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Common Suzuki Swift (Or Chevrolet Swift) Failures: Solutions And More!

If you want a good used car that has very few problems and won’t lose you money, why not check out the Suzuki Swift? Although, as in all vehicles, there are also problems in a Chevrolet Swift or Suzuki Swift. Stay until the end and find out the common faults of the Suzuki Swift. 

The Swift is known for its economical 1.3 and 1.5-litre engines, this Suzuki won’t break the bank on running costs either. Are you thinking of investing in one? It is good that you continue reading so that you are more sure!

How good is the Suzuki or Chevrolet Swift?

As with many cars of this size, the Suzuki Swift is a good choice for a second car or city car for those short city trips where you want a good degree of acceleration, but top speed isn’t much.

Common failures of the Suzuki Swift (Chevrolet Swift)

Although the Swift is at the top of the reliability charts, there are still some issues that are widely reported and could affect the purchase decision of many users.

Well, so as not to make you wait any longer, here are the common failures of the Suzuki Swift:

1- Noises and rattles in the instrument panel

When the Suzuki Swift is taken out for a test drive, one of the problems that is immediately detected is that of the instrument panel. Although not fatal, the constant rattling becomes irritating and can mask the noise of more serious problems . It is also a difficult fault to fix, as the entire dashboard needs to be reassembled and all the clips replaced.

2- Problems in electric windows

Another possible rattling sound could be coming from power window problems. If you hear this sound and notice that the window is falling slightly into the seat, then the likely culprit is a small screw that might have come loose.

It’s fairly easy to buy a replacement, although you may need a bit of technical skill to fix it as it’s quite a complicated fix.

3- Clutch slip

There is a well known problem on this Suzuki that causes the clutch to slip. It can often be a symptom of deeper problems within the clutch unit, which can manifest when the weather is cold. If the problem is particularly severe , especially in downshift, then it could be that the vehicle requires a complete clutch replacement. Avoid second-hand vehicles that have this problem.

4- Failures in the gearbox

Another of the common failures of the Suzuki Swift lies in the gearbox. Pay particular attention to the feel of the shift when upshifting and downshifting. Although they are at the top of the reliability charts, there are still some issues that are widely reported and could affect the purchase decision.

5- Problems with the parking brake

Take the time to park the vehicle on a sloping spot and check that the parking brake holds the vehicle in place. There is a known issue with the brake calibration that can cause it to malfunction.

Fortunately, this might not be a hit or miss issue, as you can recalibrate the system relatively cheaply if the vehicle is too cheap to turn down.

6- Failure in the suspension

From rattling at the front of the car to squealing coming from the suspension. Pay attention to high-pitched noises that originate from the front of the Suzuki during a slightly bumpy ride.

These are an indicator that the front bushings may be close to depletion. Check your suspicions by pushing down on the hood of the car when it is stationary and if it takes more than 1.5 bounces to return to position then you will probably need to replace both bushings.

7- Air conditioning compressor makes noise

Many Swift owners have reported that their air conditioner makes awful noises. Imagine a noise so loud coming out of the hood in front of you while driving. This is exactly what has happened with some Swift owners. But it turns out that it was just a compressor starting up and nothing close to a major mechanical problem.

Apparently the cause was that the oil in the compressor was running low and once topped up the problem went away successfully.

8- Gear shift problems

There is nothing more satisfying than a smooth gear change for a driver of a manual car. However, another very prominent problem faced by those familiar with driving the Swift is the stubbornness of the gearbox during some particular shifts. When engaging reverse or downshifting from 3rd to 2nd gear, the Swift’s manual transmission rarely performs these two specific functions at once.

The driver may be forced to depress the clutch several times to engage reverse gear or when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd gear. This particular problem can seem very daunting to a driver of a nimble little utility .

9- Fast engine oil consumption

This is another common problem associated with the first and second generation Swift. Many Swift owners have experienced rapid engine oil depletion, sometimes right after the service. The cause of this problem is usually a leak in the head gasket .

Driving your car with low motor oil can have the most adverse effects possible. If you’re thinking of buying a second hand Swift, be sure to check out this particular issue.

To end

It may not be the best for a large family, senior citizen or novice driver, with the right checks you should be able to snag a bargain on the road. Even so, it is a good idea to be aware of the most common failures of the Suzuki Swift, in case any of these problems occur to you.

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