toys in the lower area and the mobile phone or other devices in the part higher. Also, there are organizers that are waterproof, so they can additionally protect the car upholstery from accidental spills.


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