most popular types of car coolers

Among car accessories, portable refrigerators are one of the most functional, attractive and innovative accessories, which is why there are currently a large number of models on the market. In this sense, it is good to know the main types and their characteristics when choosing one of these refrigerators.

A common point between yachts, campers, trucks and cars is the need to have properly refrigerated food and drinks, especially if you plan to travel long distances for a long time. As a solution there are portable refrigerators, which are very useful to preserve, refrigerate and even freeze food. Among the wide range of models on the market, we can divide the types of refrigerators into 4 large groups that include the most popular models according to their operating system and performance. Thus we can mention the thermoelectric, compressor, gas absorption and hybrid.

Portable thermoelectric coolers

Among the best car refrigerators of 2020 ( you can find some purchase options here ) are some with a thermoelectric function, since they have the highest technology to guarantee their effectiveness and are the most practical to carry everywhere. In general, they include a control panel that allows to regulate the internal temperature in a range of 20 or 30 ° C below the ambient temperature, as well as 60 or 65 ° C above the ambient temperature to generate heat, of this way, you can use them to cool or heat according to your needs.

Likewise, there are thermoelectric refrigerators that have a capacity from 12 to 40 liters, so they are usually compact models that you can carry in the back of the car without taking up much space, in addition, they integrate a top handle so that they are easier to hold and move. These are especially suitable for taking on outdoor excursions, camping trips and trips to the beach, as they can store enough food for 1 or 2 days. In addition, they are one of the cheapest and easiest to get, so they represent a faster and safer option for most users.

Portable compressor coolers

The compression refrigeration system consists of mechanically circulating a liquid with cooling properties, in this way it is capable of absorbing heat to provide low levels of temperature. Thanks to this, these types of refrigerators are among the most efficient today, since their operation is based on the cooling system of the refrigerators that we have at home, so they have optimal performance.

Depending on the model, compressor coolers are capable of -22 ° C to 10 ° C, so they can also freeze some foods. You can get this type of refrigerator with a capacity that ranges from approximately 12 to 100 liters, thanks to the wide variety of models available. However, the size of this type of refrigerator is not strictly related to its capacity as it would happen with other models, but its dimensions will depend mainly on the size of the compressor mechanism integrated into its structure. In the same way, their internal dimensions are usually enough to store even 2-liter bottles fully standing, since many of the manufacturers of these devices design the products with the transport of beverages as a priority.

Previously, this type of refrigerator used to make a lot of noise, due to the internal operation of the compressor, but nowadays there are more and more manufacturers that make silent systems, also, their electrical consumption is very low, so they are environmentally friendly devices . It is important to note that these refrigerators are suitable for use in any situation, in different means of transport, for long periods of time and to store all kinds of food. However, you should also consider that the prices of these refrigerators are higher compared to other types of models, since their performance is better and they provide the possibility of freezing food, which is not possible with a traditional car refrigerator.

Portable Absorption Coolers

They are called this way because they work through the classic absorption system, which can extract heat and transform it into cold to keep solid and liquid foods at low temperatures, thus favoring their conservation. In this sense, they usually work connected to currents between 12 V and 230 V and with gas cartridges, so they provide enough versatility to take to places where there are no plugs, such as in the mountains, deserts, boats, forests, beaches, among others.

In addition, they can preserve the temperature of food and drink with little energy, offering a freshness of up to 20 ° C. However, it takes a while to cool the food, as the absorption mechanism can be slower comparedto thermoelectric or compression refrigerators.

However, one of the advantages of absorption refrigerators is that they are quieter, which can be a very important aspect when you place them inside a tent, in the car or simply to rest in the same space.

Hybrid refrigerators

The main characteristic of these refrigerators is that they combine the innovative technology of compressor refrigerators with the practicality of thermoelectric models. This means that when they are connected to alternating currents they are capable of operating with the compressor, while when they are connected to direct currents they function as thermoelectric. For this reason, they are very versatile refrigerators that provide high performance and can adapt to the environment and situation where you use them. In this sense, if they work with the compressor, the temperature range they provide is between -15 ° C and 10 ° C, while in their thermoelectric function they cool at least 20 ° C below the real temperature of the environment.


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