Forget about tricks and drive safely


There are those who dare to try some tricks to avoid being caught by the breathalyzer control. Although some might help, no one is being fooled, only doing greater harm that can end in accidents that take the lives of innocent people. Therefore, it is recommended to put aside the tricks to drive safely.


There is a campaign that announces “if you drink, don’t drive. This is not a recommendation that is given lightly. When the authorities establish speed limits and a specific intake of liquor it is because exceeding these limits could cause serious consequences that lead to accidents with injuries and even fatalities.

The Spanish Penal Code establishes what is the amount of liquor allowed in the blood if you are going to drive. This amount of alcohol in the system is the minimum that will allow the driver to be in full use of his senses so that he is not a threat on public roads. According to the historical data and figures, it is estimated that 26% of road accidents with fatalities are directly linked to alcohol consumption. 


Zero tricks

To try to cope with these figures and make the roads safer, there is a constant monitoring of cars and their drivers. Through different systems, the officer who has stopped the vehicle can perform a series of tests that will lead him to conclude if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other substances. 

Trying tricks is not a possibility, since the authorities are equipped with the best breathalyzers of 2020 , so circumventing the system is not easy, because these equipment are equipped with a high degree of precision to measure the presence of liquor. In addition, if this is achieved, the authorities would not really be deceiving, it would only be putting all the occupants of the car at risk, as well as the rest of the people who are on the same road.

Therefore, there are no tricks that work when alcohol and driving come together. In this sense, the intention of the authorities is to reduce road accidents to 0.0. To achieve this, the most prudent thing is not to drink any alcohol if you are the designated driver, so that its effects do not reduce the response capacity and thus have a safe driving.




Data to analyze

According to the data provided by the General Directorate of Traffic, consuming drugs, psychotropics, alcohol and narcotics reduces the ability of the person to be behind the wheel and puts the safety of many at risk. As already explained, 26% of the accidents that occur on the roads and that leave a death toll, are related to the consumption of these elements.

For this reason, they have currently launched a new campaign with a direct message to the driver, ensuring that they must think twice before accelerating, having a drink or checking their mobile.

In this sense, according to Rafa Soto, who is CEO of EcoDriver, it is necessary to remember that the only way to give 0.0 in the blood alcohol control is not consuming any type of alcoholic beverage in the hours before driving, being The false tricks and myths that exist about how to get rid of fines need to be dismantled.


Popular ideas

There are some popular ideas that have spread massively about alleged actions that can mislead and reduce the data returned by breathalyzers. These range from chewing a coffee bean to drinking large amounts of water to eating a sweet candy. Other myths indicate that to circumvent the controls, it is enough to exercise, drink a glass of milk, drink oil, consume an antacid or wait a couple of hours before taking the wheel.

In fact, many of these alleged tricks can be dangerous for people’s health, as they suggest that by sucking on a lithium battery or eating grass, there will be no data above those allowed. Other myths recommend that asthma inhalers be used, among many other strategies. However, it is necessary to clarify and be aware that none of these techniques will work to deceive traffic officers and their teams to control the intake of alcoholic beverages.




False positives

On the other hand, it may be the case that not a drop of alcohol has been ingested and the breathalyzer indicates a figure higher than 0.0. This situation is known as a false positive and can occur as a result of food fermentation in the digestion process. In addition, it can also occur after having used mouthwashes or even after drinking some syrups. However, in this case there is no need to fear because the situation will be resolved with a second breathalyzer test.

Many of these considerations about the consumption of drugs and liquor, as well as their effects on safe driving, are addressed in courses for safe driving at companies such as EcoDiver with the comprehensive Plan for Occupational Road Safety. 

On the other hand, Soto said that safety is everyone’s concern, so drivers must be responsible for their actions both behind the wheel and in the hours before driving.

Regardless of whether you wear sunglasses so that you do not notice the dilation of the pupils due to the effects of alcohol, when this and other substances circulate through the bloodstream the capacities are reduced, putting safety and good driving at risk .

Therefore, it is necessary to create awareness and think that beyond the administrative and economic sanction, driving under the influence of these substances can lead to serious accidents that could end the lives of innocent people.



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