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Infiniti G35 Problems: The REAL Truth


A good vehicle can be difficult to find. You may think you have a great option and then discover that there are unknown problems. Taking the time to learn about potential problems with the Infiniti G35 or any car you drive can help ensure your car is safe.

What are the common problems with the Infiniti G35?

There are some common problems with the Infiniti G35 that have been reported to the NHTSA. Some of them include:

  • Engine electrical system, the engine shuts off while the car is moving
  • The airbag light comes on and does not go off, even during maintenance
  • Engine stops while the car is parked and while moving
  • Excessive brake system noise and seizure
  • Exterior lighting, third brake light faulty

Silver 2008 Infiniti G35 drifting in the sand

It can be difficult to fix problems that have arisen with your vehicle. Taking the time to learn what some of the most common problems are can help you find the right solution for your car and its problems.

Taking the time to learn a little more about the most common problems can help you decide what to do if these problems occur with your vehicle.

Common Infiniti G35 Problems

Engine electrical system

NHTSA Complaint ID: 1108377910894755

The Plaintiff claims that although his car was not part of a recent recall, it has the same problems as the models and VIN numbers that were listed in the recall.

The driver declares that the car will die for no reason while the car is in motion, regardless of the speed at which it is driven. The car flashes, check engine lights, then turns off, then the driver loses all control of the vehicle.

The second complaint is very similar. The driver claims that when the car is running, it suddenly goes into service engine mode and then the car stops running. Both drivers believe it has to do with a faulty crankshaft and crankshaft sensors.

There are no recalls for the cars listed in the complaint, but there are several other complaints on the NHTSA website that address similar issues.

Airbag warning light

NHTSA Complaint ID: 11093539

Car airbag warning light on the dashboard

This is a series of complaints that total about 10 from different drivers. Drivers report that the airbag light keeps coming on and flashing and no maintenance has been done to help or turn off the light.

One driver even complained that the light had been on for three years and that not even a recall repair had fixed the problem.

stall the engine

NHTSA Complaint ID: 10899618

This problem is related to the engine going into safe mode or downshifting and limiting engine power. There are several different complaints in this category with 38 complaints in total regarding the engine of this vehicle.

The same complaint also stated that the car was burning excess oil when running, causing the engine oil light to come on even with a new oil change.

Break system

NHTSA Complaint ID: 10864515

This complaint is about the car going into safe mode and the brakes shaking the entire car when applied. Drivers have also complained that the car’s brakes lock up and do not work properly when applied.

These are issues that made this car unsafe to drive and led many drivers to think there should be a recall, even if there wasn’t one.

Exterior lights

NHTSA Complaint ID: 10943997

This problem focuses on the exterior lights failing while the car is moving. The third brake light has been cited as going out with several different drivers and many drivers said they had replaced the third brake light, only for it to go out again.

This is a problem that makes night driving dangerous as it does not provide other drivers with adequate warning that the car in front is about to stop.


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