Learn more about cars with start / stop and the performance of their batteries


For a couple of years, a system known as start / stop has been used in most cars, which delays the wear of the components of the car battery, if it is high-performance, through a technological system that brings benefits, but at the same time has its limitations.

Today cars are equipped with a lot of technological functions that improve the driving experience, through devices that expand the range of in-car entertainment, but also require greater energy consumption, as they are part of the system. electric.

All this equipment of the vehicles favors the drivers. However, it is a double-edged sword, because by generating greater electrical demand, there will be high wear on the components that make up the battery. In fact, if it’s not a high-quality, high-performance car battery, many of the functions may be limited.

Before all this scenario, the automatic start and stop system has appeared, also known as the start / stop system, a mechanism that has been incorporated in a large number of cars of different makes and models of recent date. Although it has multiple advantages, especially in terms of less wear and tear on the car and its battery, it also has specific needs that it is good to take into account so that its performance is high. 

Batteries for high performance

The automotive market has been changing over the years to adapt to the new demands of drivers and the world. On the one hand, it is necessary for cars to emit less polluting gases to protect the planet and give it a break, while on the other, they increasingly incorporate more properties that improve their performance, but at the same time require extra effort from the batteries .  

In the case of the automatic start and stop system, it is incorporated in almost all the new cars that have come on the market since 2013. The benefits are many and its use is increasingly evident. Recently, a study carried out by TomTom explained that the use of this device was being positive in many cities in Europe, with Madrid and Barcelona among the top positions in a list of 50 cities. 

In the case of this system, it requires a specific battery, so the cars that incorporate it will not be able to use conventional batteries, but it is necessary that they be more powerful and higher capacity models. 

According to experts, the automatic start and stop system is useful for large cities that have traffic problems and heavy traffic, which leads to the driver having to stop the car on a regular basis.

For example, Norauto, a chain for the maintenance and equipment of vehicles, is one of the companies that tries to educate drivers about the importance of acquiring batteries according to the demands of cars and that they provide adequate performance, so that the car can perform the start / stop function without further complexity or effort for the engine. 

Although it is an action that happens in a matter of seconds, stopping, starting, turning off and accelerating requires a great effort that they make regularly. For this reason, start / stop rated batteries are equipped with components that allow this system to be activated and function efficiently. 

The role of the car battery

In this sense, it is necessary to take into account some considerations to get the best out of the possibilities offered by new cars and high-power batteries. 

First, it is necessary for the driver to be aware that the battery is what generates the power for the entire electrical system of the vehicle. This part, which goes into the car’s engine, is responsible for providing energy for basic functions, ranging from starting to the entire electrical and entertainment system of the car, such as radio, screens, GPS, lights, among others. 

In order for all these functions to remain active and for there to be a regular supply for the other options during the starting and stopping process, the battery must have a high capacity and power. In short, the function of these batteries is not only to turn the car on and off, but to prolong the operation of all systems. 

If you wonder which is the best car battery on the market , it is possible that the answer is one designed for this system, because they are more efficient, powerful and with greater capacity equipment. 

Within the range of alternatives, these car batteries can be of the enhanced flooded battery type, with high performance, when compared to lead acid or absorbent glass mat, which are equipped with fiberglass technology, which is It is among the most advanced on the market. 

When selecting the best battery model for the car, it is advisable to consult a mechanic or specialist, who will advise which type is suitable for the specific model of the car, considering variables such as electrical demand and car equipment.

If the battery is to have adequate performance in the car, it is necessary for the user to be aware that his vehicle has this system. Therefore, if this information is ignored, the most prudent thing is to consult the manufacturer’s instruction manual. 

Another important aspect that must be taken into account is that if the battery is discharged and has a start / stop battery part, it should only be charged with a model of the same type, not with a conventional battery, because the connection mechanism of the tweezers is different. 

Finally, for cars that incorporate the automatic start and stop system, it is recommended that a professional change the battery when necessary, to ensure that it will be done in an ideal way.


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