Drinking wine while driving could represent a thousand euros of fine

Although many believe they are capable of driving under the influence of alcohol, this is something to avoid. It’s not just about personal safety, it’s about other drivers. In addition, if the test is positive, even if it was only two glasses of wine, the cost of the feat can be up to a thousand euros and a few points on the card.

Some wonder if two glasses of wine are enough to give a positive breath test. To the shame of many, the answer is not conclusive. What is certain is that if a traffic officer tests with the breathalyzer and tests positive, finances will go downhill, because the fine can carry between 500 and 1000 euros, in addition to about six points of the license ( and there are only 12).

When there are parties, celebrations and meetings that involve the intake of alcohol, it is necessary that you have a designated driver or that you do not take a car, because at the moment in which alcohol enters the bloodstream it is very likely that, by doing a breathalyzer test is positive, regardless of whether they have had just a couple of beers or glasses of wine.

The reality is that nobody knows exactly how much liquor can be ingested so that it does not mark positive. In fact, this depends on many variables such as the type of liquor, the amount in the body and the state of health.

Allowed alcohol levels

Police officers calculate the level of alcohol in the blood through a device that is capable of measuring the grams of alcohol per liter of blood or in milligrams per liter of air breathed. For this, they are equipped with the best breathalyzer on the market , so there is no opportunity for error. In fact, even if the presence is low, this device will detect it, because even if it was only a couple of drinks, the ability to drive safely is reduced.

Depending on the country, the rule changes and, according to the laws of each nation, the permitted alcohol limits are higher or lower. There are even some nations that regardless of the amount, even if it is very low, penalize being under the influence of alcohol when driving, because they do not allow any alcohol in the blood. Some of these are Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

In the case of Spain, the maximum amount allowed or considered in the legal range is 0.50 grams per liter of blood or 0.25 milligrams per liter of air that is breathed. However, a modification is currently being worked on and the General Directorate of Traffic has proposed that the allowed intake be zero. This proposal was made with special emphasis on the dates when mixing alcohol and the steering wheel can be more dangerous, due to the number of cars on the roads. 

How do blood alcohol levels vary?

As explained, there is no exact way to know how much alcohol will be necessary to be under the limits still allowed, since there are many variables that affect the fact. For example, even if two people drink the same amount of liquor, they may not have the same range based on the breathalyzer. 

These variations usually include the speed of intake. It is well known that the faster alcohol is ingested, it will reach the blood at a higher level and in less time. Therefore, the advice is that, if liquor is to be consumed, it should be done slowly, interspersing the consumptions with other drinks, even when this does not mean eliminating its effect.

On the other hand, the type of drink is also a variant. In the case of fermented beverages such as beer and wine, these have a slow absorption level, as opposed to distilled beverages such as whiskey. On the other hand, sodas increase the appearance of alcohol. Also, if the stomach is empty, the alcohol will be assimilated more quickly. 

Another factor that plays a role is weight. In thin people there is a higher concentration of alcohol, while in obese people it is absorbed slower. Similarly, women tend to have a higher BAC level when ingesting the same amount as a man. Therefore, regardless of whether it was one or two drinks, there is a high possibility that the test will come out positive, because the result depends on many factors.

Avoid penalties

Alcohol and shuttlecock cannot and should not be combined. For example, if a male person between 70 and 90 kilos ingested two glasses of wine, this would represent an approximate rate between 0.10 and 0.14 mg / l. In order not to have a sanction in Spain, it is important that they do not exceed 0.25 mg / l. However, it is recommended that the values ​​read zero. 

In the event that it exceeds 0.25 mg / l and up to 0.50 mg / l, it can carry about 500 euros of fine and four points of the license. If the presence of alcohol is greater than 0.50 mg / l, the fine can be one thousand euros and six points of the license. However, if the amount exceeds 0.60 mg / l, it is considered a serious crime, which can lead to prison with a sentence of between six to twelve months or with community service, as well as the deprivation of the right to drive between one and four years.

For repeat offenders, that is, those who have incurred the crime more than once during the same year or the previous one, will be automatically punished with a fine of 1,000 euros and between 4 and 6 points of the card. 

Refusing to take the test is also considered a crime that must be paid with imprisonment for between six months to one year, as well as deprivation of the right to drive for some time, between one and four years.


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