Google and its virtual assistant reach old cars

The most important telecommunication companies have developed virtual assistants as the closest link between artificial intelligence and our daily lives. But, there is no doubt that Google Assistant is the most used in mobiles and now in cars, no matter how old they are, thanks to the new JBL and Anker hands-free.


There are many daily situations in which we use Google’s virtual assistant from our mobile, as it is a multifunctional, fast and efficient tool to order an Uber, control the temperature of the thermostat at home, make a purchase on the Internet and so on many other things.

But, when it comes to driving the car, things get complicated, because you must keep your attention on the wheel and avoid distractions on the mobile so that there are no risks of accidents due to your recklessness. 

However, even when we are in the car, our mind continues to work and it knows that we have a to-do list, we need to be connected, look for information and at that moment having the virtual assistant within reach is a great advantage. 

If your car is new, surely you will have no problem using this function incorporated in your navigation and Internet access system, but how to use it if you have a slightly old vehicle and it does not have any of these functions? Google got the answer that was presented at CES 2019 in Las Vegas and is already spreading across the market.


Google Assistant expands with JBL and Anker

JBL and Anker were the companies with which Google wanted to partner to present innovative devices, easy to use and at an affordable cost so that users with old cars could use the most popular virtual assistant safely while driving.

The only technical condition for this is that the vehicle has the 12 V connection that is traditionally used as a cigarette lighter. Thus, the JBL and Anker proposals were well received during their presentation at CES, so they could become the best car hands-free of 2020 

These devices have in common access to the Internet, calls, GPS and many other mobile functions without the driver losing his eyes on the road. 


JBL and Link Drive

JBL has become very popular in recent years for its portable headphones, speakers and speakers that offer excellent sound quality and a totally ergonomic, fun and intuitive design. 

For this reason, JBL has designed the Link Drive car handsfree with which the Google Assistant can be used in a very easy way directly in the car, connecting it to the 12 volt socket and synchronizing it with your mobile. 

This device stands out for its compact dimensions of 4.2 cm x 10.9 cm x 3.3 cm, a weight of 31 grams and a very simple user interface.

First of all we have its front microphone and the LED lights that indicate the operation and pairing of the device. You only have to press it once to read the mobile notifications without taking your eyes off the road.

Now, this modern model does not include buttons for the music player, so you will use voice commands to stop or resume the music, change the songs, among others. Regarding its functionality as an external battery, this device incorporates a USB port that will help you charge your mobile when you need it.

For its part, the hands-free configuration is very simple when you link your mobile through Bluetooth, and from there it will remain as an always active microphone to use the Google Assistant, thus enjoying all the advantages that virtual assistance can offer you .  


Anker and the Roav Bolt optimized with Google Assistant

Anker had already dabbled in the world of artificial intelligence with the Roav Viva so that Alexa would accompany drivers on the road keeping them connected with online shopping, traffic directions, daily schedule and much more. 

Now, with the Roav Bolt, connectivity is optimized, because it makes Google’s virtual assistant available to users with old cars, quickly using a small device that is easily linked to the mobile. 

This model incorporates two microphones with noise cancellation technology so that there is no interference with voice commands and the virtual assistant attends to each of your demands.

In terms of connectivity, this model includes two USB ports so that you can charge two devices simultaneously with high speed, as well as a 3.5 mm auxiliary output and version 4.1 of Bluetooth for stable pairing with the mobile.

Of this model we also highlight its price, as it is slightly cheaper than the JBL, its benefits are similar between the two teams, so you can choose either of the two, according to your budget and preferences, to enjoy the virtual assistant while you drive, without risking your life avoiding distractions with your mobile.


Google is still moving forward

With these teams, Google shows us that it continues to advance on its way to have the maximum reach in the technology market, this time through third parties that enjoy a good reputation for the quality of their products, so it is a smart alliance and It offers benefits for both parties, but especially to users.

In this sense, virtual assistance is a technology that is increasingly available to all users, regardless of their economic capacity, since these devices are cheap and high-performance options, to take advantage of all the advantages of having the Google Assistant at our disposition.

So, if you are considering acquiring one of these devices, be sure to review well the opinions of other users and that of experts as well, to choose the one that best suits your needs, especially in terms of autonomy and connectivity. 

In the meantime, we are waiting to find out what Google will continue to surprise us with and the new allies it is gaining on the road to success and expansion.



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