Know the possible consequences of uncalibrated GPS

According to Wired magazine, GPS geolocation devices are responsible for the alarming sum of approximately 300,000 accidents that only happened on British soil, caused by drivers who followed the instructions dictated by the system to the letter.


Without a doubt, GPS helps us, in most cases, to stay located on the map, so that we can find the route to our destination easily and without the need to previously know the route, among many other benefits. Such is the importance and relevance of GPS that, today, we can see them integrated into almost any portable device such as watches, mobile phones, smart tablets and video game consoles, among many other products.  

However, sometimes GPS devices can give us unsuccessful indications, which can cause us to cause an accident if we pay attention to them, therefore, it is very important that we use our common sense when driving, even if we have the best one running. GPS for car. If the GPS tells you to drive on a road in the opposite direction, ignore a traffic signal or enter the train tracks, would you listen to it? Your common sense should ignore these indications from the GPS or any navigation system that could put you and your family at risk.

Although some extreme cases of unsuspecting driving and “blind” tracking of GPS indications have been seen, these devices provide us with a great performance and solution to unknown routes, as long as they are well calibrated and we have our five senses on the road. road and steering wheel. However, you must be careful, since even the best car GPS of the moment can suffer some damage.




The positive side of having a GPS system

GPS technology itself is a global satellite navigation system, which is used in various applications, not only on a personal level, but also on a professional and industrial level. Traditionally, users know these devices because it helps them to find a specific address or street, as well as any other point of interest, with the sole purpose of being able to reach them without the need to know the exact route beforehand. However, its actual usefulness goes much further than that.

At a business or industrial level, GPS has a logistical function as, for example, those companies that work with large fleets of vehicles really benefit from the use of GPS, since they make the management of vehicles much more efficient , allowing them to know the different variables that occur on the road and control the trajectories in real time.

This system generally offers quite high precision, since it was commissioned at the time by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, also known as DARPA, in the United States. This device allows users to connect with approximately 24 satellites currently flying over Earth’s orbit, which work perfectly synchronized to be able to cover the planet completely.


Advantages of using a GPS

Among the most important advantages that the use of a GPS offers, the locator function of certain places stands out, without knowing your route beforehand. However, many users ignore that they also serve as an excellent anti-theft system, since, by knowing the exact location of your vehicle, you will be able to guarantee its location in case it is lost or even stolen.

On the other hand, this device works with a speaker system that is incorporated into the GPS, allowing it to talk and communicate with you, by indicating the route you must follow in order to reach your right place. Also, remember that some of the most recent GPS models include a large number of applications that complement the functionalities of this system.

Finally, they are easy devices to update, since this process is really simple. In case you want to add a new map or even modify one, you will have to connect to the Internet so that you can download the necessary packages for the updates. In addition, some more up-to-date models provide you with very detailed and very useful information for your trips, since it will teach you relevant information on the road such as, for example, the missing distance, the approximate arrival time, some detours and even the fuel cost.




Two of the worst mistakes made by a GPS

Although these devices provide an effective solution, very often when driving, it must be borne in mind that overconfidence sometimes has very negative consequences. Among the most disastrous and insane accidents, caused by a poorly positioned GPS, is the case of a Belgian woman who, thanks to a faulty GPS, traveled approximately 1,500 kilometers when, in reality, her journey was only 32 kilometers.

The 67-year-old lady needed to get to a train station located in the north of Brussels, which was only 40 minutes from her location. After 12 hours of driving, the driver was taken to Zagreb, passing three countries to reach the destination that her GPS marked, Croatia. It was the son of the lost lady who notified the police who finally found the driver.

Another of the most shocking cases is the accident suffered by a 28-year-old English girl, who, driving her Mercedes SL500, ignored all the warning signs she saw on the road and ended up at the bottom of a river, since the driver obeyed without doubting what his “smart” device was telling him. Finally, after crashing into a river, the vehicle could be rescued a week after the accident. But calm, the driver left the same day of the accident with the help of a passerby who, stunned by such a scene, was walking through that same place that same day.



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