Learn some tips for driving without leaving your heels aside

Only women know the challenge and the feat represented by leading life with a few extra centimeters, that is, in heels. From walking to shopping can be a complex activity. The same happens when driving, being necessary to know a few tricks to do this task without losing style.


Heels are the faithful companions of a woman, along with a bag. These are usually two favorite objects of any female. So much so that many continue their regular activities for an extra couple of inches to look more elegant, slim and stylish. There is a lot that a pair of heels do, as they can help boost self-esteem and even improve the confidence of any woman.

However, there are some activities that are sometimes difficult, especially for beginners, such as the act of driving a car. Those who have done it may know that it is not easy. Many times it could be said that the heels and the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals of the vehicle are simply incompatible. Even so, there are many who take up the challenge and face the danger, although it is preferable to stay safe, without leaving aside the style.

For the benefit of many women and other drivers, there are ways to minimize the risks and make this activity easier. It is only necessary to have adequate shoe models, which are comfortable and allow better control. In addition, this will even serve to look elegant throughout the day, with a low degree of exhaustion. 

Some studies have shown that driving in heels can be a safety risk. Given this, many women are afraid and put heels aside when they are going to drive because they consider them uncomfortable. However, another large part of women is in favor of the use of this type of footwear when driving. When it comes to traffic regulations, there is still no law restricting the use of heels for driving. Either way, the risks need to be clear. 




A risk that must be analyzed

Even if you have the best car mat ( In this link you can find some purchase options ) , the reality is that heels, especially stilettos, can get caught with it, so that the foot could get stuck, which would lead to an accident.

In addition, almost all high-heeled footwear is more rigid in the foot. This limits the movement and makes it slow, thus generating greater risk. Also, it is a fact that the sole of these shoes is not the most suitable for driving, because it is not made of non-slip materials and does not adhere to the pedals. On the contrary, there are some models that lack stability, so they can generate problems. 

Another problem is that heels cause muscle tension in the user and can sometimes cause pain in some extremities, which during driving would be of little benefit to comfort. 

As explained before, there is no law that prohibits wearing heels to drive in Spain, but there are recommendations on the type of footwear that should be used for greater comfort. If you do not want to put style aside, an interesting suggestion is to bring a spare pair of shoes, that is, you would use comfortable shoes to drive and heels to get out of the car. 


Attentive to the recommendations 

If, after learning about the problems that can be caused by driving with heels, you still want to wear them while you are behind the wheel, then you should consider some tips that will increase safety during this activity.

First of all, it is essential that the models used are of medium height, since the more centimeters they have, the greater the stiffness of the foot. Given this, there are those who suggest the use of shoes with wedge heels or platforms, as these models do not get stuck with car mats and reduce the danger at the wheel. 

Second, if you do not want to leave the style, fashion and elegance of these shoes, it is recommended to opt for certain models, leaving aside the thin stiletto heels. The thinner the heels, the less stability they provide, so if walking is complex in itself, driving is much more complex, so the wedge heel will be a better alternative.




Third, the sole of the shoe does matter, because it will be the one that provides the grip, support and adherence that are needed in the pedal set. Therefore, it is better to say no to models with sliding soles, as they are an attack on safety at the wheel.

Also, if the car mats have been in use for a long time, the heels should be put aside, as there is a high possibility of snagging. Another important consideration is that if there is no comfort in this type of footwear when walking, less should be used for driving. Remember that safety comes first. 

Now we know the risks and the alternatives regarding the type of footwear that can be selected for safer driving. However, the general recommendation is that comfortable and suitable driving shoes are used. So the ideal is the replacement. 

Nobody has said that you should not wear heels on a daily basis, just opt ​​for another type of footwear when driving. If the option seems interesting to you, then you should look for shoes that have a non-slip sole, which causes better adherence to the pedals. In the same way, they must be flexible so that the free movement of the feet is generated. 

The shoes are small and usually do not take up much space, so simply place them under the driver’s seat, in the trunk or in the glove compartment of the car. This pair of shoes will not get in the way, on the contrary, it will help reduce risks on the road and increase safety.



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