Don’t let the rain slow you down. Tips for safe driving

The rain should not be the cause of you staying at home, however, it is essential to take the necessary precautions if you want to travel by car or motorcycle. By following certain tips you can avoid accidents on the road.


It does not matter if you move around the city by motorcycle, bike or car… no one is exempt from having an accident for driving without any kind of precaution. Driving is not an issue to be taken lightly, as many accidents can occur if the person at the wheel is not prepared to do so and, for that reason, a driver’s license is a mandatory requirement in all countries of the world.

Despite all the requirements required to be a driver of any type of car, even the most experienced driver in the world can be the victim of a car accident when affected by adverse weather conditions that make the driving process difficult, such as rain. . Because of this, regardless of your level of instruction, you should always take every necessary precaution to avoid accidents and, after doing so, continue driving as carefully as possible.


The rains and driving

Most modern cars and motorcycles come with state-of-the-art braking, traction and control systems, however when rain hits the road, the chances of problems increase.

According to experts, when there is rain, the number of accidents grows by 8%. One of the first causes is the lack of control that drivers can experience due to a bad skidding and slipping on wet asphalt, which is usually quite slippery and lead to these inconveniences. However, rain can cause other problems that can also lead to accidents.

An excessive amount of water on the windshield minimizes visibility and this can lead to accidents, as the driver does not have a complete view of what is around him.

When driving, slow down and try to move as safely as possible. If, in addition, you follow other safety measures, the risk of accidents becomes lower and allows you to move with more peace of mind.


Drive your motorcycle

A car accident can have dire consequences, but it is usually motorcyclists who are most affected by these situations. Motorcycles, being faster and lighter, can lose control more easily and, when the driver is exposed, the injuries are usually more serious.

If you take this into account, you will think twice about making risky maneuvers or driving at high speeds without following traffic regulations. In the rain, take more extensive measurements.



dress appropriately

Would you go out in a snowfall in sandals and shorts? Probably not, as there are special clothing for winter and, for your safety, the rain also requires appropriate clothing.

Try to make every piece you wear waterproof, like your jacket and gloves, even your pants. Besides that, pay special attention to the helmet. Get one that comes with a visor and, if possible, is suitable for the use of windshield wipers or substances that prevent fogging.

Additionally, don’t forget to add reflective material to your outfit. That way, it will be easier for people to see you when the environment is dark.

Take care of your motorcycle

Always keep your motorcycle in good condition and, if it is necessary to take it to the mechanic, don’t hesitate to do so. Having each part in optimal working order will prevent any of these from failing when you need it most.

Make sure your brakes are working properly, as are the headlights. The former to give you a correct reaction time in case of unexpected braking, while the latter help you see better and be seen by other people.

Drive smart

Do not reach high speeds when moving and keep an adequate distance between other people. Always avoid going over pedestrian crossings, sewers or anything else that could make you lose stability.

Remember to pass each curve with enough space to avoid falls or bumps.

Check the battery

In rainy seasons, most of the time, the temperature drops and this can have a negative impact on the battery. Check it and make sure it is in good condition, to prevent the motorcycle from suddenly turning off.




Go out by car

If instead of moving by motorcycle you do it by car, the security measures will not affect so much the way you dress, but how you drive the vehicle.

Aquaplaning: Loss of control

Many times, regardless of the modernity of the car, the water on the asphalt can more and is the cause of accidents. Brakes may fail, the car may skid, and you may end up spinning or causing crashes.

Try to avoid, as far as possible, passing through places with markings on the road, such as pedestrian crossings, and always circulate through the “driest” places.

The type of braking

The recommended way to brake properly changes from one car to another. The aspect that determines how to brake is ABS technology.

This feature is a modern car assistance system that allows you to have control of the steering wheel despite hard braking, therefore, if this is your case, hit the brakes hard. However, if your car does not have this system, you must brake little by little, otherwise, the tires will skid.


Take your time deciding which wipers to buy so that you get the best one and your windshield stays clean and clear. Good vision is essential for safe driving.

Add in some good regular and fog lights to light your way when the rain hits and keep your visibility at its best.


Tires are the feet of your car, and if you want stability, you must keep them in excellent condition. Pay attention to the marks and make sure they are not smooth. Otherwise, the grip will be zero and the sliding will be easier.

Taking these recommendations into account could not only save your life, but everyone else’s. So it is important to follow them to prevent road accidents.



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