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Ford 427 crate engine: the Boss block


If you love speed and power, you may be interested in the Ford 427 crate engine. The engine was built for racing and has a great design that weighs only 126 pounds.

What are the Ford 427 Crate engine specifications?

The Ford 427 Windsor iron block crate engine (V8) produces 535 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and has 545 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,500 rpm. There are two versions: the M-6007-Z427ART, with a rear oil pan, and the M-6007-Z427AFT, which has a front cover instead.

In this article, we will look at the specific features of this engine and its variants, so you can decide if you want to use this part in your own vehicle.

History of the Ford 427 crate engine

This beast of an engine is built on Ford Performance’s BOSS 351 block. It is designed for easy driving but still focuses on the power needed for racing. The team suggests that this specific engine is good for Ford projects over 500 horsepower.

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This engine now contains Ford Performance “Z2” cylinder heads. These heads allow for better power throughout the engine’s RPM range. Additionally, there are OEM exhaust mounting locations and accessory locations that may not be available on other types of aftermarket headers.

For design reasons, Ford created two versions of the engine. The M-6007-Z427ART has a rear oil pan and the M-6007-Z427AFT has a front one. In fact, each project may require different performance oil pans, pickups, water pumps, or timing covers.

This is a complete engine that is still available today. Ford notes that not all of its performance parts can be legally used on street vehicles.

What models have this engine?

Ford says the Ford Racing 427 crate engine is designed for use in all Ford projects that require power. The engine is most commonly found in kit cars and street rods. This engine does not necessarily come with a vehicle; instead, it is installed as a way to add power to your custom project.

People also ask these questions about the Ford 427 engine

How much does a Ford 427 engine cost?

A Ford Racing 427 crate engine with a front sump box is listed for $14,200. The MSRP is around $15,995.

Does the Ford 427 engine have a vibration damper?

It is equipped with a Ford Performance SFI-approved M-6316-D302 vibration damper.

Who designs Ford 427 engines?

Since 1976, Ford’s 427 crate engines have been designed by Jack Roush.


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