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Most Common Ford EcoSport Failures: Problems And Breakdowns

The Ford EcoSport is a subcompact SUV. Although still not exactly one of the best cars in its class, the EcoSport is undoubtedly a decent vehicle and in this post we will tell you about common Ford EcoSport faults , so if you are interested in this vehicle stay with us and keep reading.

Production started in Brazil in 2003 and spread to other territories in the following years. The vehicle landed on American soil much later, in 2018, and sales figures since then show that it has been well received.

Common Ford EcoSport failures and problems

Although it is a good car, it is not without some problems and in this article we will focus on some of the most common failures of the EcoSport. Next, we will delve into them.

1. Brake noise

We found several complaints about the Ford EcoSport’s brakes, even on newer models. Squealing noises usually come from the brakes, and this problem is most common on the 2018 Ford EcoSport models.

The problem has left quite a few owners frustrated because many of the models are still relatively new.

Possible causes and solutions

Here are the possible causes and solutions to this problem:

1- Damaged brake pads

Wear affects many components of the vehicle, and that includes the brake pads. If you hear a grinding noise after stepping on the pedals, it’s likely due to a worn brake pad.

When the pad is worn, the brake plate material wears away, causing contact between its metal and that of the rotor. It could also be the brake caliper coming loose and touching the rotors.

If this goes on for too long, it could damage the entire braking system, so we advise replacing the brake pads as soon as possible.

2- Low quality brake pads

If the brakes have been making a screeching or screeching noise, the fault is most likely with the brake pads.

Like most products in our world, we have low quality brake pads and high quality brake pads. Many people are tempted to go for low-quality ones because of their cheaper price, but it really isn’t worth it.

For something as important as brakes, we advise buying the best quality you can afford for your vehicle. It would be best to do it with the help of an expert. This will save you from having to deal with unpleasant noises caused by low-quality brake pads.

3- Dirty brake components

Many times, debris can get into parts of the braking system, usually the brake calipers and cause them to fail . This could be a stone or small rock resting between the rotor and caliper, which will cause a grinding and vibrating noise.

If you don’t remove the object in time, it can damage the rotor, and you may need to replace it.

4- Worn brake rotors

Brake rotors are vulnerable to wear over time , and when they do, the brakes will make scraping or screeching noises. In addition to the rubbing noise, you will also feel a great pulsation in the pedal and in the steering wheel.

5- Unlubricated brake pads

Although it is important to purchase quality brake pads, it is also very important to lubricate them with a brake caliper lubricant during installation. If you ignore this step, you’ve more than likely signed up for rides with screeching and screeching noises.

To do?

To get rid of these problems, we advise you to hire a technician to guide you on the best way to go.

2. Rough transmission and unstable gear changes

Another of the most common complaints about the Ford EcoSport is its rough transmission and harsh gear changes. This has led to problems with acceleration and gear changes.

Many of the owners dealing with this also experienced strange noises, gear slippage, and trouble reversing the vehicle.

Possible causes and solutions

Here are possible causes and solutions to this problem:

1- Low transmission fluid

One of the main reasons for the Ford EcoSport transmission to jerk is a shortage of transmission fluid. The fluid carries out the much-needed lubrication of the parts inside the transmission.

Transmission jerks or hard gear changes can also be the result of contaminated fluid. In this case, you may be refilling the transmission fluid with the wrong lubricant. Transmission fluid should be clean, light red in color, and slightly clear.

The clear solution to this is to top up the fluid or replace the contaminated fluid, as the case may be.

2- Defective sensor

Modern vehicles, such as the EcoSport, feature a variety of sensors that activate transmission shifts based on data received from the ECU. However, if the sensor develops a fault, it may receive inaccurate data and cause a hard gear change.

3- Defective solenoid

The solenoid is the component of the transmission system that directs the flow of fluid. If this valve becomes damaged, it could cause excessive fluid release or stalling, which could cause transmission jolt.

4- Worn transmission bands

Automatic transmissions have bands that are connected to the gears to help the smooth running of the transmission. If they do wear out, however, it could lead to erratic behavior of the gears and transmission, and you’ll need to replace them.

5- Worn torque converter

The torque converter is another transmission component that converts the power sent by the engine into torque to the wheels. The torque converter often wears out over time, and when it does, you’ll notice the gears slipping.

To do?

You can’t do much with your vehicle if the transmission isn’t in good shape. This is why we advise you to give it the best possible care by letting a qualified technician take care of transmission problems.

3. Random electrical short circuit

The Ford EcoSport, like most cars, has an electrical system and is prone to short circuit problems. A short circuit usually occurs due to a fault in the car’s wiring, unusually cutting off electricity between different circuits.

This problem occurs very frequently in the Ford EcoSport, as reported by several of its owners. Signs include a blown fuse, inactive and erratic headlights, among others.

Possible causes and solutions

Here are the possible causes of this problem and their solutions:

1- Wiring problems

An electrical short in vehicles almost always occurs due to a problem with the wiring.

Sometimes wires become detached from their chafing or insulation, allowing unwanted electricity to enter the vehicle from the wire. This problem is specifically known as a short circuit to ground, and often causes a blown fuse.

There are other times when a cut wire comes into contact with another, causing an abrupt flow of unwanted current. This type is called a short-to-power circuit, and it occurs in a place known as the wire harness, where there are thousands of circuits arranged in close proximity.

Electrical shorts can also be caused by a loose wire. Sometimes some of the fuse wires loosen to the ground, causing a short.

Another reason for a short circuit is that a wire was connected incorrectly while trying to install an accessory.

To do?

The first thing to do is locate the short with the help of test lights, multimeters, and vehicle repair manuals. Electrical wiring diagrams will also come in handy as they will help locate wires.

After locating the culprit, the next step is to repair the faulty cables and the case. In other severe cases, you may need to replace the cable entirely.

Frankly, this is all a very technical process, and is best handled by a certified technician.

The good and the bad of the Ford EcoSport

Since you are familiar with the common faults of the Ford EcoSport, it is also good that you know some positive aspects that this vehicle has:

Advantages of the Ford EcoSport

Here we will present some of the pros or most sources of the EcoSport:

1- Four-wheel drive on all trim levels

One of the most impressive features of the Ford EcoSport is the four-wheel drive in all variants. For those who live in places with bad roads and bad weather, this is certainly a great advantage.

It provides all the stability and control needed to get through decent levels of snow and mud.

2- Decent cargo space

When you think of a subcompact SUV, you don’t immediately think of cargo space, do you? Well, the Ford EcoSport delivered quite a surprise with its 20.9 cubic feet of space just behind its rear seats.

This is much better than many other vehicles in its class and allows you to pack a decent amount of groceries or luggage. Even better, when you fold the seats down, you get 50 cubic feet and an easy-access tailgate.

3- Fabulous infotainment system

The Ford EcoSport uses the Sync 3 infotainment system, known for its simplicity and ease of use. The Sync 3 features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as smart Amazon Alexa.

It also has a premium sound system that will delight your ears and your passengers with your favorite music. You have the option of the highly rated Bang & Olufsen sound system, which offers pure sounds. There is simply no room for boredom.

4- Wi-Fi and Hotspot connectivity as standard

In some vehicles, the Wi-Fi connection is only standard in the higher trim levels and is left as an option for the lower finishes. This is not the case with the Ford EcoSport, which allows you to connect to the Internet regardless of which variant you own.

5- Large series of security features

The Ford EcoSport has also standardized on a long list of elite safety features across all trim levels.

Among them are:

  • six airbags
  • traction control system
  • Hillside Safety Assistance
  • Electronic brake force distribution
  • Anti-lock braking system, among others

Disadvantages of the Ford EcoSport

Some of the most notorious cons of the Ford EcoSport are:

  • annoying brake noise
  • Rough transmission and shaky gear changes
  • Random electrical shorts

What do the reviews say about the Ford EcoSport?

The comments and opinions on the Ford EcoSport are generally positive, although for many it is a vehicle that has many shortcomings to compete in the SUV market.

“The Ford EcoSport is the smallest vehicle (car, truck or SUV) currently available from Ford. It’s smaller than the Ford Escape even, but in return, it comes with a lower price and a still reasonable amount of space and utility.

Unfortunately, there are some significant shortcomings in other areas, such as a lack of advanced driver aids, choppy driving and disappointing fuel economy.”

“Compact crossover SUVs are a hot commodity these days, but the 2021 Ford EcoSport falls short of the competition. Its engines aren’t as powerful or fuel-efficient, and many of today’s driver-assistance programs and safety features aren’t available on this Ford subcompact. Although the EcoSport has generally pleasant driving manners and we like its transmission, that is not enough to compete effectively in this increasingly popular market segment.”

“Its rugged look has all the vibes of an SUV, and you can see it’ll lift you off the ground. Plus, the Ecosport is based on the Ford Fiesta, and that’s a pretty solid foundation to build on, and its choice of two turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol engines, with 123bhp and 138bhp, compares well with the equivalents. offered by models like the Kia Stonic and the Hyundai Kona”.

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