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Fiat Freemont Common Failures: Problems, Disadvantages & More

The Fiat Freemont is a family vehicle that combines comfort, versatility and space to meet the needs of drivers and their families. However, like any car, the Fiat Freemont can present some common problems throughout its useful life. In this post, we will explore some common Fiat Freemont failures , their causes and possible solutions.

It is important to note that the severity and frequency of these failures can vary depending on various factors, such as proper maintenance, driving style and conditions of use. While Fiat strives to build reliable vehicles, it is essential to be informed about potential breakdowns that can occur on the Fiat Freemont and how to deal with them effectively.

Common Fiat Freemont Faults:

In this article, we will take a look at the most common failures that have been reported on the Fiat Freemont, such as problems with the transmission system, brake system, electrical system, suspension system, and climate control system.

We’ll also explore possible causes and solutions for these failures, and provide information on the importance of regular maintenance and proper care to prevent and fix mechanical problems.

1- Problems in the transmission system

One of the common problems that have been reported on the Fiat Freemont is related to the transmission system. Some owners have experienced difficulty shifting gears, vibrations, or abnormal noises while driving.

These malfunctions can be caused by worn transmission components, low transmission fluid level, or clutch problems . It is best to take the vehicle to a specialized workshop for an evaluation and possible repair of the transmission system.

2- Faults in the braking system

Some vehicle owners have reported failures in the Fiat Freemont’s brake system. These faults can manifest in braking noise, lack of brake pedal sensitivity or increased braking response time.

The cause of these problems may be worn brake pads , warped brake discs , or problems with the ABS braking system . It is important to perform regular maintenance on the brake system and make necessary repairs when necessary.

3- Problems in the electrical system

The electrical system of the Fiat Freemont can also present faults. Several homeowners have experienced light issues, such as frequently burning lights or electrical connection issues.

These inconveniences can be caused by blown fuses, loose or faulty cables, or switch problems. It is best to take the vehicle to a specialized workshop for a review and possible repair of the electrical system.

4- Failures in the suspension system

The Fiat Freemont’s suspension can be prone to problems, especially after extensive use or in adverse driving conditions. Some owners have reported suspension noise, a rough ride or less road stability.

It’s good to know that these problems can be caused by worn shocks , weak springs, or damaged suspension bushings . It is recommended to take the vehicle to a specialized workshop for a diagnosis and possible repair of the suspension system.

5- Problems in the air conditioning system

Some owners have experienced failure of the Fiat Freemont’s climate control system. These failures can manifest as a lack of proper cooling or heating, fans not working properly, or refrigerant leaks.

Problems of this nature can be due to a leak in the refrigeration system, a faulty air conditioning compressor or problems with the controls of the air conditioning system. It is recommended to take the vehicle to a specialized workshop for a review and possible repair of the air conditioning system.

How good is the Fiat Freemont?

The reliability of the Fiat Freemont has been the subject of debate among owners and in user reviews. Although some owners have reported a good experience with their Fiat Freemont in terms of reliability, others have experienced certain issues over time.

It is important to note that the reliability of any vehicle can be influenced by several factors, such as proper maintenance, driving style, conditions of use and the quality of after-sales service. Although Fiat strives to build reliable vehicles, it is not without its potential flaws.

Note: Not all Fiat Freemont units experience these issues and the severity and frequency of failures may vary from vehicle to vehicle. Some owners have reported a reliable and trouble-free experience over the years, while others have had to make repairs and deal with mechanical challenges.

To maintain the reliability of the Fiat Freemont, it is recommended to follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer and carry out periodic services in specialized workshops or authorized Fiat dealers. Additionally, responsible driving, avoiding overcharging, and regular inspections can help prevent problems and catch any potential faults before they become bigger problems.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Fiat Freemont

It is good to know the good and the bad of the Fiat Freemont if you want to buy one. Here are the pros and cons.

  • Space and versatility: The Fiat Freemont offers ample interior space and seating for up to seven passengers, making it an ideal choice for families or those who need additional passenger or cargo space. The rear seats are adjustable and foldable, which allows a flexible configuration according to the needs of each moment.
  • Ride Comfort: The Freemont features a soft and comfortable suspension that soaks up bumps and bumps in the road well, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride. The seats are comfortable and supportive, contributing to comfort for both driver and passengers.
  • Equipment and Features: The Fiat Freemont comes well equipped with modern features and technologies, depending on the model and configuration. It can include options such as a navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, dual climate control and heated seats, among others, which improve comfort and the driving experience.
  • Off-Road Capability: The Freemont features either front or four-wheel drive, making it suitable for driving in a variety of conditions, whether it be around town, slippery roads, or even light off-roading. Its off-road capability gives you versatility and added confidence behind the wheel.
  • Quality of materials: Some owners have reported the quality of the materials used inside the Fiat Freemont, mentioning that they could have been better. Some parts of the interior may feel less refined or show signs of premature wear.
  • Fuel Consumption: Depending on the engine and configuration, the Fiat Freemont can have relatively high fuel consumption compared to other vehicles in its segment. This can affect operating costs and performance in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Mechanical failures: Some owners have reported mechanical failures in the Fiat Freemont, such as problems with the transmission, electrical system, or suspension. These failures can require costly repairs and cause inconvenience in terms of time and money.

Opinions and complaints about the Fiat Freemont

Comments and reviews of the Fiat Freemont vary based on the individual experiences of owners and drivers. Here are some common opinions expressed by Fiat Freemont owners:

  • Many owners appreciate the Fiat Freemont’s spacious interior and the ability to comfortably carry multiple passengers and cargo. Flexible seating configuration and the ability to fold the rear seats are highlights that allow space to be tailored to individual needs.
  • Several owners praise the driving comfort of the Fiat Freemont. Smooth, well-tuned suspension, along with comfortable seats, provide a pleasant driving experience, especially on long trips.
  • The modern and attractive design of the Fiat Freemont has received praise from many owners. The vehicle’s robust and elegant appearance sets it apart on the road and reflects an image of quality and style.
  • Owners who have opted for the four-wheel drive version value the off-road capability of the Fiat Freemont. The extra traction gives them confidence when driving in slippery conditions or more challenging terrain.
  • Some owners point out that the Fiat Freemont offers good value for money compared to other vehicles in its segment. They find they get superior features and space at a more affordable price compared to options from other brands.

However, it is also important to note that not all opinions are positive, and some owners have reported mechanical problems and failures in different systems on the Fiat Freemont. Some of the more common problems mentioned include drivetrain failure , electrical problems, and premature wear of certain components.


In conclusion, the Fiat Freemont, like any other vehicle, can present common failures throughout its useful life. It is important to be informed about these failures and take the necessary steps to address them in a timely manner.

Performing regular maintenance, following the manufacturer’s recommendations, and calling on qualified professionals when necessary can help keep your Fiat Freemont in top operating condition. Remember that proper maintenance and attention to mechanical issues are key to ensuring a safe and reliable driving experience.

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