Corded or cordless car vacuum cleaner

Cleaning a car is a task that you can do on your own, especially if you want to save yourself the expense of taking your car to a car wash. Therefore, purchasing a car vacuum cleaner is an ideal alternative in these cases. Now all you have to do is choose between a wired and a wireless model.


The maintenance and cleaning of a car is a task that speaks a lot about the personality of the drivers, so many users worry about having a completely clean vehicle both on the outside and inside. However, there are many who prefer to do the cleaning task on their own, so that they can save the expense of constantly taking their vehicle to a service station or car wash, which can represent a considerably high investment to long term.

Therefore, to help keep the car clean and dust-free, most users recommend the use of a vacuum cleaner, a really practical and efficient tool to perform this task optimally. Therefore, if you are beginning to consider purchasing one, but you do not know which vacuum cleaner to buy ( check some purchase options in this link ), we recommend you read this article, in which we explain what are the most important characteristics that you should have in counts when choosing between a wired and a wireless model.


Advantages and disadvantages 

Whether you are looking for a vacuum cleaner to keep the interior of your car clean or to vacuum the dust and dirt from your house, without any doubt, the cordless models are one of the best advances that manufacturers have come to present.

Today, there is a time when all electrical devices are getting rid of power or interconnection cables, so wireless technology has changed the way we used a large number of tools and many other devices, providing a lot of benefits to users.

The same has happened with car vacuum cleaners, which have undergone a change for the better, since the main advantage is that they prevent us from getting entangled with the annoying cables that traditional models use to plug into the outlet, trying to extend their length every day, sometimes getting some help, but many others what they really do is increase the level of discomfort. Therefore, we can affirm that a cordless vacuum cleaner will allow us to move more freely, making it possible to access all areas of the vehicle without having to disconnect and connect the device to the sockets.

This brings us to another favorable point that stands out in this type of vacuum cleaners: the lack of a power cable eliminates the need to worry about where we are going to carry out the cleaning work. Therefore, it is not necessary to be careful that the space that we are going to use to park the car and vacuum it has power outlets available and close enough to access the vehicle easily. Sure, many will say “but most car vacuum cleaners can be connected to the cigarette lighter socket”, however, with these models it happens that the length of the cable sometimes does not allow us to reach areas such as the trunk easily and they are really uncomfortable devices to maneuver.

A cordless vacuum cleaner will allow us to clean our vehicle anywhere, be it the house or the parking lot, in addition to avoiding giving an unfortunate pull on the cable that could damage the plug and the cable. Likewise, they are very versatile devices, since many can also be used to clean some parts of the home, as well as being really convenient to store in tight spaces or always carry them in the trunk of the car.

The issue of the battery and its autonomy is being increasingly overcome, since, although the first models on the market had the disadvantage that their autonomy was reduced, technological advances have allowed the most recent and modern to stand out both for its load in record time and for its autonomy of almost an hour of use, depending on the model. In addition, they have become lighter devices with modern and elegant aesthetics and design, providing ergonomic and comfortable use thanks to the manufacturing materials they use.


However, many users prefer not to worry about the load of the equipment from time to time, so they can run out of power midway at work. This is one of the main drawbacks that cordless vacuum cleaners could have, although, as we’ve said before, manufacturers are constantly trying to cover this point.

But, the main problem that cordless vacuum cleaners can have is in terms of their power. It should be noted that, as much as manufacturers have been improving this aspect, it is clear that corded vacuum cleaners are considerably more powerful. While these can reach a power of 700 to 800 watts, the wireless ones go from 150 to 400 watts. This clear difference means that some can clean more thoroughly than the others, which is why some users continue to favor corded vacuum cleaners.

Finally, in view of the fact that a group of users still maintains the preference over these models, corded vacuum cleaners have not left the market at all, so manufacturers have continued to develop better and better models with practical and more ergonomic design, seeking keep that market latent. Therefore, determining what is better between a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner is something that each user will have to determine according to the use that is going to give it and their specific needs.


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