Gloves short shaft or long shaft; choosing the one for you Review 2021


What should you take into account when buying motorcycle gloves?

Before pointing out the technical characteristics of each most important model, it is reasonable to think about what safety elements the gloves have first. Most of these products have shock protection housings, as well as construction materials that are resistant to abrasion and friction, as well as reinforced seams. Therefore, in general they incorporate almost all these general protection measures, varying only in terms of design and materials.

However, it is important to bear in mind that we must not forget that, if we do not pay much attention to the manufacturer in terms of maintenance and the ideal time to change the product, it is very difficult for the protection to be the same as when they were new. For this reason, it is important to heed the recommendations, specifications and advice provided by the manufacturers of this or that model.


According to the season of the year 

It is one of the main real aspects to look at. Under what weather will we use the gloves? It is necessary to know that manufacturers have made the effort to design gloves for all types of weather, varying a lot in clothing, materials, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to know if we are going to drive in winter or summer.

It is recommended that winter gloves do not fit too tightly on the hand, quite the opposite. Professionals suggest that to better conserve heat inside the glove, the length of the fingers should be a little loose. In addition, they must have thermal linings that help to achieve optimal insulation against the cold and be waterproof so that the rain does not settle inside. However, avoid excess isolation since we may lose a little sensitivity in the fingers when riding the wheel, so it is indicated to find a middle ground.

On the other hand, summer gloves should fit snugly on the hands, but without tightening them. These models are usually lighter in manufacture and made of materials that prevent excess moisture or heat.


According to the cane 

Shaft refers to the length of the wrist, whether it is long or short. In this sense, short shaft gloves are cooler to use, allowing greater wrist movement. They usually take up less space, so they do not collide with the jacket, resulting in very comfortable models. However, they are ideal for use in summer and are not recommended for winter, since the air would enter through the sleeves while driving.

Lastly, long-stemmed gloves are a bit more uncomfortable to use, but they provide better protection in the event of a fall, since they cover more part of the hand and wrist, in addition to being more difficult for them to come off. . Some models, as they have a double closure, allow a better fit, so they are ideal for use in winter, covering our arms from the cold air we receive when driving.

Therefore, although short-cut gloves are the favorites for many users and tend to have a greater amount of sales most of the year, it is important to know that for the winter seasons, if you want to be warmer, it will be essential that you change to a long cane.


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