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Dodge Durango P0443: EVAP System Purge Control Valve Circuit – Malfunction


P0443 is a very common OBD2 code. It is generic, meaning it has the same meaning for the Dodge Durango as it does for any other vehicle. If your Durango has this code, it is indicating that the EVAP purge control valve circuit is malfunctioning. This is usually caused by a short circuit in the wiring to or from the purge valve solenoid or a problem with the solenoid itself.

Before doing anything, make sure the gas cap is on and closed tightly. A bad gas cap can throw this code. It is usually accompanied by other codes, such as P0455.

Your vehicle’s Evaporative Emissions Control System is responsible for sending fuel vapors from the gas tank and sending them to the intake, where they can be burned. Otherwise, these vapors are sent into the air.

P0443 Fast Data

P0443 Dodge Durango

  • P0443 indicates that there is a problem with the wiring to/from the purge valve or that the purge valve solenoid has a short/open circuit.
  • Normally it does not affect the operation of your Durango.
  • You may smell gasoline.
  • The most common cause is a bad purge valve solenoid.
  • Checking the gas cap can save a lot of time.

P0443 Symptoms: Dodge Durango

Typically there won’t be many notable symptoms associated with P0443 and your Durango. Here are the most common ones:

  • check engine light– This is usually the only symptom you will see with this code.
  • Gas smell– If the purge valve is stuck closed, when fuel vapor builds up it escapes into the air. You may smell gas when you’re not moving very fast.
  • Low fuel condition– A lack of fuel situation indicates that the ignition process occurs with too much air and little fuel in the mixture. If it is severe enough, it can cause the engine to run poorly. However, this is not very common. You can see P0171 or P0174 with this code if it is the case.

Dodge Durango Diagnostics P0443

Causes of Durango P0443

P0443 indicates that there is a problem with the process that controls the purge valve solenoid. The Durango’s ECM commands the purge valve by activating a ground circuit. P0443 occurs when the ECM has commanded the purge valve to open and detects that it has not opened due to a wiring problem.

  • Purge valve solenoid– The purge valve solenoid wiring may be damaged, meaning it cannot respond to ECM instructions.
  • Wiring problems– If the wire harness from the PCM to the purge valve solenoid is frayed or shorted, the purge valve will not open and error P0443 will occur. Take a look at the wiring harness connected to the purge valve solenoid and verify that it is not damaged and secure.

How to Find a Short Circuit in a Car (Yard Mechanic)

P0443 Diagnostic: Dodge Durango

A good code scanner can really help you diagnose P0443. You can order the opening of the purge valve. When it opens, you should be able to hear it. If you don’t hear anything, you’ll need to check if the purge valve solenoid is receiving power. If so, and the ground is good, the solenoid is almost certainly the culprit.

If there is no voltage to the solenoid, you will have to recheck to see if there is a wiring problem. You will need to look for frayed and shorted wires leading to the solenoid.

Here is a good YouTube video on how to diagnose P0443:


P0443 is a relatively easy fault code to diagnose. If there is anything you want to add below, leave a comment. Good luck repairing your Dodge Durango!


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