Fight the cold in your hands with heated motorcycle gloves Review 2021

On some occasions, even when we are wearing thick motorcycle gloves suitable for winter, a trip through snowy areas or some extreme climates can become torture. With new heated gloves you can definitely forget about the cold on your hands.


One of the worst situations that can happen to a motorcyclist is driving his beloved motorcycle under such extreme weather conditions, such as the extremely high cold that is maintained in some areas of the route. This results in an annoying sensation of frostbite in some parts of the body, especially in the fingers and upper part of the hands, since, even if you are wearing thick winter gloves, at some point you will feel your hands freeze, making that the trip is a complete torture.

It is well known that when riding a motorcycle with “frozen” hands, it is a situation that can be very compromising and risky, since the pain caused by extreme cold, stiffness of the joints and lack of touch can generate dangerous situations for any driver, however experienced he may be.

For this reason, if you are a regular motorcycle rider and you usually travel on it often, even when you have the best motorcycle gloves of the moment , it is recommended that you make the effort to acquire new heated gloves. Although they were not very common because they initially presented a slightly higher price than traditional models, thanks to the high demand, their production has increased, lowering the costs of this product in the market significantly.

We invite you to learn a little more about these glove models before making a light choice. However, we are completely sure that, just after reading this article, you will go directly to buy one of these products to add it to the entire motorcycle accessory kit.


Heated motorcycle gloves

First of all, it must be made clear that, although heated gloves have a design very similar to that of any traditional motorcycle glove especially for winter, the reality is that for many reasons they are very different from each other.

We will begin by explaining that in the internal part of the heated models there are small and adapted electric resistances, which are responsible for generating heat to the hands, managing to maintain a safe and pleasant temperature. However, the outer part of these gloves is made of common materials such as leather, nylon and other synthetics, which are easily mistaken for normal winter models.

The best quality heated gloves, although they are a bit more expensive, incorporate some protections on the knuckles and palm, as well as a totally waterproof membrane or layer of the “hypora” or “goretex” type. Some models have special thermal fabrics on the common inner part such as “primaloft” and “thinsulate”.

Some heated gloves even have some reflective strips that help to have greater visibility of the motorcyclist when riding at night, but the really characteristic element of these models is the electrical circuit they have on the inside.

For its operation, this product is connected using an extendable cable to a power source, which can be an external power battery that can be carried comfortably both in a pocket of your jacket and in some other part of your motorcycle gear. In addition, you also have the possibility of connecting the cable directly to an electrical outlet that the motorcycle itself has.

Although it may sound a bit dangerous to carry an electrical circuit in the hands inside the gloves when we drive, there is nothing to worry about, since all models have a very efficient power regulator with which you can choose the desired temperature In addition to the fact that the entire system is manufactured with great care and passing quality and safety tests.

Some firms have even chosen to launch a range of heating products that have electric heat generators that include, in addition to gloves, a jacket. This product allows the gloves to be plugged directly into the jacket via USB connections and both accessories are powered by 12V.

In general, heated gloves usually take a few seconds to reach the ideal temperature chosen by the user after pressing the selector and, in addition, they incorporate touch elements at the tips of the fingers to facilitate the use of mobile phones when wearing them.


Who are heated gloves for?

Basically, heated gloves are specially designed or targeted for two of the largest groups of motorcyclists. In the first place, there are the users of “Scooter” type motorcycles, who normally move around the city and usually use their motorcycles daily from early in the morning, either to commute to work or to make deliveries. We must consider that these are precisely the hours when there is a greater sensation of cold, which affects the body in a higher way.

Second, motorcyclists on long routes are the other user group these products are aimed at. This group usually gets on their vehicle and drives for long journeys in nature enjoying roads and landscapes, which in times like winter makes the main invisible enemy is the cold. However, if on your side you see that you do not fit much into these two groups but you think that they are a product that you must have, nothing happens.

We close this article by clarifying that in reality all motorcyclists have the right to use these heated gloves, so we can make a correction to the previous statement and point out that these gloves are specially aimed at any motorcyclist who does not want to be cold while driving.


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