Learn how to select some mats for your car

All cars use floor mats that protect the floor of the car and prevent dirt from reaching the ground. However, according to the car model there is a specific type that fits the size, shape and even material. Therefore, it is appropriate for the driver to know the different considerations to analyze.


When it comes to the car, there are many elements that must be considered, from spare parts that will put the mechanical part to work, to accessories that will improve the useful life and keep the vehicle in better condition. In this last segment enter the car mats, some simple accessories, but the choice of which can be complicated. 

To acquire one of these, it is necessary to identify some properties, so that the purchase is efficient and suitable for the car model. For example, in supermarkets and department stores they sell these accessories and there are many who look at them with distrust because they do not know their properties, while they do not know if it is a suitable model for their car. The same happens when it comes to internet sales, as many people do searches, but few who venture to buy, because they cannot see, touch or analyze the quality.


An efficient choice

One way to solve this problem is to know the most outstanding attributes of the mats that are sold in department stores, online and even in auto parts and accessories stores. Quality is possible at a competitive price; It is only necessary to search and know how to do it.

In the case of floor mats sold in department stores, they are usually universal cut models. This is because they try to have a size and shape that fits a large number of car models, so they will be custom designed for some and a little short for others. 

In general, these car mats carry somewhere in the package the car models with which they are compatible in relation to make, model and year. A positive aspect in relation to this option is that there are many supermarkets and department stores that allow returns, so if the size and shape do not fit, it is possible to change them later for others that are better suited. 

In any case, to avoid inconvenience, the appropriate thing to do before venturing out to buy one of these is to ask one of the shop assistants if they accept returns.




If so, you will be able to test the selected alternative in the car without having to lose money. Of course, it is important that the state of the mats is taken care of and that they are not stained or damaged, because in that case there will be no refund.

When it comes to buying online, the options increase and you can get any type of mats in relation to shape, size and even materials. One of the main doubts of customers in this type of purchase is that they cannot see and touch to decipher if it is the best car mat on the market .

However, there are ways to secure purchases. In general, in internet sales they are very specific about the properties of the product and additionally they have the references of other buyers. Therefore, it is also recommended that options are selected that are consistent with the needs of the car. For example, as specified above, you must delimit make, model, version and year. This categorization will be what will allow the model to fit the car.

In the case of online purchases, if you cannot find the specific model, which may pass for being an old model, it is better not to bet and play it safe in a physical store, where you can check that the mat is adequate For the car. 

A recommendation is to have a photograph of the mats on hand on your mobile, as this will allow you to check the shape and reduce doubts. Another prudent tip is to have your mat measurements taken. In this way, it is possible to buy the universal models.


Analyze and compare serves to save 

As with all products, these accessories are made of different materials, which vary due to price and quality. Depending on the manufacturer and the model, you can find carpet, PVC, leather, rubber car mats on the market, among others. 

According to experts, one of the most convenient alternatives for cars is the one made of carpet, because it is a comfortable and easy-to-clean option. In the wide market for floor mats you can also find models in PVC with a metallic effect. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that this effect will disappear after a short time of use if there is friction. In this sense, PVC is only suitable when it does not have coatings with materials that will end up giving a worn appearance of color. 




Among the alternatives, it is also possible to find models with subjection and others that do not require it. In the first case, they are suitable because they will remain fixed. In the second, if they move a lot, they can cause inconvenience. 

For example, they can wrinkle just behind the clutch, which will prevent it from being pushed all the way down; the same in the case of the brake and accelerator pedals. A recommendation to avoid situations that expose you to danger while driving is to use industrial velcro, as this way the mat will not move easily. 


Cleanliness is always important

Knowing that the mats will have a certain level of exposure to dirt inside the car, when choosing it is important to orient yourself to models that are easy to clean, so that you do not have to spend so much time on this task. 

As you can see, choosing a mat for your car goes far beyond basic aspects such as design, so always keep these recommendations in mind to obtain a better user experience with this important accessory.



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