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Honda Accord Transmission Problems – A Closer Look


Honda Accords are generally powered by a six-speed manual transmission, and with this transmission, you will have the same problems as you would with any car’s transmission. But drivers also have the option of a CVT, which brings many other problems.

What transmission problems should Honda Accord owners worry about?

To list some of the big ones:

  • Transmission can slip and shake
  • Erratic degradation
  • Unexpected acceleration

Below we’ll look at how a CVT works, get into the details of the problems listed above, and let you know if there’s anything you can do to fix it. Keep reading.

What is a CVT?

A six-speed manual transmission works much like the gears on a six-speed bicycle. When you shift, the transmission literally shifts into a different gear to achieve the desired speed. Instead, a CVT uses a set of moving cones. These cones can be moved to adjust the diameter of the band.

So Continuously Variable Transmissions are able to get such a smooth ride without jumping between gears, just a single smooth run from zero to sixty. But CVTs also have many problems that you don’t have with conventional transmissions.

3 Common Honda Accord Transmission Problems

2021 Honda Accord Transmission Shifter - Vehicle History

Transmission can slip and shake

You’ll see these issues with almost any CVT-equipped model. Fortunately, transmission slippage complaints were fewer with the Honda Accord than with other CVT vehicles.

In many cases, all you can do about transmission slippage is replace the entire thing. You can check NHTSA for reminders or see if your warranty covers it. You may be able to avoid this by making sure you change your transmission fluid every 50,000 miles.

Erratic degradation

Honda Accords are known for downshifting erratically as if they skip and jump in place. In some cases, the car may even come to a complete stop out of nowhere. These problems usually start to appear after 100,000 miles on manual transmission agreements.

Once again, this is a transmission failure. Once these problems start, there isn’t much you can do, but start thinking about replacing the transmission. Check your warranty, look for recalls, and hope you’re covered.

The vehicle may accelerate without warning.

Several Accord owners have reported that their vehicle accelerates suddenly without warning, often hitting another car, a fence, a tree, or a wall. While these problems are generally reported to be powertrain-related, the good news is that it’s likely something much less serious: the floor mats.

Honda Accord accelerator pedals tend to catch on non-standard floor mats and other aftermarket interior features. You can ask your dealer for a free test to make sure, but generally, if you make sure your pedal isn’t clogged you probably won’t have this problem.


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