How to place a motorcycle trunk Review 2021

Most motorcyclists know that a motorcycle trunk is essential if you want to travel with a little luggage, however, knowing how to place it is an equally important knowledge, to avoid accidents and maximize profit. This is a simple process where, if the correct steps are followed, everything can be ready in no time.


Motorcycles stand out for many things, such as their modern structures, the high speeds achieved and also their comfort. They are chosen as the main means of transport by millions of people around the world, however, in order to enjoy them to the fullest, it is advisable to complement them with accessories that give them more versatility, as there are things that they cannot do by themselves, such as example, carry luggage.

Motorcycles are made for fast trips, however, carrying certain items may be necessary; For that reason, many decide to include a motorcycle trunk, since this is a product that provides the space required to carry some things with you, without interfering with the correct operation of your motorcycle.

Motorcycle trunks, despite adding weight and taking up space, are not objects that bother the driver, nor do they make the motorcycle slow down; therefore, there are really no downsides that come with buying one of these products. All that is needed is to install them correctly and, in no time, you will be able to enjoy your usual trips, but with a convenient extra emergency space.


How does the trunk work?

The operation of a motorcycle trunk, regardless of its manufacturer, is usually quite straightforward. It is an object made of resistant materials that can be opened with a key or remote control and has a capacity that ranges from 20 to 100 liters.

Usually the so-called “top case”, which are the typical rear trunks, have a maximum capacity of 50 liters. The largest are usually carried on the sides of the motorcycle and are considered suitcases, not trunks.


Where does the trunk go?

A motorcycle trunk should go on the back of the motorcycle, just behind the seat. That area is quite safe and does not limit your movements when driving.

There may be exceptions, depending on the size of the trunk and the size of the motorcycle, however these are not as common. If it is, the manufacturer’s instruction manual will guide you to know where to mount.


How to mount a trunk on the motorcycle?

Although motorcycle trunks come in different sizes and models, they have fairly similar and intuitive assembly processes. It doesn’t matter if you spent hours thinking about the best motorcycle trunk to make your purchase and you fear that the installation will be difficult, in the end, all the procedures will be quite similar.

The first thing you should do is open the trunk with the keys included in the purchase, as there you will find the instructions and materials necessary to install. That is, the base, the screws, the plates, and anything else that may be required in the process.

The most modern trunks open with a remote control, so if this is your case, use the remote instead of the keys.

 Flat space

To begin, you must take the base of the trunk and place it on the rear flat support of the motorcycle; you will be able to find it behind the seat. There you can screw the base until it is completely immobile, to avoid accidents when driving at speed.

After this step, take the trunk and open it. Without closing it, take it to the base and fit the rear tab of the trunk in the hole that the base brings at one end. Inside the trunk you will notice a space to place a screw and there you must place the thumb screw.

When everything is in place, you just have to put the protector so that things do not scratch the trunk when being inside and that’s it.

 Tube holder

Not all motorcycles have flat spaces to screw the trunk, therefore, it is necessary to know how to do the installation on other supports that you can find; in this case, on the tube holder.

This is used, most of the time, to carry things tied to the motorcycle, but now it will serve to carry the trunk.

To be able to install in this place, you must place the base on it and proceed to find a suitable space for the metal plates in the lower part of the support, since that is where the base can be screwed.

First, choose the area that provides the best fixation. After doing this, keep the plate without moving it so that you can fit the screws between the slots. When you’re ready, proceed to screw until you get a good fit. Repeat the process until the 4 screws are fixed, as this is what will give the trunk stability.

In the same way as in the first example, take the trunk and place it open on the base. Try to place the tab in the hole and proceed, as explained above, to screw the inside of the trunk.

To finish, place the protection inside the trunk, covering the screw, and you’re done.

In case you want to remove the support to place the trunk, this is also possible. When disassembling the tubes, you can follow the steps in the first procedure so that everything is in order.


Do all possible checks

When you have done the installation, proceed to verify every little aspect of this assembly, because the more sure you are of this process, the lower the chances of accidents.

Move the trunk slightly in all directions to test that it does not give in to your strength, verify that the trunk lock is fully functional so that it is very difficult to open it without your presence, put things inside and make sure there are no changes in the position of the trunk. product.

Taking these precautions is the key to trouble-free and worry-free driving.


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