Duck, duck, jeep: why rubber ducks appear on jeeps

Jeep owners have long had a special wave of sharing their camaraderie with each other, but that wasn’t enough. Enthusiasts had to go one step further and create a fun game with rubber ducks. What is Duck, Duck, Jeep and how did rubber ducks become a staple for SUV owners?

In this guide, we cover all the basics you may be wondering about. Not only do we explain what ducks do in Jeeps, but we also show you how to play the fun game if you want to participate. We also describe how the fun game started and what caused it.

What is the Duck, Duck, Jeep?

Jeep ducking involves placing rubber ducks in other people’s Jeep vehicles. There aren’t many rules to the game, except that you must attach rubber ducks to other Jeeps. The goal is to make another Jeep owner smile.

To play this game, you will want to have a bag of ducks with you and place them on any other Jeep you find. Of course, there are creative ways to play this game, and you can learn more by following local Facebook groups or other Jeep groups.

The main goal is to connect the Jeep community with each other. You can even use it as an opportunity to promote your local business to Jeep owners. The possibilities are limitless as to the level of advertising you can put on the little rubber ducks.

How did Jeep Ducking start?

The Jeep Wave has been around since World War II, when soldiers made a “V” shape toward each other, representing victory. However, Jeep Ducking takes the classic wave a step further and allows for even more connection.

During COVID-19, Allison Parliament, who lived in Alabama, decided to return home to Ontario, Canada, to be with her family. In June 2020, she made the 20-hour trip home. Before getting there, she had to stop to refuel.

A man noticed her American license plates and physically attacked her. Allison was grabbed and pushed into her Jeep, creating severe trauma. Instead of getting stuck, she chose to turn the incident into a way to cheer up Jeep owners.

While visiting a small store in the neighborhood, he found a bag of rubber ducks. At first, he planned to use the ducks he left at his cousin’s house to torture him. However, when he left the store, he noticed another Jeep. He wrote a “beautiful Jeep” note on a duck and left it on the truck.

The stranger caught Allison in the act and the two had a good laugh. After that, Allison knew she had to magnify this event to reach more Jeeps.

In July 2020, Allison had created a Ducking Jeep Instagram Page as good as the official Ducking Jeeps Facebook page. Within a month, these social media pages had over 10,000 followers, showing that others were interested in sharing the joy.

Today, the Facebook page continues to grow, with more than 50,000 members. This is the only page that actively works with Jeep, so you have to be careful who you follow because there are tons of fakes out there.

Today, the Jeep Ducking phenomenon has grown around the world, with Jeep owners everywhere focusing on random acts of kindness. What’s most impressive is how Allison turns the small profit she receives into blessings. She put up everything from social media accounts to a charity that provides teachers with the materials needed in their classrooms. It seems that this remarkable young woman is always thinking of others.

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How to play duck, duck jeep

1. Buy ducks

Before you start, you need to make sure you have enough ducks on hand. You can buy rubber ducks at most retailers, including dollar stores. You can also buy them in bulk online, such as places like Amazon.

Have fun with the ducks you choose to differentiate yourself from the traditional ones. If you are a business owner, you may also consider having your information branded. Otherwise, feel free to put a cheerful slogan on the ducks.

2. Mark the ducks

In addition to having your brand or saying on the duck, you should also tag them for social media exposure. Two hashtag tattoos are used.

You should tag them with #ducingjeeps. Also, don’t forget to use #duckduckjeep. With these hashtags, you tell the recipient of the ducks how to post the photos on social media for others to see.

3. Put the duck in a jeep

When it comes time to place your duck, you need to be careful where you place it. Find a Jeep and find a responsible place.

You want it to be where the owner can easily see it. However, rubber ducks can melt in extreme temperatures, so do not place them in a location exposed to engine heat.

4. Post photos online

Take some photos of the rubber ducky in the Jeep. If this is your Jeep, you want to share these photos online to encourage others.

You can put them in one of the groups we described above. Just make sure you apply the hashtag so everyone can find you.

5. Have a good time

Above all, it’s important to have a good time while doing it. This game was meant to be fun and help you connect with other Jeep enthusiasts across the country.

It is important not to take yourself too seriously. If they avoid you, try not to get angry. Instead, see it as a sweet gesture, with someone taking time out of their busy schedule to cheer you up. In return, you must pay it forward with more ducks sent to other Jeep owners.



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