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9 Common Volvo V70 Failures: Problems, Solutions and More

The Volvo V70 is one of those cars that you can’t help but recognize on the streets. With a strong, boxy look that manages to be effortlessly stylish, you can see why this vehicle has been a mainstay in Volvo’s range for several years now. But no car is perfect, so join us in discovering the common faults of the Volvo V70.

Evolved from the famous 850 that enjoyed a high degree of popularity in the 1990s, the V70 first appeared in 1996 and has been on our roads ever since, with subsequent iterations enjoying bodywork updates.

Common faults of the Volvo V70

The V70 is a great used car, but be warned, it’s not completely immune to glitches and problems. Fortunately, with our list of common Volvo V70 faults, you’ll be able to stay one step ahead of any shady dealer trying to trick you.

1- Suspension problems

Although the V70 has a rugged appearance, Volvo has stated that the vehicle was never intended for serious off-roading due to possible issues with premature suspension wear.

This is a failure that can affect all parts of the system, even causing suspension geometry and alignment issues . Talk to the owner to find out how the vehicle has been used, and on more difficult roads, you should consider the quality of the ride.

2- Tire wear

Look for uneven wear on the front and rear tires and compare both sides as well, although this is not a fault as such, it is a sign that there could be other issues with the vehicle, particularly with the steering or wheel alignment geometry. suspension as mentioned above. You should also make sure that the tires are of good quality.

3- Faults in the electronic modules of the accelerator

If there seems to be something missing from the overall ride quality of your would-be V70, with unresponsive acceleration and rough handling, the cause could be the electronic throttle module, which is notorious for getting dirty over time . Be wary of any car displaying strange behavioral symptoms.

4- Lock problems

As with all pre-owned vehicles, check that the central locking system is working properly and that all locks engage and disengage as they should. Pay special attention to the tailgate latch, which has a reputation for getting stuck. If you encounter this fault, you may have to do some expensive reconnection work, if you decide to buy the vehicle.

5- Diesel particulate filter

When you first start the used V70 you might buy, watch the smoke coming from the exhaust. Do you notice any black smoke mixed in with the normal gases? If so, the most likely cause is a clogged diesel particulate filter .

This Volvo part needs to be replaced every 75K miles, and if the car repeatedly stalls and idles poorly then this is most likely the culprit.

6- Turbo failures

Do you want to know if there is a problem with the turbo of a V70? The trick is to drive slowly with moderate acceleration. If you can hear some sort of hiss coming from the front of the car, this indicates a high degree of wear on the part. Even if it’s not quite there yet, you could have to shell out a lot of money if it fails, so keep that in mind if you want to buy it.

7- Timing belt problems

Thinking of buying a V70 with all-wheel drive? There is a common Volvo V70 failure concerning the system that requires periodic replacement of the cam belt . If this is not done, it could cause major problems in the operation of the engine and even a total failure.

Make sure that the service history reflects a recent change or that the price reflects the fact that you will have to take on this job in the not-too-immediate future.

8- Transmission failures

Take the car to the open road. Do you feel any problem when changing gear? It could be a transmission problem. There are a number of remedies, from a transmission fluid flush to a complete reprogramming at a service center. And none of them are likely to be cheap. Avoid any car with these problems.

9- Failure in the air conditioning

Be sure to roll up the windows and check the full potential of the climate and air conditioning system. While this may not seem like a big deal on sale day, if this vital function isn’t working properly, you’ll not only freeze cold or overheat, it’ll cost you a lot of money.

To complete

Do you want a robust family car that looks and feels absolutely safe? The V70 is a very good bet and with the ability to get everything you need from point A to point B, excellent for a large family, if you can get the price right then you really can’t go wrong.

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