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Error Code P1570 – Symptoms, Causes and Solutions

The traction control system is designed to prevent loss of drive wheel traction vehicle. It starts when engine torque and throttle input are at odds due to road surface conditions, Error Code P1570.


Through the Traction Control System, the braking applied to several wheels is reinforced, the spark sequence of a cylinder is reduced and the amount of fuel sent to one or more cylinders is reduced, the throttle is closed. In turbo vehicles, a solenoid is activated that reduces boost and, therefore, engine power.

Error Code P1570

Manufacturers such as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC use the diagnostic code OBDII P1570 to indicate that during engine operation and with Cruise Control activated, the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) detected that the Traction Control System was activated.

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Symptoms of fault code P1570 Generic

  • The Check Engine light comes on.
  • Malfunction of the cruise control system.

Causes of OBD2 P1570 Generic

The fault code OBD2 P1570 is stored for one of the following reasons:

  • There may be common damage to the cruise control system cables or connectors.
  • The cruise control system circuit may be shorted.
  • The cruise control may be damaged.

Possible solutions for DTC code P1570 Generic

Here are the steps to fix DTC code P1570 OBDII:

  • Consult the Technical Service Bulletins.
  • Using a scan tool, check to see if any other DTCs referring to the cruise control are stored. If such codes are detected, diagnose in the order indicated on the scan tool.
  • Check all electrical components of the Cruise Control System and check that none are damaged by corrosion, wear, or burns. Repair or replace as necessary.
  • Perform voltage tests on the cruise control circuit and check for an open or short circuit. If you detect such conditions, make the appropriate repairs.

Error code P1570 Ferrari 156 repair process:

If your vehicle failed a test P1570 and the P1570 check engine light is NOT on, you most likely have a problem with the system OBDII, a blown MIL lamp, or a faulty catalytic converter. The converter is essentially an afterburner that cleans the exhaust after it leaves the engine.

The OBDII system uses the traction control system’s cruise p1570 active oxygen sensor It is designed to monitor converter efficiency, and should detect a drop in converter efficiency if the converter has become contaminated or is failing (misfires, leaking exhaust valves, and oil burning can damage the converter).

What you want to look at in the P1570 cruise control system active traction control: Any condition that could cause a misfire, a rich or lean fuel condition, or a loss of compression.

use your DIY OBD Express to look at oxygen sensor outputs, coolant temperature, airflow, calculated engine load, and intake air temperature.

Common Causes of OBD2 Code Ferrari 156 P1570

A common cause of code P1570 is the cruise control system failure P1570 Active Traction Control, but there are several other possible causes as well, such as;

  • Clogged or defective fuel injector(s)
  • Defective variable camshaft position (VCT) solenoid
  • 1Camshaft position sensor circuit poor electrical connection
  • Leaking fuel tank or fuel canister

Questions and answers


I have a 2006 Jetta TDI that has a P1570 error code. I have disconnected the battery, tried both keys, reset the codes and the same problem continues. Any ideas on what to do next?


VAG error code: 17978/005488/6260/5523

EOBD II error code: P1570

Fault location:

  • Engine start blocked by immobilizer, intermittent

Possible cause:

  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)(K83) active.
  • Immobilizer warning lamp on.
  • The engine starts but stops immediately.
  • Mismatched key(s).
  • The instrument cluster does not match.
  • Engine control module (ECM) mismatch.
  • Defective engine control module (ECM) power supply.

Possible solutions:

  • Check for fault codes on the immobilizer itself (part of the instrument cluster in many cars, but separate immobilizer control module in some).
  • Check the immobilizer measuring value blocks (MVB) (usually in the instrument cluster or immobilizer control module).
  • Check key(s)/instrument cluster/electronic control unit (ECU).
  • Check the power supply (relay) of the engine control module (ECM).

Special notes:

In case of engine starting problems, please make sure that you are really experiencing an immobilizer-related problem. Even if the immobilizer activates, the engine will still start fine but will shut down after 2-3 seconds. If you do not experience this behavior (for example, the engine does not start at all), it is very likely that the problem is not related to the immobilizer.

May be stored in combination with 01176 – Key: Immobilizer control module signal too low.

If no other fault codes related to the immobilizer are stored and the measuring blocks related to the immobilizer are OK, except that the engine is not allowed to start, it rarely helps to try to start the car when cold. Remove the two battery cables. Short the battery cables (away from the battery) for about 15 seconds. Reconnect the battery. (Example.)

Low battery voltage (including a faulty battery) can cause the Immobilizer system to malfunction and testing should only be performed with a good battery installed.

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