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Jeep Cherokee Air Conditioning Problems You Should Know About


Summer is here and the weather is perfect for road trips in air-conditioned comfort. Here you will find everything you need to know to detect and repair faulty air conditioning systems in a Jeep Cherokee. (Updated 2021)

Jeep Cherokee 2021 - Jeep Photo

Whether you simply like the look of the Jeep Cherokee or intend to take full advantage of the vehicle’s ability to handle rough terrain, you’re doing the right thing by taking the time to make sure your Cherokee is ready for summer road trips.

Many Jeep Cherokee owners have reported problems with the air conditioning system, which can make it difficult to spend time in their vehicle, especially on hot summer days. Worse yet, try to enjoy a nice weekend on the road and discover that your Jeep’s air conditioning is spitting out hot air.

If you end up with a Jeep Cherokee with a faulty air conditioner, the first thing you’ll want to know is how to fix the exact problem that’s causing your air conditioning problem.

Of course, Jeep enthusiast community forums such as Cherokee Forums are great sources to find out what other Cherokee owners are saying about their air conditioning problems and how to fix them.

The website still works did a great job of highlighting common problems to look for if you have air conditioning problems in your Jeep Cherokee. The five-step approach should have you smelling fresh air soon.

In addition, below we share other options so you can enjoy the coolest summer from your Jeep Cherokee.


If you have a Jeep Cherokee, Compass, or Renegade and your air conditioning is not working, the YouTuber hosting World Mechanics shares “seven reasons why your air conditioner isn’t working.”

“If your air conditioning does not work and blows hot air instead of cold air in a Jeep Cherokee, Compass, or Renegade with a 2.4 multi-air engine, we explain what can cause this and how to fix it,” he promises in the previous clip. getting your hands dirty doing the project.

“It is very frustrating to discover that your air conditioner is not working or blowing hot air, and you don’t know where to start and how to fix this problem.

“The number one reason,” he continues, “is lack of Freon. If the vehicle is more than eight years old, or even six years old, I have seen this happen. Either the compressor may be developing a leak, or perhaps the lines have open joints that may develop a slow leak over time, so this issue needs to be addressed.

Check the World Mechanics video above to see the other six tips he shares to help you fix your Cherokee’s air conditioning problem.


In a YouTube video titled “Jeep Grand Cherokee AC Fix Fail”, OG attempts to repair the air conditioning in his 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which has stopped working.

It’s something you expected when you bought the used car, but you’re not going to let that stop you from enjoying the car. And he shares how he fixed the problem with his Cherokee’s air conditioner blowing hot air…

“The reason I bought this vehicle so cheap was because there were some things going on with it,” says the host, who also runs the Car geeks Blog. “One: the air conditioning is practically out of service. It pumps like superhot air…”

Even the host of the video questions whether it was successful or not. But the process it goes through is what you need to know to recharge your Cherokee air conditioning system. And he says he did the project for about 40 dollars.

“I went to buy a new A/C coolant fixative for the Jeep A/C compression, but that didn’t seem to fix my problems,” he explains.

“It seems that the air conditioning is already under pressure. I added more AC refrigerant to the car’s AC system, but that didn’t seem to work either. It was worth a try, now that I know it didn’t work, I’m checking the car’s fuses and seeing if there was a leak somewhere in the system.

2021 Jeep Cherokee Latitude LUX Interior - Photo by Jeep

How does the Jeep Cherokee air conditioning system work?

Vehicle air conditioning systems have many working parts, and it is essential that all of these parts work together to create a smooth and comfortable air conditioning experience for the driver and passengers.

Examine the operation of a vehicle’s air conditioning system in this video from AC Avalanche.

Many problems with vehicle air conditioning systems are due to leaks and can be easily fixed. Clogged tubes and faulty air conditioning fan motors can also be to blame. Now let’s take a look at common problems drivers have with their Jeep Cherokee air conditioning systems.

2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited

Five Common Jeep Cherokee Air Conditioning System Problems

1. Defective cooling fans

Some Jeep Cherokee owners report that the system does not blow air efficiently. This is often related to a faulty cooling fan. A mechanic can inspect the AC system and replace the cooling fan to fix the problem.

2. Continuously reset AC parameters

Some drivers have seen their Jeep Cherokee’s climate control settings reset randomly. For most drivers, it is simply a nuisance. A mechanic can inspect the air conditioning and electrical systems and replace the responsible components. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) complaint ID for this issue is 11286884.

3. The AC system is interacting with electrical components inappropriately

Some Cherokee owners have reported that when the air conditioning is turned on, the electrical aspects of the vehicle do not function properly. Some complaints indicate that all gears on the shift lever come on at the same time, while others report that the vehicle’s infotainment system is not working properly.

While this issue may just be an annoyance, both issues can be annoying. Distraction can cause the driver to lose focus on the road, which can increase the likelihood of an accident.

To fix this problem, it is essential to have a mechanic inspect both the air conditioning and the electrical system to find the root cause of the problem. The NHTSA complaint ID number for this issue is 11208641.

4. The air conditioning suction/discharge pipe may split

This problem can cause a sudden loss of air conditioning while the vehicle is moving. Jeep has issued a recall for some vehicles that have experienced this problem, but some owners of vehicles whose VIN was not included in the recall also experienced this problem.

To fix this problem, your mechanic can inspect the air conditioning system and replace the suction/discharge hose if necessary. The NHTSA complaint ID number is 11207299.

5. A musty smell coming from the air conditioning system

Some Jeep Cherokee owners notice a musty smell coming from the Climate Control System whenever the air conditioning or heating components are activated. While this is probably not a security issue, it is an unpleasant problem that needs to be fixed.

A mechanic can take apart the air conditioning system and find the source of the odor to fix the problem. The NHTSA complaint ID number is 10926205.

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