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Common Toyota Sienna Failures

The Toyota Sienna is known for its comfortable interior and great safety features. It’s one of the best bets in its segment, so much so that most of its older models are available on the used car market. As any car has its advantages and disadvantages, here we will talk a little about its reliability and the common faults of the Toyota Sienna .

It is convenient that you know the different problems that you can find as you gain kilometers. Despite its excellent reliability, the Toyota Sienna has its common problems and breakdowns.

How good is the Toyota Sienna?

The Toyota Sienna scores highly in all major reliability ratings. The 2020 model boasts an excellent reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5.0, ranking eighth out of 32 vehicles in its segment.

Older models of the Sienna have also scored well in terms of reliability. For example, the 1998 Toyota Sienna received a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 in a survey based on consumer feedback alone.

Common faults of the Toyota Sienna

Despite all the issues we’ll mention on this list, a new or used Toyota Sienna is still one of the best MPVs you can get on the market today. As long as you are aware of the problems that the model you are thinking of buying can develop, choosing this minivan has few risks.

With proper handling and regular maintenance, you maximize the life of your Sienna. Well, we’ll make you wait longer, here are the common faults of the Toyota Sienna:

1- Loss of power

Several owners of the 2007 Toyota Sienna have complained that their engine sometimes loses power when they slow down. Some experienced this issue along with transmission slipping and jerking. This increases the risk of accidents, especially when driving on a crowded highway.

Dealers have yet to determine the exact cause of this issue, even after inspecting the transmission of affected units. Some technicians have reset the transmission’s memory in an attempt to resolve the issue with mixed results.

2- Transmission failure

Some 2000 Toyota Sienna owners have reported that their transmission failed after 78,000 miles. In some cases, the minivan’s RPM will increase, but it will not accelerate . Although the recorded problems are not as many as the other problems on this list, it is even worth talking about because of its high cost of repair.

Repairs for transmission failures can cost upwards of $3,000. Depending on what is wrong, owners may have to replace a faulty component like a transmission solenoid or the entire transmission itself.

3- Failure in the oxygen sensor

The third most reported problem with the Toyota Sienna involved the oxygen sensor, which failed after several years. Most people did not notice any problems with the vehicle, but were alerted when the check engine light came on. While many of the sensors failed after the car had gone over 60,000 miles, several owners reported problems below 25,000 miles.

4- Cracks in the dashboard

Other common failures of the Toyota Sienna are the cracks in the dashboard that appear. Several owners reported large cracks all over the dash. Many of the users said that these cracks looked as if someone had cut the dashboard with a knife or razor blade. Other Toyota and Lexus models from 2003 to 2011 had similar problems.

To fix the problem, the dashboard must be replaced, something that would cost a lot of money. Some reviewers pointed out that the replacement dash is made of the same material as the original. They expected the same cracks to occur again.

5- Oil leak and loss of oil pressure

Another reported issue involved the Toyota Sienna’s oil line. This leak usually occurs on older vehicles. The leak required immediate attention as the vehicle ran out of oil and suffered complete engine failure .

In some cars, the oil line burst unexpectedly. Many owners also reported that the oil leak occurred without a prior warning light coming on. If the oil leak occurred while driving, reviewers noted that various warning lights would immediately come on.

In addition, this leak caused the vehicle to lose most of the oil. Owners who had this problem commented on the amount of oil coming out of this leak. Often the leak covered the engine and the underbody of the vehicle with oil.

6- Rack and pinion problems

Some 2006 Toyota Sienna owners have also complained of problems related to their minivan’s rack and pinion seal. Most have cracked, dislodged, or damaged rack and pinion seals that lead to leaks in the steering system . If left unresolved, they can affect the performance of the MPV and lead to costly repairs.

Depending on the extent of the damage, owners may have to replace faulty seals or the entire rack and pinion unit. This is one of the common Toyota Sienna failures that you could spend a lot of money on.

7- Broken weld on the door

Aside from the cracked dashboards, the 2004 Toyota Sienna also has problems with the welding on its doors. Even if it does not fall, it may open more than necessary, which may cause damage. Broken welding can also cause unusual noises and make it difficult to open or close windows.

8- Problems with electric doors

Most of the common 2002 Toyota Sienna failures in power doors involve the doors closing and unlocking themselves. Since this is a safety concern, most owners took their Sienna to their respective dealer for a proper diagnosis.

If the problem is related to a fault with the vehicle’s computer, repairs may involve replacing faulty parts and reprogramming remote controls.

9- Failures in the EVAP system of the Toyota Sienna

Some owners have mentioned problems with the Toyota Sienna’s evaporative emissions system . Several reviewers had their check engine light come on when there was a problem with the system. This usually happened because a part needed to be replaced. Other owners had problems due to a loose gas cap. Some had to change the gas cap.

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