Dodge Journey 2022 Reviews. Of A Design That Captivates

The new Journey will arrive in Latin America Dodge introduced an SUV – rather a crossover – to the market, which quickly became one of the most popular and best-selling cars on the market. But after several years without major changes or renewals, it lost a lot of ground.

Fortunately, today the American brand presents us with the second generation of the Dodge Journey 2022, a truck that needs and wants to return to what was so desired in its first generation, although with certain specific and necessary changes. Below are the details of a 2022 Dodge Journey that will leave you surprised by its characteristics and dominance on the road.

Stay in this article and we will update you on the new SUV Journey 2022, We will tell you everything about the new range of updates that this new model that will soon be in Latin America brings and we are the first to bring you all its features and qualities so that you have an opinion when choosing your new vehicle.

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Dodge Journey 2022 with a luxury aesthetic.

The new Dodge Journey 2022 is already in Latin America and in this review, you will get to know it in depth, after we were able to thoroughly investigate what it can do. Based on the GAC GS5, the new Journey is made in China but had a specific setup for the Mexican market, including corresponding changes in the design to bring it closer to the visual values ​​of the American brand.

In this review we find that the new Dodge Journey is a very competitive product based on the segment in which it is oriented, as one of the best generalist proposals that come from the Asian giant, mainly because it is not only equipment that it can boast but because it also takes great care of the things that, from our perspective, have the greatest value in a car and those are the development of the engine, transmission and chassis, something that other products of this origin did not have.


Visually, it received an aesthetic treatment to bring it closer to the general lines that Dodge uses in other vehicles, in this case with a total change of grille to give a more square and imposing appearance. The sides and back are practically intact, except for the change in the emblem and product name.

Its dimensions are around 4.6 meters long by 1.8 wide and 1.7 high, in addition to a wheelbase of 2,710 mm. It should be noted that depending on the version, it may have 18 or 19″ wheels, a panoramic roof, and LED lighting in headlights and taillights.

Exterior design technology that you fall in love with

Visually we find a vehicle that looks modern, with softer lines and sporty details that have always characterized the company. At the front, a large grille with a glossy black finish stands out, giving it a more rugged personality; It is framed by an optical set of FULL LED TECHNOLOGY headlights.

On the sides, we see the mirrors with turn signals with a boomerang-type design, while the back is distinguished by the traditional rear light called Racetrack, made up of 190 LEDs. This entire set is on 18 and 19-inch light alloy wheels, which we will find depending on the version.

Let’s first look at the aesthetic details we have in this new generation of the SUV. There’s a lot of what’s new about Dodge, but there are also some Asian touches.

  • Large grill with glossy black finish
  • Full LED headlights
  • Side mirrors with boomerang-type turn signals,
  • Racetrack Skull, composed of 190 LEDS
  • 18 and 19-inch alloy wheels, depending on the version.

Interior Design Comfort and equipment

We must say that the interior meets a perspective of visual growth, both due to an elaborate and modern design with attractive and good-touch materials on the dashboard that draw the user’s attention and decorative doors that simplify updating and modernization in a minimalist touch, even in the rear.

Also for the convincing leather seats and even for having a four-position lumbar adjustment, which helps reduce fatigue after many hours behind the wheel.

What could be improved about the interior could be the infotainment system, since the eight-inch touch screen does not have integration for Android Auto and instead, it adds a mirroring function that is not the most functional but solves the basic functions, front seats with electric adjustment, ventilation, heating and driver memory, synthetic leather upholstery, ambient lighting, electrochromic mirror, wireless cell phone charger, two-zone automatic A/C, among others. In addition, it does not have the sharpness or response of the units in some of its rivals.

Dodge Journey Reviews 04

We finish with attractive equipment, such as driving assistance in Sport and GT versions, with forward collision alert, involuntary lane departure and blind spot detection, with six airbags and ESP.

However, the entry-level SXT versions only have four bags, when the segment standard is at least six across the range. Dodge Journey is reserved only for five passengers, as it will not have the third row of seats that we saw in the last generation in certain versions.

Dynamic behavior

When we talk about the behavior of the new Journey 2022, it is the quality that defines it and where it stands out the most, starting with the quality and smoothness of the ride, which borders on outstanding even compared to its rivals, which are already very good. The independent suspension at all four corners operates quietly, adequately filters out imperfections, and is also extremely well soundproofed from rolling and wind noise.

The steering communicates enough and gives confidence to go at high speeds on winding roads and maintains the user’s confidence, with a chassis with secure supports that add to the general feeling of stability and security and brakes with strong bite and good touch.

The engine box assembly also stands out and it is good news that a six-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter has been chosen instead of a double clutch or a continuously variable one.

The original Aisin box does not have very fast responses, but it makes changes smoothly and with short ratios that take advantage of the wide torque curve of the turbo engine. Under the hood of the 2022 Dodge Journey, we can find a 4-cylinder turbo engine. 1.5 liters with 169hp and 195 lb-ft of torque. Its transmission will be a 6-speed automatic.

It will have a scheme of independent suspension on both axles driving mode selector that will affect the response of the gearbox and accelerator pedal for a more dynamic feel or to help control consumption.

As to security, They have chosen a good series of assists. You can have forward collision alerts, blind spot alerts, lane change alerts, and backup cameras. 360º vision front and rear proximity sensors, tire pressure monitoring, hill descent and start assist, as well as ABS brakes and electronic stability control. In airbags, it will have six: front, side, and curtain type. It should be noted that in crash tests carried out by the CNCAP In China, it got 5 stars.


The second generation of the Journey will now compete in the compact SUV segment in a different way than it did before, since it no longer has the option of the third row of seats and the silhouette is more traditional, but the most important thing is that it does not It has that value proposition with prices on average lower than those of its rivals, but it competes for similar prices, head to head.

It has areas for improvement like practically all its rivals, but the level of equipment, habitability and its dynamic attributes justify its price. It is not just another one and it is very worth considering.

Safety at the forefront

The New Dodge Journey uses 95% lightweight materials and high-strength steels, guaranteeing low noise levels, greater structural rigidity, and impact absorption zones.


Active and passive safety equipment may vary depending on the version, highlighting:

  • Front, side, and curtain airbags
  • Front seat belts with pre-tensioner, force limiter, and height adjustment.
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESP).
  • Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA).
  • Hill Descent Assist (HDC).
  • Hill Start Assist (HHC).
  • Automatic lighting of lights.
  • Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) with Auto hold system. Among others


So, wondering if the Dodge Journey is the best option. Well, you should keep this car on your shortlist only if there is a budget constraint and surely check out its rivals. It offers average engine performance, with low mileage, decent cargo space, and an intuitive infotainment system.

It has an optimal score in safety and construction quality. In the end, keeping most of the features of the 2020 Journey in its memory, the 2022 Dodge Journey comes with important updates in the areas of engine, safety, and comfort.

If you liked it and think you have learned something new about it 2022 Dodge Journey and its variety of features, and if our article and all the information regarding this Vehicle was useful to you, do not hesitate to leave a comment and share it.

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