Mazda CX-5 P0882: Meaning, Causes and Diagnosis


P0882 Mazda CX-5

P0882 is a generic DTC trouble code, which means it has the same meaning for the Mazda CX-5 as any other vehicle. Although this code activates the check engine light, it is actually warning you of a problem with the TCM transmission control module, specifically that the power input signal is too low.

P0882 Definition: TCM – Low Power Input Signal

P0882 Definition: Mazda CX-5

Here is the definition of P0882 for the CX-5, divided into its two parts:


The transmission control module is responsible for telling your CX-5 when to shift gears. Uses engine speed and load data to determine when and how hard to shift gears, lock up the torque converter, etc.

It takes this data and uses it to activate the shift solenoids and clutches inside the transmission. It needs power and land to function properly.

Low power input signal

P0882 indicates that the power signal going to the TCM is too low for proper operation

P0882 Symptoms: Mazda CX-5

These are the most common symptoms your CX-5 will experience when it has P0882:

  • Limping mode– There will only be a few gears and it will shift harshly. This model is made to prevent your Mazda CX-5 from being completely stranded due to catastrophic transmission failure.
  • check engine light– The check engine light will be on. It may also have code related to Clean mode. If the causes of P0882 are resolved, the clean mode code will be removed, assuming those are the only two codes you have.

Mazda CX-5 P0882 Causes + Diagnosis

P0882 Diagnostic

Below we explain how to diagnose P0882 in the Mazda CX-5. Here are the most common causes, listed in order of difficulty to check and weighted with respect to the likelihood that they are the problem.

1. Check other codes

As we have already said, if the cause of P0882 is resolved, a code related to clean mode (if you have it) will be removed. There could also be a code related to a “power module” or “integrated power module.” Repairing the module would restore power to the TCM and clear the P0882.

Check for TCM-related technical service bulletins on your CX-5. If there are, removing P0882 may be much easier.

2. Check for obvious wiring damage

Next, look at where the wiring harness connects to the TCM. Is it frayed or damaged anywhere? Do any of the cables appear to be burned? If it appears damaged, repair the wiring harness as necessary

Remember that the TCM needs power AND solid ground. Check that the ground connection is tight and that there is no rust or corrosion around it.

Clear the codes and see if the transmission shifts correctly again.

3. Make sure the battery is good

If the battery voltage is too low, the TCM may not receive enough power to operate properly.

Make sure the battery terminals are free of corrosion. There may not be enough voltage reaching the TCM (but enough to keep the starter motor running). Is the battery running out? That can cause P0882.

4. Check the fuses

The TCM fuse should be under the hood of your CX-5. When you remove the cover from the fuse panel, it should be labeled. If not, you will need to get a wiring diagram for the exact year and engine combination.

5. Check the TCM power at the relay

There will be a power relay between the TCM and PCM. Check that there is tension in it. You will need an ohm meter.

6. Check for shorts

P0882 indicates that the power reaching the TCM is too low. This probably means there is a short circuit. Use a multimeter to trace the power cable to the short.

7. TCM problem

Your TCM may need to be reprogrammed or replaced. Before putting in a new one, we recommend that you take your Mazda CX-5 to a shop that can perform a quick diagnosis and tell you if that is the cause of P0882 in your vehicle or not.


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