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Dodge RAM 1500 O2 Sensor Problems You Should Know About


When you’re looking for a very rugged, rugged truck with plenty of trunk space, a used Dodge RAM 1500 can be a great option. This full-size truck can come in many cab configurations, bed lengths, and engine sizes to meet your exact needs.

Have there been any reported problems with the O2 sensors on the Dodge RAM 1500?

While no official recalls have been issued for recent model years, there have been documented complaints that you should be aware of if you are considering purchasing a used RAM 1500.


Read on to learn the most common Dodge RAM 1500 O2 sensor problems, how to diagnose a bad O2 sensor, and what to expect from the repair process.

Common Dodge RAM 1500 O2 Sensor Problems

2003 Dodge RAM 1500: Faulty O2 Sensors

NHTSA Complaint ID: 10860482

There have been reports of faulty O2 sensors in the 2003 Dodge RAM 1500 pickup truck. In a NHTSA report filed in April 2016, the owner of a 2003 RAM 1500 claimed that the truck’s “check engine” light was on after the truck’s gears began to shift abnormally.

After inspecting the vehicle at a dealership, it was discovered that the O2 sensor was not working properly and needed to be replaced. However, the owner reported that a replacement sensor was not available and therefore the repair could not be completed.

2004 Dodge RAM 1500: O2 Sensor Failure

The Fountain: Reviews on VehicleHistory.com

Although the 2004 Dodge RAM 1500 has generally positive reviews on VehicleHistory.com, there are some reports of faulty O2 sensors that need to be replaced. A reviewer named Dave posted in October 2019 that while he was overall happy with the truck, he needed to replace the O2 sensors.

Another VehicleHistory.com reviewer, Jennifer P., reported that she also needed to replace the sensors.

However, repairs were relatively inexpensive. According to an estimate from RepairPal.com, the average cost to replace an O2 sensor in a Dodge RAM 1500 is between $227 and $313 with labor included.

2005 Dodge RAM 1500: Faulty O2 Sensors

The fountain: CarQuejas.com

In a CarComplaints.com summary of the 2005 Dodge Ram 1500There are several reports of this model also having faulty oxygen sensors.

Most owners report that the sensors needed to be replaced after the truck’s “check engine” light came on. One owner claimed that he had to replace the sensor three times over a period of 35,000 miles.

What to do with a faulty O2 sensor

Usually, the first sign of a bad O2 sensor is your truck’s “check engine” light on the dashboard. In some cases, you may also begin to notice that the truck has trouble shifting gears or suffers from harsh acceleration.

Either way, a faulty O2 sensor should not be ignored. This is especially true if the “check engine” light is flashing on your dashboard, as this indicates that the vehicle needs immediate service. A mechanic can quickly check your truck’s diagnostic trouble code to confirm if the problem is actually a faulty O2 sensor.

Fortunately, O2 sensors can be replaced relatively quickly and inexpensively by an experienced mechanic. From there, he should be back on the road in no time, and his new O2 sensor should easily last once again. 50,000 to 60,000 miles or more.


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