Is it worth taking a compressor in the car

The importance of carrying an air compressor in the car is great, since it is a very useful device for any driver as it provides greater control and safety over the tires of your car, especially since there is no service station nearby.


If you are an experienced driver, you will know the importance of carrying an air compressor in your car when you go on a trip or walk to the mountains, the beach or any place that is remote and where we do not have a service station within reach to fill our air tires. An air compressor is a tool that works by sucking in the air that is in the environment and then proceeding to expel it at high levels of pressure, so that it is widely used in the industrial sector.

However, manufacturers, realizing the usefulness of air compressors, developed the well-known and practical portable compressors. These functional devices will allow you to inflate different objects such as tires or mattresses and inflatable toys anywhere and very easily, since you can carry them comfortably in your car and connect them to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.

To choose the best car air compressor of the moment , it will be necessary to take into account a series of useful suggestions that will help you choose the car model that best meets your needs. Next, we describe several types of air compressors with different functionalities, so if you want to choose a device that allows you to inflate a wide variety of objects, in addition to having a high level of compatibility with tires, it will be very important. that you take into account our recommendations.


Mini portable compressor

In case you are looking for a car air compressor model that is very light, this alternative is ideal for you, since portable mini compressors can weigh about 300 grams. Thanks to this, they are very light devices, plus they are perfect to take anywhere easily without much discomfort. Some models incorporate a small LED light that will help you use this tool in low light conditions. On the other hand, they have a plug for the current with connection for the cigarette lighter socket, making it ideal to inflate the tires easily and in any place.

In addition, this model includes three nozzles that allow the device to be adapted to different objects thanks to the needle, the plastic valve adapter, as well as an adapter for bicycle wheels. Normally, this device has different units of measurements that allow you to easily and accurately read the values. Finally, these compact models usually include a carrying bag that you can take advantage of to store the device neatly and easily.




Digital air compressor

If you are looking for an air compressor that you can carry in the car that allows you to inflate a medium tire quickly, in addition to being able to control and program the device’s air pressure from a practical LCD screen that is very easy to understand and operate. It is a product that tends to offer a tire inflation in approximately 7 or 8 minutes and, as soon as the wheel is ready, it stops automatically.

This type of air compressor includes a lighting system with three different lighting modes: lighting with white light, red light and SOS mode, which is ideal in case of an accident on the road in low or no light conditions , so that you manage to give notice of a dangerous or emergency situation. In addition, this type of device tends to be very useful with almost any inflatable object such as a sports ball, bicycle or motorcycle wheels and a host of other items.


Metal compressor

Among the most efficient and safe models are these car air compressors, since they automatically turn off as soon as the tire is full thanks to their auto-off function. The greatest advantage of this feature is that thanks to it you will not run the risk of suffering any accident caused by excess air in a tire. Being made of metal, its durability and resistance are greater than in other models made of plastic.

It is a multifunctional car air compressor that will allow you to fill the tires of your car, motorcycle, bicycle, sporting goods and inflatable mattresses with air, among others. This model has a screen that allows you to choose between several measurement units, in addition to the fact that the connection cable is extra long, so that you can connect it easily and you can travel a long distance. Finally, in addition to performing its function accurately and quickly, it includes a digital pressure gauge and an LED light that will facilitate inflation work at night.



Mini air compressor for car

If you have very little space and you are looking for a compressor model that you can store in really compact spaces, this type of compressor is your best alternative, in addition to having an extra long cable of approximately 3 meters that facilitates movement with the device connected. . Thanks to its power of 60 watts, you can discharge an air pressure of up to 7 bars and 12 liters per minute. This device is an extremely efficient compressor model, as well as compact, so it can be conveniently stowed away after use.

Finally, to give these devices a correct use, it is recommended that you take into account some tips. First of all, it is advisable to try to find a good quality power supply, since not all air compressors have the same power and type of power. Consider if you are going to connect them to the power outlet at home or if you are going to use them in your car during trips, so you should connect them to the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle.



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