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Honda Accord Starter Motor Problems You Should Know About


Are you looking for a spacious yet agile sedan for your next vehicle purchase? A used Honda Accord could be a suitable option. With seating for up to five passengers and a V6 engine available on select models, this car is offered in four-door sedan and two-door coupe body styles.

Are there any known problems with the Honda Accord starter motor?

Although an official Accord starter recall has not been issued, there have been documented complaints of problems such as:

  • Defective starters
  • Need several attempts to start the engine
  • Push Button Start Failures

Honda Accord 2021 Red, Front Driver Side

In this article, we’ll cover these commonly reported Honda Accord starting problems, along with possible repairs and solutions to help guide your next vehicle purchase.

More information about the Honda Accord starter motor

Depending on the specific model year you are considering, the Honda Accord is available with both traditional key start/ignition and push button start. The advantage of having a push-start vehicle is that you do not need to take out the keys to start the car.

Both types of starters work in more or less the same way. When you turn the key in the ignition or press the start button, the starter motor should be on. From there, a rod extends to engage with a pinion, which ultimately spins the engine and allows the car to run.

Common Honda Accord Starter Motor Problems

Honda Accord 2013: faulty starter

NHTSA Complaint ID: 11329512, 11280568

Many official complaints have been filed regarding a faulty starter motor on the 2013 Honda Accord. In a complaint filed in June 2020, the owner of a 2013 Accord claims that the starter motor has failed three times and it always happens specifically when starts cold.

In a similar complaint filed with NHTSA, another owner of a 2013 Accord reports that the problem with the starter began in 2017 when the vehicle began having trouble starting. After taking the car to a dealership, the starter motor was replaced.

However, the vehicle continued to have the same problems, sometimes taking several attempts to start the car. Even with numerous attempts to have certified mechanics perform repairs, the owner claims the problem has not been resolved.

2014 Honda Accord: The engine won’t start immediately

NHTSA Complaint ID: 11348430, 11339714

Several complaints also mention problems with starting the 2014 Honda Accord. A formal complaint filed with the NHTSA in August 2020 reports that when the start button is pressed, the dashboard lights come on, but the engine does not start.

Sometimes it takes up to six tries before the motor actually activates.

Another NHTSA complaint filed in July 2020 mentions similar issues with the starter not working intermittently.

This owner reports that putting the car in “Neutral” before starting it sometimes works, but not always.

2015 Honda Accord: The Start button does not work

NHTSA Complaint ID: 11331011, 11330591

Close-up of 2015 Honda Accord start button

Numerous complaints have been filed regarding the 2015 Accord’s push-button start system. In a NHTSA complaint, the owner of a 2015 Accord claims there was a “clicking and grinding” noise coming from the vehicle when pressing the start button. .

In a similar complaint, another 2015 Accord owner mentions that the vehicle makes a clicking noise but refuses to start. In this case, the problem was diagnosed as a bad starter and the owner claims the part will cost $400 plus labor to install.

Various opinions on vehicle history also mention problems with the starter motor on the 2015 Accord. This includes a check of Heather Dam, which claims that the starter began having problems when the vehicle had only driven 10,000 miles. Even after replacing the starter, the owner reports that the problem is not fixed.

What does Honda do about its starting problems?

Although no recalls have been issued for these starting problems, a class action was filed against Honda in 2017. The lawsuit alleged that Honda should provide extended warranty coverage for problems related to the starter. Unfortunately, the case was dismissed by a judge in November 2017.

However, if your Accord is covered under Honda’s warranty, you may be able to replace or repair your starter at no cost to you. Otherwise, you can generally expect to spend between $344 and $562 to have a new starter installed in your car.


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