Modernize your car with Anker and JBL hands-free

The new cars incorporate virtual assistants and advanced communication equipment, yet most of those on the streets are not new. That is why some companies designed hands-free access to a virtual assistant regardless of the year of the vehicle, as long as it has a 12-volt outlet.


The Google Assistant has become very popular, as its utility to search the Internet through voice commands provides greater autonomy for users who do not have to type when they need to get an address or search for a recipe to cook that day. 

However, the inclusion of virtual assistance in new cars has meant a great advance because it allows us to synchronize our mobile devices with the vehicle in which we transport ourselves for several hours a day. 

But, what happens to old cars that, statistically, are the most abundant on the roads and highways? Some companies like Anker and JBL have jointly designed prototypes with Google to respond to this situation.


Anker and JBL modernize cars

At the beginning of 2019 at the Consumer Electronics Fair that has been held for decades in Las Vegas, known by its acronym in English CES, the companies Anker and JBL showed their new devices developed in conjunction with Google Assistant that allow adding these modern add-ons of connectivity to any car that has a 12 volt outlet. 

This cooperation is the result of Google’s need to reach more consumers through third parties to maximize its reach in the market, thus allowing access to virtual assistants with a hands-free car design, using your mobile to connect from anywhere , always keeping your attention on the road. 


Technological evolution in cars

In recent decades, cars have undergone radical changes in terms of design and structure, they are more respectful with the environment, they are intuitive and safer, but above all they have easily adapted to this era of connectivity. 

Previously, car technology was measured by the music reproduction system it had, as it was in 1922 when the first radio was incorporated into a car. From that year on, radio evolved, the modulated frequency was discovered and transistors were incorporated into the receiving equipment, which improved the tuning of the stations and the sound quality around 1960.

But, for that time thinking of having a phone inside the car was a dream. The next thing in this process of technological evolution was the arrival of compact cassettes, since in 1964 it was launched by Philips and two years later it was already being included in cars.

Two decades passed for music to arrive in digital format with the high sound quality of compact discs and thus the new millennium arrived introducing us to the mp3 format and small devices with large storage capacity, so Sony and other brands began to put USB ports on your car radios, which remain to this day.

Thus we come to the entertainment platform in cars with touch screens, video players, Internet connection, proximity cameras to park well, among other accessories. However, these advances are, most of the time, exclusively for the latest model cars to which a limited part of the population has access.


Connectivity within everyone’s reach

In this sense, Google along with other companies realized the need that consumers with old cars have to stay at the forefront with connectivity, and therefore they developed these hands-free devices with the Google Assistant at an affordable cost.

Now it is possible to have a satellite navigation system, music playback, Internet searches and access to calls from your mobile and very safely with the hands-free developed by Anker and JBL, without having to change your car for a recent model , the vehicle only needs to have the 12-volt cigarette lighter port. So let’s get to know a little more about them that can well be considered one of the best car handsfree of 2020 ( in this link you can find several products to choose from ) .


Anker and Roav Bolt

Roav Bolt is the successor to the Roav Viva that was based exclusively on the virtual assistant Alexa, with the difference that the new model is designed to use the Google Assistant. 

It is a Bluetooth device that connects to the car’s cigarette lighter and pairs with the mobile to connect to the virtual assistant through the Ok Google command and get help with the navigation system, play music from different platforms such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, among others.

Also, and to offer the greatest safety while driving, this device has been optimized so that you can send text messages, but also to make and receive calls by speaking naturally. 

Notably, this headset incorporates two high-speed charging ports, as well as highly sensitive microphones for noise cancellation and the assistant clearly understands the commands.


Simplicity and connection with JBL LINK Drive

For its part, the specialist in portable sound boxes JBL has also ventured into hands-free with virtual assistants with its LINK Drive device that connects to the cigarette lighter as well, to link with the mobile and be able to enjoy the advantages of the GPS navigator, player music, calls and messages through voice commands, so you do not lose concentration behind the wheel. 

This model includes sensitive microphones that cancel motor and road noise, so you can use your smartphone without touching it, as well as check the traffic conditions, make online purchases and calls without annoying noise that interferes with communication. 

The highlight of these two devices is that they will allow you to modernize your car for less than 100 euros, so you can choose any of them to synchronize your mobile and use the hands-free, to have access to the Google virtual assistant enjoying all the advantages of staying connected to the Internet without losing focus on the road.



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