most recommended GPS locators for cars

With a GPS car locator it is possible to have control over the location of the vehicle in real time, which is an advantage in the event of a theft. Although there are many models available, some have advanced features and competitive prices, which make them more attractive and functional.


A couple of years ago, car GPS trackers were devices that were within the reach of a few people and used to be prevalent in luxury vehicles. Now, the situation has changed and, with the introduction of cost competitive models to the market, they have become popular and their use is recurrent, both in new cars and in older models.


Consider these aspects

If you are interested in purchasing one of these devices, you need to take into account some characteristics regarding its operation and advanced options. In short, GPS car locators provide the ability to track the position of the car at all times, with precise data on its location.

They are effective devices in the event of a theft, but they are also a convenient option to find the car when it has been parked in a place, but it is not remembered where (it happens frequently in large parking lots).


Installation and types

Be aware that there are several types of locators, but most commonly they are classified in relation to installation. In some cases, even mounting is not necessary, so the device should only be incorporated into any vehicle and placed discreetly, either under the seat, on the sides or in the glove compartment. You just need to keep the battery charged.

In the models that require installation, two types can be differentiated. Those that connect to the OBD port and those that require a sneaky and elaborate installation. The latter is convenient in case of theft, since, as well as there are strategies and mechanisms to prevent crimes, criminals are usually prepared and the first place where they will look for a possible tracker is in the OBD. An advantage of these models is that the battery charge will not be a problem.



According to the operation, it may be that, by using an application that must be downloaded to the mobile or computer, a detailed and controlled monitoring of the location of the car is made.

One drawback that occurs with these devices is that almost all models, including the best car GPS locator on the market , require the use of a SIM card. With this mode, you must pay for each mega consumed or message sent, which will be economical, because the consumption of megabytes in this class of devices is low, about 100 MB per year.

Now that you have an idea of ​​the main features that represent a good level of quality, here are 8 of the GPS locators for cars that are currently recommended by buyers, due to all the functionalities they incorporate.



  • Roadie Tracker GPS


For an approximate price of 100 euros, you can access this model, which is one of the best sellers on Amazon. Within its specifications, the device stands out for its portability and because it also includes the SIM card. In the same way, it incorporates a lithium battery with capacity for eight months of autonomy, after a charge of only 90 minutes.



  • AT2-TRCT2


Another model that is positively valued as one of the most efficient is the AT2-TRCT2, a proposal with a compact and discreet design that does not require installation and is portable, so that its use is not limited to the car. Although it includes your SIM card, it must be charged periodically.



  • PolarLander TK102B


Equipped with a lithium battery with a capacity of 850 mAh, this device from the manufacturer PolarLander has a compact and portable design. Among its advantages, it is equipped with a microphone, so that, in addition to specifying details about the geographical position of the car, you can hear what is happening inside. For its efficient use, the use of a SIM card is required and its price is around 30 euros.



  • GPS Tracker Hangang


If you are looking for a locator that does not need installation, this may be the recommended alternative, because it can be attached to the body using a magnet. It has a powerful 10,000 mAh battery, capable of providing a range of up to 120 days. In addition, the device has been equipped with IP58 protection, so it is waterproof, shockproof and dust tolerant. Its price is about 60 euros.


One brand, several models

Along with the previous options, there are the devices of the manufacturer SinoTrack, which have an efficient and practical operation, as well as competitive prices and state-of-the-art features. These are some of the most prominent prototypes.



  • SinoTrack ST-906


It is one of the most complete equipment that can be found on the market, but it requires installation. Once in operation, the device can listen to what is happening inside the car and is capable of sending notifications when the vehicle has exceeded the set speed limit or when the car is turned off. Its price is almost 27 euros.



  • SinoTrack ST-902


This SinoTrack model is priced at about 15 euros, almost half the cost of the previous one and is similar to the alternatives marketed by Vodafone and Movistar. According to its characteristics, it must be connected to the OBD port of the car. Depending on the vehicle model, you may need an extension cord.



  • SinoTrack ST-901


With a price of approximately 15 euros, this model has been designed for installation outside the car, making it a recommended alternative for motorcycle owners. Although it requires installation, it is not complex. Also, you can select between 3G and 2G version.



  • SinoTrack ST-901 Mini


Weighing just 50 grams and a compact size design, this alternative is recommended for discreet and hidden installation because it is designed to be more difficult to detect. Its price is more or less 10 euros.



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