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Mitsubishi Outlander P0776: Meaning, Causes and Diagnosis


P0776 Mitsubishi Outlander

P0776 is a generic OBD2 code that may appear on Mitsubishi Outlanders equipped with an automatic transmission. This code indicates that the pressure control solenoid “B” inside your Outlander’s transmission has a malfunction, or is stuck in the off position.

P0776 Definition: Pressure Control Solenoid “B” – Performance/Stuck

P0776 Meaning Mitsubishi Outlander

Here is the definition of P0776, divided into its two parts:

Pressure control solenoid “B”

Your Outlander’s automatic transmission changes gears by changing the pressure of the transmission fluid. The transmission solenoids are responsible for facilitating this pressure change

Performance or jam

The P0776 code indicates that the pressure control solenoid is not doing its job like it is supposed to or it may be stuck. The code is most likely caused by a bad “b” pressure control solenoid, but there are MANY potential causes.

P0776 Symptoms: Mitsubishi Outlander

With this code, there will be some serious streaming performance issues. These are the most common symptoms associated with P0776 in the Mitsubishi Outlander:

Mitsubishi Outlander: P0776 Causes + Diagnosis

P0776 Diagnosis

Diagnosing P0776 can be a challenge at home since the pressure control solenoids are located inside the transmission. But there are some things you can check before taking it for a diagnosis.

Here are the most common causes of P0776, and a solid order to check them:

Check the transmission fluid

Start by checking your Outlander’s transmission fluid. A low transmission fluid level can cause a drop in line pressure and cause the pressure control solenoids to malfunction.

The transmission fluid should be full and clean. If the fluid is black or shows signs of being burned, changing the fluid may be enough to eliminate P0776.

A clogged transmission filter can cause the pressure inside the transmission to drop as well.

Automatic transmission fluid has a very hard job. It has to cool, lubricate, and transfer energy. It may go a long time without being changed, but if it overheats, it may be enough to cause P0776 on your Outlander.

Check if the wiring harness is damaged

Check your Outlander’s wiring harness for damage. Make sure the wiring harness has not been damaged by road debris. If so, repair it, delete the code, and see if it appears again.

Check other codes

Check if there are other codes. In the case of transmission-related codes, they usually appear in cascade. If you have a good scanner, try to locate them in the order they were stored in the PCM memory.

Other codes can also give you valuable information about the cause of your transmission problems.

Other causes

These are some of the other causes of P0776:

  • A mechanical failure within the transmission
  • Clogged passage inside the transmission
  • pressure control solenoid
  • Bad TCM/PCM

Faulty pressure regulator

Removing P0776 usually involves replacing the “b” pressure control solenoid, which is beyond the capabilities of most Shadetree mechanics.


Several potential problems can cause P0776 on the Mitsubishi Outlander. Before taking your car to a professional, check the fluid level and clarity. If it is low or bad, you may be “lucky” and that will be enough to clear the code.

A good transmission shop should be able to quickly figure out the cause of this code. Good luck!


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