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GMC Acadia Timing Chain Recall: Keep Calm?


The GMC Acadia first hit the market in 2007 and has since become a staple among the crossover community. However, even the largest ones have problems, as is the case with the timing chain on some Acadia models.

Has GMC issued timing chain recalls for the Acadia?

In September 2020, no But there were several complaints. These include:

  • Failure to Start: The timing chain causes the engine to misfire when the vehicle is started.
  • Check Engine Light: Timing chain problems cause the check engine light to come on for no reason.
  • Engine Destruction: A faulty timing chain can lead to further engine destruction.

White 2021 GMC Acadia Lakeside

In this article, we will look at common problems reported by GMC Acadia drivers regarding a faulty timing chain.

Engine misfires when starting due to faulty timing chain

Typically, the timing chain is a key part of starting a vehicle correctly. When the timing chain is not working, the vehicle may not start. While some GMC Acadia owners have seen this happen when the vehicle has driven around 100,000 miles, others have said it happened much earlier.

Ignoring this problem can cause your car to stall, as the car will not start until the timing chain has been replaced.

Repairs include a complete replacement of the timing chain.

Check engine light due to faulty timing chain

Check engine warning light

Many GMC Acadia owners have noticed that the check engine light comes on even when the car is running smoothly. Many owners have discovered that this is caused by a faulty timing chain. Often, there are no signs of an early problem with the timing chain other than the illumination of the check engine light.

Ignoring the check engine light can cause additional costly engine damage.

If caught early, repairs include a complete replacement of the timing chain. Have your car serviced as soon as the check engine light comes on to avoid costly engine repairs.

Engine destruction due to faulty timing chain

Damage from a faulty timing chain can occur quickly, and a problem with it can cause the engine to be completely destroyed. This means that you can no longer drive the vehicle without a complete engine replacement.

Ignoring the problem at this point is impossible, as the vehicle will likely not start or run.

How do you handle an open recall on your GMC Acadia?

So while there isn’t a GMC Acadia timing chain recall yet, if you’re not sure if a recall has been issued for yours, it’s essential to check with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). After entering your vehicle’s VIN or researching your vehicle’s make and model, you will be able to see if GMC has issued any open recalls.


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