Discover how the use of a parasol could affect your life expectancy

From itchy airways to burns, these are some of the risks you expose yourself to when you park your vehicle for hours in the sun. To avoid endangering your health you should avoid entering an overheated car, especially in the summer time.


Our life expectancy could be greatly benefited if we opt for the healthy habit of using a car sunshade every time we park our vehicle in the sun. Although the idea is to find a place in the shade, many times this is impossible, so inevitably the sun’s rays will heat it both outside and inside. For this reason, having the best car sun visor at hand can help us prevent excess heat from penetrating inside the vehicle.


Toxicity in your car

It might sound a bit exaggerated, but the truth is that a vehicle that has been exposed to sunlight during the day is the most toxic place where you could be. However, this is a fact that few people know about, which is why most are ignorant of the risk they are exposed to when entering their overheated car.

Toxicity inside the car occurs due to the chemical reaction that takes place between the materials present in some components and the excessive heat to which they are exposed. In this sense, the plastic with which the dashboard is made, as well as the polyurethane that is used to fill under the panels or that is used to upholster the seats, when in contact with the high temperatures of the summer sun, They are capable of generating toxins that are highly harmful to the health of passengers.

Everything happens once the temperature inside the vehicle exceeds 20 ° C and since these plastics are not able to withstand this heat, they begin to degrade and release volatile chemicals, such as benzene. According to studies and analyzes carried out by researchers from Alvatowash on different vehicles parked in the shade and in the sun, it was concluded that the production of benzene and that of other dangerous elements increases considerably under climatic conditions of high temperatures.

According to these researchers, when the car is in the shade it can contain approximately 600 mg of benzene; While under the heat of the sun, the same car can host a quantity of benzene of up to 3,000 mg.

For this reason, every time you get into your car after parking it in the sun for several hours, your health and your life could be at risk.




Health Effects of Inhaling Benzene

According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, depending on the level of inhalation of benzene, it can cause dry or itchy airways, dizziness, drowsiness, headache, rapid heart rate, confusion, tremors and even loss of consciousness. Likewise, when we inhale very high levels of this chemical, the outcome can be fatal.

Additionally, it has been shown that prolonged exposure to this toxic element present in the air can generate even more serious complications. This is due to the fact that benzene is capable of attacking the bone marrow and therefore causing the destruction of red blood cells, resulting in the appearance of anemia and leukemia, especially the acute myeloid type (AML). This is a type of cancer present in the organs intended to produce blood cells.

For this reason, the Department of Health and Human Services and the International Agency for Research on Cancer have demonstrated and recognized that benzene is a carcinogenic substance that seriously affects human beings who are exposed to it.


The sun visor: an ally for your car and your health

The sun visor is not only very useful to extend the useful life of up to 40% of the materials that make up some parts of the interior of the car, but it is also a great ally to preserve your health. In this sense, a car sunshade perfectly installed on the windshield is capable of providing a barrier that allows a significant difference of up to 11 ° C less in temperature compared to another car that does not use it.

According to a study carried out by the RACC, it has been found that the dashboard of a vehicle parked in the sun for one hour can register temperatures of 72.8 ° C. In the same way, the seats, the gear change and the steering wheel can reach up to 80 ° C; which represents a potential risk of skin burns just by making contact with these surfaces. In the same way, a person with high levels of stress or heart problems could see their health seriously affected by the high temperatures inside their car.

For this reason, a sunshade favors a more comfortable temperature, so you can sit behind the wheel more comfortably. Likewise, the feeling of fatigue or tiredness could disappear and therefore improve your concentration and ability to drive, reducing the risk of a mishap or a road accident.

Similarly, with a sunshade the air conditioner will be able to function more optimally, since you will not have to strain to cool a superheated environment.



Other recommended options to mitigate warming

In addition to the advantages offered by the use of a sun visor, you can also choose to perform other actions to help cool the car interior. The idea is to avoid not only inhaling toxic fumes, but also to get rid of any accidental contact burns.

In this sense, it is recommended first of all that you roll down the windows in order to allow the air to circulate inside, you can also temporarily leave the driver’s door open. Then, once the heat has dropped, you can start the engine and the air conditioning. You should wait for the hot air inside the ducts to be completely removed, then roll up the windows and let the cooling system continue to do its job.



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