Monitor your car with an investment of just 40 euros

Technologies are put at the service of users to make their lives easier and more comfortable, while allowing greater control of the environment. In the case of the car, real-time monitoring of its position can be established through the use of a GPS locator that, like the Tkstar model, can be economical and efficient as a security and tracking mechanism.

Today, we are surrounded by hundreds of technological innovations that make life easier. Many of these allow you to control, follow people or vehicles, offering advantages for greater security. In some cases, these technologies may only have an initial investment cost. In others, you may have to pay a monthly fee to consistently enjoy the service. 

Among these advances in favor of users are alarms, trackers, as well as GPS locators for cars, which are convenient and effective according to the needs they have. In short, there is an innovative technology for every requirement, from home automation, state-of-the-art mobile equipment, to personal assistants, voice control and an infinity of additional services in all areas.


GPS locator for car 

Over time, the security mechanisms to prevent theft and theft of vehicles have improved and diversified to provide better results that prevent thieves from achieving their goal. However, as new security alternatives appear, the owners of what is foreign are updated and perfect their technique to be able to break the mechanism that prevents them from achieving their mission, so thefts continue to be frequent.

Therefore, it is best to be prepared and install various mechanisms and systems in the car that make theft less tempting and easy. Among the options, anti-theft systems are efficient and among the most sought after in the market, as security mechanisms.

Car GPS locator is an innovative, efficient and favorable tool for tracking location. These devices and services have gained popularity in recent years as a result of the increase in vehicle theft. 

Although these devices cannot directly prevent car theft, they are convenient to control the location of the car, as well as its movements, which could be of help to the authorities trying to recover the vehicle. 

In the middle of the year 2020 it is almost impossible that someone has not heard about GPS. Well, this technology is the most efficient and the best ally to have an exact idea of ​​the position of a vehicle at a certain moment. In this way, it is only necessary to have one of these locating devices to follow everything related to the car in real time. 

Currently, there are many car brands that equip their models with this technology, even many car dealers offer it to be installed, without having to make such a high investment for it. 

Although there are various proposals and alternatives available on the market, there is a model that stands out among the best GPS locators for cars of 2020, because it provides the possibility of knowing exactly where the vehicle is at any time. With this device you can track in real time. Also, it is possible to have an audio file of what happens inside the car, because it is equipped with a microphone. Therefore, if you are a victim of the theft of your vehicle or it is taken without permission, it will be much easier to locate it.

Tkstar 3G TK905

As a representative of the valuable utility of locator equipment, we find this equipment from the manufacturer Tkstar, which is equipped with advanced functions that provide the possibility of monitoring the car, as well as other interesting and advanced features that allow access to an audio in time. real of what happens inside the car. In addition, with this device an alarm can be activated remotely, to prevent the car from being stolen. 

Functions and features 

The Tkstar 3G TK905 has multiple functions that will increase the safety of the vehicle, with state-of-the-art mechanisms that provide the possibility of following the position of the vehicle in real time. Similarly, with an investment of less than 40 euros you get an internal microphone and a burglar alarm. 

Installation of this device is simple and fast, while its use is easy. Likewise, it is possible to place it anywhere in the car, because it has a magnetic adherence system. In addition, it has waterproof properties, so that, regardless of whether it has been wet or splashed with water, its operation will remain intact. Therefore, it is an alternative that can be installed outside the car, in a discreet way, so that thieves do not know of its existence. 


This car GPS locator works efficiently thanks to the use of a SIM card, which will guarantee the tracking. In addition, it will provide the ability to keep track of the car’s locations for the last six months, because it is equipped with a location history. In the same way, it is also enabled with an alarm that will be activated automatically, in the event that a glass is broken or if a tow truck takes the vehicle away. 

To carry out its general operation, this device is associated with a mobile application that is available on the manufacturer’s website and allows access to GPS data from different electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers or tablets.

On the other hand, this tracker incorporates a long-lasting battery, with extended autonomy for about 90 days. This way, charging it frequently will not be a concern. 

In short, its price is one of the most affordable on the market, if the operating options and benefits that improve safety are analyzed, so it is an investment that provides multiple advantages.


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