future of car audio is about to arrive

We live in times when immersive experiences are in fashion. An aspect in which sound is of great importance, which is leading vehicle manufacturers and manufacturers of electronic elements to create new designs, with which to enjoy better sensations.

When it comes to enjoying high-quality sound in your home, it’s easy to achieve the result you want. It is enough to have a good HiFi amplifier or some similar tool, as well as a set of 5.1, 7.1 speakers or the type you need to fill any room with audio, according to your preferences. Something that is not complicated to assemble, due to the characteristics of current products.

However, achieving these results in our vehicle is not that simple. It is true that we can resort to the best car speakers ( Here you can find some options to buy )  that we can find in the market, according to the properties and characteristics of the vehicle as well as the available space, but in general we are going to talk about standard solutions and that they do not make the most of everything that we can achieve with a more personal system. An approach that has already been adopted by various manufacturers, who intend to solve this issue with a new audio system, which changes the way we enjoy that sound in our vehicle.

Renault’s approach

One of those involved in this new approach is the Renault group. His idea is to create separate areas for each of the passengers in the vehicle, using directional speakers and an efficient management system, which prevents the sound from mixing between what one is listening to and what another hears. An approach to sound “bubbles” of a private and personal nature that is not entirely new either, since other brands such as Kia are already working on a similar system.

In the case of Renault, the key is in the modern Phantom speakers, recognized for their quality and their small size, which allows them to be placed in different areas of the cabin, in order to create those personalized sound areas that we are discussing. An approach that is completed by diffusers, high-quality oriented speakers and voids that help the audio to obtain the necessary volume and depth. A format that makes it easy to have passive elements, which give the audio what it currently has, but in a much more efficient and intelligent approach than the conventional one.

Continental also joins this system

Continental is another of the brands that has joined this approach. A company that has a bet very similar to that of Renault or Kia, with a system of directional speakers of compact size and duly optimized, in order to offer the best results and enjoy surround sound in our vehicle. Continental’s approach, known as Ac2ated Sound, goes through the use of modern transducers, in which electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy and adds an extra vibration to the sound, to give it greater richness.

This system not only enhances the enveloping sensations of those speakers, it also has the advantage of reducing power consumption, thus increasing the power and performance of the speaker. An efficiency with which the weight of the speaker is also reduced by 90%, which simplifies the process of installing it on doors, roofs, dashboard and the rest of the elements of our vehicle, to obtain these high-quality enveloping sensations.

The main protagonists

Those responsible for this approach are three large firms, whose joint effort is going to be key to advancing this project and obtaining the best results, in terms of sound quality and sensations.

One of them is the Renault group, of which there is little to comment since it is widely known to all. Suffice it to say that it is one of the main manufacturers of passenger cars on the market and that it has some best-selling models such as the Clío or the Megane. Regarding its latest purchase, Akouist Arts, this French company also has extensive experience in the development of new speakers and other elements in terms of spreading sound, so Renault’s investment in the company is more than justified.

Regarding Continental, its presence may be somewhat surprising to some readers, given that this manufacturer has always been linked to the world of tires. However, the company also has many products designed to equip the interior of our vehicles, such as control panels, assisted driving systems, 5G connectivity for our vehicle, as well as the audio systems that we have discussed and that will become a novel proposal for the future. So everything the company offers is just what is necessary to complete a list of companies that will have a lot to say in the future.

Availability and launch

If you’re excited about everything you’ve read and you’re already looking forward to enjoying these new audio systems, we’ve got good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that these systems are currently not for sale, from any of the manufacturers we have mentioned. In fact, what we know about them comes both from the information that each manufacturer has released and from the presentations they have made at different international fairs.

The good news is that some models will be available in no time. This is the case with the Continental system, whose theoretical launch is scheduled for 2021. A date when the Kia system will also arrive, which shares its approach. Regarding the “virtual salon” of Renault, this has still a long way to go and there are no specific dates, given that the date of 2030 that some media handles seems too far away to be correct.


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