Icon Airflite: an ingenious motorcycle helmet, safe and at a good price

Icon is an American manufacturer with a long history in the market of articles for motorcyclists, which today presents us with a helmet with an innovative, elegant, eye-catching design and whose manufacture meets the highest manufacturing standards. In this sense, we refer to a product capable of offering a high level of protection to the driver, the comfort necessary to have the helmet on for long periods of time and we cannot fail to mention its unbeatable quality-price ratio, which is impossible. let it go unnoticed. Of course, these are just some of the many aspects to highlight in this ingenious model known as the Icon Airflite. Do you want to know more about him? The invitation is to continue reading.

Icon Airflite is a helmet that will catch your eye at first glance, due to its robust, sporty and futuristic aesthetics, considered by critics as a quite striking helmet. Regarding the main features of the Icon Airflite, we have:


Fabrication and finishes

Polycarbonate, also known by the PC nomenclature, was used to manufacture the helmet. This is a polymer with an adequate level of resistance to impacts that may arise on the road. In addition, it is a material with a pleasant soft touch.

With regard to the finishes, you will find a series of finishes elaborated in great detail, so there is no type of error that could diminish the quality of the product. On the contrary, in this case the dedication and quality of the work carried out on each of the edges, cuts, interior padding, adjustment and closure mechanisms is highlighted. Likewise, it is important to mention that the paint used for the exterior is for professional use and anti-scratch.



The design of the helmet is quite bold regarding its aesthetics. The format is robust, aerodynamic and has a weight of 1720 grams. The area of ​​the chin guard is small and is housed directly in the shell.

The visor is golden in color and has a special coating that gives it a mirror-like effect. In addition, it incorporates Quicksilver decoration for a worn appearance, making it a very striking part of the helmet structure.

The screen is one of the largest, with a size XXXL and Daft Punk style. The double DropShield visor has been provided with a retractable mechanism for easy manipulation, by means of a button located on the left cover. In this sense, you can adapt it according to your vision needs on cloudy or sunny days.



This is a helmet that completely covers the head, so having an adequate level of ventilation is essential for the motorcyclist. Otherwise, you will feel very suffocated and uncomfortable when driving, especially on the hottest days of the year.

The structure has been provided with a series of slots in the front area, which allow the modular passage of air to the interior. This is possible due to the extension of the chin guard in conjunction with the adjustment of the visor, which gives free passage to the air stream. Also, if you check the upper part of the helmet, you will find some additional air intakes, which are responsible for complementing the correct cooling process.


Safety and fit

Icon Airflite is a helmet that has European, US and Japanese safety approval, thus complying with the regulations required by the large manufacturers of this type of product.

Inside, it incorporates a padding system that adapts anatomically to the head. The pads have been made of memory foam and covered with breathable textile that, in the event of an unexpected blow, will absorb the energy of said impact, thus protecting the driver.

On the other hand, we have the issue of helmet fit. In this sense, you will have a traditional closure with two buckles and a clasp. In addition, the visor offers adjustment by means of a click, arranged on one of the tabs and with a quick hook on the lower area of ​​the shell.


Value for money

If you look in the different shopping catalogs for the best motorcycle helmets ( In this link you will find several products to analyze ) , you will find designs with varied costs. In this sense, you have the option of carrying out an exhaustive search, which results in the choice of a product that meets both your needs and the budget allocated for said acquisition.

This is the case of Icon Airflite, which has managed to position itself among helmets with a fairly balanced quality-price ratio. In this way, with just an investment of 290 dollars or 250 euros, you can take with you a resistant, certified, safe, comfortable, ergonomic and aesthetic equipment capable of capturing any gaze.


Advantages and disadvantages of the Icon Airflite helmet

Every product has both positive and negative aspects and Icon Airflite helmets are no exception, so we present some of them below:


The positive

The Icon Airflite helmets have a completely striking exterior design due to their cuts, the color combination and the size of the screen. Without a doubt, this is a helmet designed for people who do not want to go unnoticed.

Another aspect to highlight is the series of well-elaborated finishes on the inside and outside of the structure, which highlight the quality of the product.

The interior padding is a very positive point to offer on the part of this model, since thanks to the incorporated pads, the person will enjoy a comfortable and breathable space. In addition, the material has a high level of absorption with respect to the energy generated in the event of an impact, which benefits the driver.

The helmet has a good relationship between the quality of manufacture and the purchase price, being quite accessible.


The negative

The closure of the visor can be quite robust, which will generate complications when opening it with one hand.

The issue of cleanliness has been commented on in different portals negatively, since the material captures dirt too much and fingerprints are easily marked after constant manipulation.


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