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Most Common Failures of the Ford F-250: Problems and Breakdowns

The F-250 is a heavy-duty truck with impressive towing capabilities, loads of tech features, and a luxurious cab. Despite receiving high praise from car dealers and owners alike, it’s had its share of problems in recent years. Keep reading this post and discover here the most common failures that the Ford F-250 presents .

These pickup trucks have been created for heavy duty since the year 1999. Super Duty vehicles are a type of cars from the Ford F-Series range. In this article we are going to tell you everything about the reliability, opinions, advantages and disadvantages that this truck shows.

Common Ford F-250 Faults

As we have already informed you, the Ford F-250 is part of the iconic Ford Super Duty range. As with other vehicles, this truck also has its respective faults and breakdowns. In this section we are going to tell you what are the most frequent problems of the Ford F-250.

1. Wobble problems

The most common problem reported for the Ford F-250 is often referred to as a ” death wobble “. Although this glitch dates back to 2005, it seemed to peak for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 model years.

As the name suggests, Death Wobble is when the vehicle shakes violently and becomes extremely difficult to control leaving owners in fear for their lives.

This is what owners have experienced:

  • After hitting a bump in the road, the steering wheel begins to shake uncontrollably
  • The front end vibrates at speeds above 96 km/h.
  • The steering wheel shaft rattles and shakes


If you encounter the wobble of death, the first thing you should do is slow down or even bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

On the internet you will find a wide range of solutions for this problem ranging from aligning the steering to changing the dual steering damper or tightening the steering rod joints on the axle.

However, Ford has not offered any solution; according to some experts, there is no single solution. A class action lawsuit has been filed in 2019 and currently, there have been no recalls for this issue.

2. Faults in the sunroof

A commonly reported issue affecting the Ford F-250 is a leaking sunroof, this issue has been reported on models as early as 2006 though it seems more prevalent on 2017, 2018 and 2019 models with the panoramic roof.

Panoramic roofs are notorious for leaks, here’s what one owner has to say:

“My F-250 has been leaking a little every once in a while for the last 6 months but last month it got a lot worse. When I dropped it off at the dealer they told me that the Ford warranty or extended warranty doesn’t cover the water leaks beyond 57,936 kilometers (36,000 miles).”

While another owner had this to say:

“Just been through the whole leak fiasco with my 2019 F250. 3 months in and out of the shop. Every time it rained, the whole process started over. I got Ford themselves involved after the first 4 trips to the dealership to get it fixed with no fix. It was within the warranty period but it was still flooding the interior of the vehicle on a weekly basis.”

“I filed an agreement with Ford under the Lemon Law, but it was rejected because the truck had passed 38,624 kilometers (24,000 miles), even though it was still under warranty until 38,000 km. I did a lot of research trying to find my own solution and how Ford hasn’t addressed this is beyond me.”


In many cases, a sunroof related leak in a Ford F-250 can be caused by clogged drains. You will need to locate where the drain is coming out by opening the front doors and looking between the fender and the front edge of the doors – you should see the drain coming out. From that point you can blow air back to unclog it.

The location of the drain outlet will vary depending on the model year. However, clogged drains are not always the cause and many drivers have been unable to find a solution.

3. Defective drive shaft

Driveshaft fractures are a common problem for 2017 and 2022 Ford F-250s. This was due to the underbody noise and heat insulators that can come loose and come into contact with the driveshaft. aluminum, causing its fracture.

This affected models equipped with gasoline engines and aluminum driveshafts.

A driveshaft is a rod-like part that transmits torque from your vehicle’s engine to the wheels, running the entire length of the vehicle.

This problem is quite serious as it can cause a loss of control if the driveshaft hits the ground .


Ford recalled nearly a quarter of a million heavy-duty pickup trucks in the United States due to driveshaft problems. The solution consisted of repairing the transmission shaft and correctly fixing the underbody insulators.

The recall affected certain F-250 and F-350 models, from the years 2017 to 2022. To find out if you have been affected, you must contact your dealer or perform a VIN check on the NHTSA website (at USA).

4. Engine knock

A number of F-250 owners have reported a knocking noise coming from the engine, this issue has been reported primarily on 2016 models though it has been reported on newer models as well.

Owners have reported a slight stutter in the engine as if it is not getting enough fuel. Others have reported that it feels like the engine is falling apart.


Engine knocking is often accompanied by truck shaking, also known as the wobble of death. The engine will need to have the trouble codes pulled to find out the exact problem.

You should know that engine knocking can be caused by many things and on the F-250 the exact reason is unknown, although we suspect it is linked to the spark plug issues that we’ll cover in the next section. If you’re looking at a used F-250, look out for a knocking noise from the engine.

5. Engine ejects spark plugs

Spark plug ejection from the engine head is a common phenomenon on the Ford F-250 . This is a known issue with the V8 engine and mostly affected 1999 to 2008 models.

Symptoms include:

  • knocking noise
  • engine failures
  • engine light on

One owner said the following:

“Spark plug blew in my Ford F-250 6.8l v-10. Caused extensive damage and a small fire.”

The cause is believed to be that the cylinder head threads are too short and soft. The combustion pressure overwhelms the spark plugs and ejects them, destroying the threads and damaging the cylinder head.


In most cases, it will be necessary to repair the threads of the spark plug holes and possibly replace the cylinder head and head gasket. Fortunately, Ford has updated the design of its models to prevent this from happening.

6. Refrigerant leak

One of the most commonly reported failures related to the F-250 is a coolant leak from the radiator. This has been reported on models dating back to 2003 and as recent as 2018.

Many homeowners have noticed a leak coming from the radiator creating a puddle in their driveway.


The problem has often been attributed to a faulty thermostat bypass, which can lead to pressure spikes in the cooling system ultimately leading to radiator failure.

Although there are many reasons why coolant may leak, in most cases on the F-250 the problem has been resolved by replacing the radiator and thermostat assembly .

Here’s what one owner says:

“I noticed a puddle of coolant under the driver’s front bumper. I went to the Ford dealer. I was advised by 2 different dealers that I needed to install a new radiator. They replaced it as advised. The service technician said they have seen others like this, but normally around 70,000 miles. $1500 repair bill for a 3 year old truck.”

7. Airbag failures

A known flaw in the 2016 Ford F-250 was that dust could interfere with the airbag’s electrical connections and cause it to fail to deploy.

The most common symptoms of this problem are:

  • A popping or clicking sound coming from inside the steering wheel
  • Loss of lighting and use of steering wheel switches
  • The horn (cornet) does not work
  • Airbag warning light ON


Ford recalled more than 310,000 Super Duty trucks in all, including the Ford F-250. To see if you have been affected by the recall, perform a VIN check for your vehicle on the NHTSA website.

8. Squeaks in the cabin

While not the most serious issue, it’s certainly one of the most irritating, numerous F-250 owners have complained of cabin squeaks and considering the price of a new F-250 it’s inexcusable.

This is what the owners had to say:

“At 2,800 miles I am starting to develop some squeaks and rattles in the cabin which are getting quite annoying”

“Me TOO. MY 2017 CC has too much rattling and squeaking in the seat”

Aside from cab squeaks, another common squeal problem is from the front leaf springs: Owners describe their truck sounds like an old boat when they hit a speed bump that compresses the front leaf springs.


Cabin squeaks are a mystery on newer models, if it’s really driving you crazy we suggest you talk to your dealer about it.

9. Deformation in the rotors of the front brakes

A very common F-250 problem is front brake rotors that warp at very low mileage.

The symptoms associated with this are:

  • steering wobble
  • brake noise
  • Brake pedal vibration
  • steering wheel vibration
  • jerk when braking

Here is one owner’s complaint:

“I’ve had wobble in steering and skipping under braking. On the first truck, I spun the rotors and they warped again at 30,000 miles.”


If the rotors are warped they will need to be replaced, it might be worth investing in some upgraded parts and avoiding the OEM parts.

Ford F-250 Model Years with Most Problems

The most problematic years are:

  1. 2017 – 1,553 Issues
  2. 1999 – 1,475 Issues
  3. 2019 – 1,409 Problems

The least problematic years are:

  1. 2022 – 5 Issues
  2. 2021 – 28 issues
  3. 2020 – 84 issues
Ford F-250
model year
2022 5
2021 28
2020 84
2019 1,409
2018 524
2017 1,553
2016 211
2015 314
2014 187
2013 149
2012 436
2011 515
2010 132
2009 110
2008 378
2007 136
2006 575
2005 487
2004 554
2003 393
2002 529
2001 733
2000 926
1999 1,475
1998 122
1997 351
nineteen ninety six 193

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ford F-250

If you’re considering a Ford F-250 as your next vehicle, you may be wondering what its strengths and weaknesses are. Here are the pros and cons of this car.

  • Great torque and towing capacity
  • Very comfortable
  • silent cabin
  • State-of-the-art technology both inside and out
  • Excellent off-road package
  • Doesn’t have the best driving manners at highway speeds
  • Some cabin parts are a bit cheap
  • Higher finishes are very expensive
  • Tall models are more difficult to get on and off
  • The cabin is not as nice as the Ram

Ford F-250 Reliability Compared to Similar Vehicles

The Consumer Reports ranking below is based on the last three model years, with the Ford F-250 sitting near the top, with a decent score of 59/100.

Brand and model Consumer Reports Trust Score
Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 78
GMC Sierra 2500HD 78
Ford F-250 59
toyota tundra 58
Ram 2500 57
Ram 1500 52
Ford F-350 33
Ford F-150 29
nissan titan 29
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 eleven
gmc sierra 1500 eleven
Ram 1500 Classic eleven

Ford F-250 Resale Price

We’ve taken a look at Car Gurus to gauge the resale value of a Ford F-250, below typical sales prices for each model year.

According to Auto Padre , a Ford F-250 will depreciate 17% after 5 years and its resale value for that period would be $62,448.

Note : The prices of used models will vary depending on the level of finish and the country in which you are.

model year Mileage (miles) resale price 
2022 1,940 (1,206) $73,555
2021 36,884 (22,919) $59,997
2020 142,071 (88,279) $38,982
2019 228,641 (5,539) $56,990
2018 160,950 (100,010) $46,595
2017 201,538 (125,230) $44,971
2016 159,920 (99,370) $28,000
2015 47,380 (29,441) $57,995
2014 396,009 (24,6069) $32,550
2013 209,702 (130,303) $39,995
2012 224,423 (139,450) $39,950
2011 202,428 (125,783) $36,995
2010 203,517 (126,460) $12,495

What do Ford F-250 owners like and dislike?

Based on feedback from owners on the Kelley Blue Book site , here’s what real-life owners love and hate about the Ford F-250.

What do you like?

  • strong truck
  • drives well
  • good off-road capability
  • Great all purpose truck
  • is reliable

What’s not to like?

  • outdated interior
  • Fuel consumption
  • Too many popups in the dashboard

Opinions about the Ford F-250 Super Duty

“Drives good, pulls great. Looks good. New trucks are great. Tremor package works well off-road. Very happy overall.”

“My truck is tremendous. It has all the power I need to tow my trailer. It’s faster than you think. Comfort is very good. This truck has been trouble free.”

Source : Edmunds“This truck has been bulletproof. It just did over 50,000 miles and I’ve done nothing but get in it and work hard every day (I’m a contractor), and it runs like a charm. It drives and rides Looks as good as the day I bought it (and I’m not easy on trucks.) I drive 25 thousand miles every year, to my job site.I’ve never taken it to the dealer for a problem, just oil and tire changes. I love it!”

Source : Kelley Blue Book

How good are Ford vehicles?

According to a recent Consumer Reports report , Ford ranks 18th among the most reliable automakers out of 28 brands, with a score of 44/100.

Range Brand Score
1 lexus 76
2 Mazda 75
3 Toyota 71
4 infinity 69
5 Buick 66
6 Sling 66
7 subaru 66
8 Acura 64
9 nissan 63
10 Mini 60
eleven Hyundai 56
12 Chrysler 54
13 Porsche 52
14 chevy 48
fifteen Audi 47
16 Cadillac 47
17 bmw Four. Five
18 Ford 44
19 kia 43
twenty Volvo 42
twenty-one RAM 40
22 gmc 37
23 Mercedes Benz 3. 4
24 Volkswagen 31
25 Genesis 30
26 Jeep 26
27 Tesla 25
28 lincoln 18

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