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Lexus RX330 Common Failures: Breakdowns, Problems And More!

If you’re looking for a compact SUV that combines sport, utility and comfort, you can never go wrong with the Lexus RX330. Although its last model came out in 2006, it’s still a good pick on the used-car market, thanks to its top-notch interiors, excellent fuel efficiency, and powerful engine. It is also ideal that you have knowledge of the common failures of the Lexus RX330, in case you are interested in buying one.

Whether you own a Lexus RX330 or plan to buy one, it is crucial that you read the reliability ratings and the problems that this model can cause.

How good are the Lexus RX330?

The Lexus RX 330 has a good reputation in terms of reliability. Owners reportedly rated the 2006 model 4.8 stars out of 5, while the 2005 model got 4.7. The reliability of the used Lexus RX330 is not far behind with 4.7 stars . With these ratings, it’s clear that the RX330 can easily enjoy a long life with proper handling and regular maintenance.

Common failures of the Lexus RX330

Like any other vehicle, the Lexus RX330 can develop problems as the mileage accumulates. Here are some common Lexus RX330 failures by model year:

1- Problems with the radiator

Radiator problems top the list of common 2006 Lexus RX330 failures. The first thing owners of affected units reportedly noticed was a leaking radiator . Upon investigation, most of them found a split or crack in the bottom seam of their SUV’s radiator.

Most owners were able to solve the problem by replacing the faulty radiator. If your SUV has similar problems, don’t worry. There are plenty of premium, yet affordable radiators on the market, so finding one for your Lexus will be easy.

2- Delay in changing gears

Several 2006 model year owners have complained that their SUV’s shift lags when accelerating at certain speeds (10 to 20 mph). To fix this problem, Lexus has released a software update for the transmission control module.

However, in some cases, the delay in the exchange is due to a defective component (not an outdated model). So if you come across this problem, take your vehicle to an auto repair shop immediately. A mechanic will know how to properly diagnose the problem and rule out any underlying issues.

3- The vehicle does not start

Several 2005 Lexus RX330 owners have also complained that their SUV won’t start for no reason. This reportedly usually happens around 24,000 miles. Some drivers have also had difficulty starting their car after adding gas .

There are many possible reasons why a vehicle won’t start. A faulty car battery and fuel pump are the most common culprits. If you’re having trouble starting your Lexus, take it to an auto repair shop right away for proper diagnosis and repair.

4- Problems with the windshield

There were also many complaints related to the windshield on the 2005 Lexus RX330. Several owners have reported that their vehicle’s window liner fell off around 92,000 miles.

In some cases, the trims that seal the rear side window fell off completely. The trims that seal the rear doors on most of the affected SUVs have come loose, leading to leaks. The problem with this type of problem is that replacing the trim is not enough. Most drivers had to get a window replacement to fix their windshield.

5- Control panel cracked

Many 2004 Lexus RX330 owners have complained of cracks in their dashboard after about 88,300 miles. Some of them had high quality sunscreens to protect their control panel from the heat of the sun. In some cases the control panel started chipping near the airbag and around the key switch at about 73,000 miles.

Some Lexus and Toyota models reportedly have control panels that are prone to cracking. In fact, a lawsuit was filed in 2014 regarding the issue, prompting Lexus to cover some of the affected models through a “Warranty Enhancement Notice.” You can check with your local dealer if your Lexus RX330 is part of this update.

A control panel replacement usually fixes the problem. However, if you prefer to keep the original control panel, you can get a high-quality cover to hide the damaged part.

6- Problems with the heating of the air conditioning

Some 2004 Lexus RX330 owners have also complained of problems with the air conditioning heater. Several of them have noticed a burning smell coming from their vehicle’s air conditioning while the engine was running. Others report hearing rattling noises coming from behind the glove box or control panel. In some cases, the A/C stopped blowing cold air after about 72,000 miles.

Fortunately, common 2004 Lexus RX330 air conditioning problems can usually be resolved by replacing faulty air conditioning components.

7- Steering problems

Many 2004 Lexus RX330 owners have also reported experiencing steering related issues. In most cases, drivers noticed stiff steering around 29,500 miles . Most of them have attributed the problem to a bent sprocket that needed to be replaced.

In addition to stiff steering, several owners have also complained of oil leaks and strange noises when turning the wheels.

8- Failures with the brake pedal

Several 2004 Lexus RX330 owners have also reported brake pedal pulsation due to warped front brake rotors. Fortunately, replacing damaged rotors usually solves the problem.

In summary

The Lexus RX330 continues to be a great option for drivers looking for a used vehicle. Choosing it carries few risks as long as you are aware of the potential problems it may develop. Just follow the regular maintenance schedule and replace faulty parts immediately, and you will surely get the most out of the life of your Lexus RX330.

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