DGT: the use of motorcycle gloves will be mandatory Review 2021

The reason for suggesting the use of gloves when riding a motorcycle

Let us remember that the human being acts by pure instinct and when, for some reason, we fall to the ground, our hands react almost automatically to prevent us from hitting another part of the body. In addition, it must be considered that if we drag our hands on the concrete at a speed of 50 km / h, by not wearing a pair of gloves, it can cause excessive pain and cause significant injuries.

If, on the contrary, we were using special gloves, there is a very high probability that the injury would remain in just a small scare without anything else to regret more than a few blows and some plastic part of the broken motorcycle.


DGT’s concern and the arrival of the news 

The means of communication that the DGT has chosen to transmit this news has been its same digital magazine, which in its latest installment has placed a very striking and large section, with six pages completely dedicated to motorcycles and with a photograph of double size of one of these vehicles and a text where the phrase “mandatory gloves” is read.

In this news, the concern of the General Directorate of Transport is felt, indicating that trips by motorcycle are approximately 17 times more dangerous than when going by car, but that, in contrast to this, they are one of the means of transport cleaner, reducing pollution, occupying less space and shortening the time it takes to travel some distances within a city during rush hour. These are the main reasons why the demand for motorcycles does not stop.

However, it has been between 2014 and 2017 when the number of fatal accidents on motorcycles has risen by up to 25%, reaching in the last year a figure that until now the DGT had not made available to the public and is that a total of 359 deaths have been reached on motorcycles and up to 49 deaths on mopeds. This adds up to a total of 1,830 deaths in approximately 102,233 accident cases with victims between those years.

Therefore, only in 2017 27% of the deaths that occurred in various traffic accidents were on a motorcycle, which triggered the emergency alarms within the General Directorate of Transport.


The opinion of the associations

Finally, taking into account the opinions of some groups of motorcyclists such as the Mutual Motorcycle Association and the National Association of Companies of the Two-Wheel Sector ANESDOR, in addition to expressing the importance of installing an air bag on motorcycles, they are completely at fault. In favor of the awareness campaigns planned by the DGT, with which they collaborate so that motorists become aware of the need to use appropriate clothing and accessories when driving these vehicles.




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