Get to know the dashcam and learn how to install it in 4 steps

At present, it is common for users to join the trend of having a new recording device and choose to purchase a car camera, especially dashcams, which remain one of the favorites due to their affordable cost, functions and easy installation.


Going by car while recording the route with the use of an “on board” camera or dashcam is an advantage that now everyone can count on and its use is becoming more and more popular, which is why thousands of users frequently They go to the different physical or online stores, in order to review the best options to decide on one of these teams.

The offer of these innovative devices equipped with the most advanced technology is quite extensive and there are many brands that have dedicated themselves to manufacturing this type of cameras, who place various models available to the market to satisfy the needs and tastes of all users. .

Among the great offer available, you can get very functional and quality-tested equipment, whose cost is around 20 euros onwards. This price, which is considered cheap for the type of performance the camera offers, coupled with its usefulness, easy handling and simple installation, makes these some of the most sought after and sold equipment today, which is why in an almost indispensable tool to carry in every car.


Appropriate use

These devices do not require a complex installation, so anyone who wants to can place the camera in the dashboard area quickly and easily, without causing any inconvenience or breaking the law, since in Spain it is not illegal. Carry a car camera, as long as it is located so that it does not interrupt the correct visibility of the driver. It is also not allowed to manipulate these devices while driving the car, as well as to use the phone while driving, either to communicate or navigate through it.

Although, on the other hand, there are circumstances in which the use of the content of these cameras could be restricted, since there is a law that protects the identity of the people who could be involved in the scenes of these videos, so it would be considered a violation of the privacy of personal data, in the event that the records of these cameras are made public. This is so because only the security forces are those who have the endorsement of making use of this type of material recorded in public areas, to establish responsibilities in a possible accident.


Where to buy them

There are different websites that offer the possibility of acquiring original and varied products that, in addition, have the support of a large number of users, who recommend them for their immediate attention, speed of delivery and guarantee of service. Among the most visited and recognized in Spain, Europe and worldwide are Amazon and eBay, places where you can filter your search according to the category and characteristics of the item you want to buy.

If you want the best value for money car camera , there you can find numerous offers, from the cheapest to the slightly more expensive, with Full HD recordings and motion sensor or those used as a rear view mirror. There are them for all tastes and pockets, since their prices usually range between 20 and 40 euros. The most expensive and complex can be obtained between 50 and more than 100 euros.


Dash Cam Installation

To install one of these devices it is not necessary to be an expert or to go to an extra technical service, since the installation of a car camera is done very simply and in a similar way in most models of the different manufacturers, although It doesn’t hurt to have the precise instructions for the model on hand, in case something goes wrong. Here’s the easiest way to install a dashcam in just 4 steps.


  1. Choose the place

Choose the ideal place to place the dashcam according to the use you hope to give it, but remember that it is important that it is not in a place where it can obstruct your vision. The place does not necessarily have to be a fixed site, since you can move it whenever you want. What you should try is that the cables reach enough to the place where you move it.


  1. Attach the bracket

Most car cameras of this type include a mount with a suction cup to attach it to the windshield or dashboard. The camera must be properly attached to its respective mount and this is usually done manually without complications. Join both parts and hold them well.


  1. Covers the cables

This type of camera is powered by the cigarette lighter of the car, so it must be connected to this area. Some cameras can be connected, as long as the cable remains loose. However, this would be very uncomfortable and would not look good, so it would be best to figure out how to hide all the wiring.

For this reason, some cameras incorporate a slightly longer cable, in order to take advantage of the plastic separations that cover both the dashboard and the roof and doors of the cars, as well as the floor mats, to pass the cables behind these areas and keep them in use discreetly.


  1. Connect to the lighter

Once you have fixed the place where the dashcam will stay and after having placed the cables so that they are hidden and out of the way, it only remains to complete a simple step to start using it. To finish the installation, it is necessary to connect it to the car’s cigarette lighter and for this you just have to insert the device’s adapter into the cigarette lighter and try to ensure that the cable that remains in sight does not interrupt access or control of the lever.



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